Building a Strong Foundation: Mindset Shifts for Online Coaches

Things to do to grow your business by Sally Oddy

As an online coach on the journey towards building a thriving coaching practice, one of the most powerful tools at your disposal is your mindset. Your mindset shapes your perceptions, influences your decisions, and ultimately determines your success in the coaching world. In this blog, we’ll delve into the essential mindset shifts you need to…

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When Burnout Leads to Blindness: My Journey to Recovery

The High Cost of Corporate Burnout: How I Lost My Sight by Sally Oddy

In 2010 I went blind then got married… My marketing career really got started when I joined an international law firm who supported me through college to get my Marketing Degree and, through hard work and dedication, promoted me up through the ranks culminating in Head Marketing for North America. It remains the best and…

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how to eliminate distraction as a solopreneur so you and your business can grow

If you are consistently distracted your business will fail. [Note: I said your business will fail, not you will fail – there’s a huge distinction and separating your ‘self’ from your ‘business’ is a necessary business owner mindset shift] As a fellow female solopreneur, I know first-hand the challenges that come with starting and growing…

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The Ultimate Guide to Resetting Your Routine

The Ultimate Guide to Resetting Your Routine as a Solopreneur

We’re all creatures of habit, and the sooner you accept and harness the power of this fact, the better! As a free-spirited creative, I railed against my habit-loving-nature for years and it led to burn-out, overwhelm and lack of progress! Routines help us… Seriously…what’s not to love!? Why routines are particularly important for soulpreneurs There’s…

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how to quickly reduce overwhelm

Most women I meet in this insanely noisy online business world are in a state of overwhelm – they’re trying to do too much too soon and in no particular order. They’re distracted, unfocussed and have absolutely no clear direction. It’s understandable, but also completely avoidable. Business is quite simple really: You need something to…

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How to Succeed as a Soulpreneur

Am I A Soulpreneur

Soulpreneurs… feel called for our lives to have a deeply meaningful and powerful impact feel in tune with our intuition and believe in Universal Laws and Energetic Flow believe in raising ourselves up and always reach back to pull others forward know that to live our potential is to grow a powerfully purpose-driven business take…

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