Building a successful coaching business  from the ground-up is time-consuming and can feel very overwhelming – especially when you’re having to bootstrap and/or go down the DIY route!

My mission is to empower you to be in the best possible position to dramatically increase your impact and influence, and I want to help you get there like NOW!

To do this, I’m offering some incredible done-for-you resources, tools and bundles so you can have instant access to exactly what you need, when you need it.

From fully designed templates, to onboarding processes, content prompts and cutting-edge business and marketing strategy training – I have everything you’ll ever need.

Have a look round and check back in soon – I’m working hard behind the scenes to add new toolkits every month so there’ll always be something new for you to pick-up and add to your business.


Instant access to over 200 content prompts and a done-for-you content calendar

Learn how to quickly create a lead magnet that consistently attracts dream clients

Learn how to create, promote and launch your 5 Day Challenge to promote your programme


"Coaching with Sally not only gave me an immense sense of relief, but also excitement about the future."


Just speaking with Sally made my sense of overwhelm vanish and in a short space of time she made me realise that all of the options I'd been considering with business coaches weren't right for my business at this time.

Straight talking, honest and with no BS (my kind of person) but really lovely and kind.

Sally not only gave me the clarity I needed at this juncture but also went a huge step further and put a few things in place which would start me on my journey.

I would heartily recommend Sally to anyone who needs a fresh perspective, someone who can cut through to the heart of the issue and not make you feel bad about the situation you are in.

I feel hugely grateful to have crossed paths with Sally and appreciate the time she has taken to support me.

Natalie Willingham, Make-up Artist

"Sally has changed my life. Her presence and words are very powerful, yet she is extremely relatable and easy going."

I was at a crossroads, unsure where to go with my business and lacking in clarity and a plan - I'd just winged it until I started working with Sally!

I'm absolutely astounded at how intuitive she is.

Without me telling her much of my existing situation, she sensed I was heading in the wrong direction and enabled me to bring clarity to a vision that up until now, I thought had been out of reach.

I can’t even describe how wonderful Sally is.

I really enjoy her no BS approach and the woman is literally so full of knowledge.

She’s got so much love, so much care, and she takes a lot of pride in what she does.

Hannah Massey, Instagram Coach


"I was feeling confused and overwhelmed with my offering, and Sally helped me realise I needed to go back to basics and reconnect to my deepest desires for my business and mission"


Sally is literally the perfect recipe for coach - she's gentle, heart-centered, and really knows how to drill down to help you get clarity.

Sally has a strategic, analytical mind and mixes this with her vibrant personality to help you to unearth the greatness within you.

Oh, and she knows how to give a little nudge and honesty bomb when needed too!

I really appreciated her honest feedback, which she delivered with grace.

I left the session feeling inspired, motivated and ready to implement some beautiful changes to my Calmpreneur community.

Suzannah Butcher, Life Coach

"We met due to our shared love of early morning mindful walks, and Sally has been a breath of fresh air."

It has been so refreshing to have somebody come up with ideas for my business that I hadn’t ever thought of and I really appreciate having her cheer me on, encourage me to level up and ultimately support me on my journey as an entrepreneur!

Laura Bartlett, Founder - House of Coco

Laura Bartlett


Sally x