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So, you’re ready for 10k months. Now what?Enter The Turning Point Mastermind

Your direct route to 10k months as a coach or online service provider

I see your style, and I like it!

You've already climbed mountains to get 2-5k sales months and are ready for the next uplevel

You’ve decided it’s time to make The Big Moves that create more impact, wealth, and freedom…

Because that’s the kinda gal you are - passionate, ambitious, and 100% got what it takes to build a profitable business….because you’re already there my friend!

But you didn’t come this far to only come this far.

You’re ready for the next part of the journey:

A simple and sustainable business that supports you to create and deliver your most powerful, effective and effortless work and delivers the consistent 10k months you desire.

Can I get a ‘Heck Yeah!!’

The best news is that you’ve landed in the exact right place at the exact right time, because this is The Turning Point that’s gonna change the game for good!


Your 3-Step Personalised Pathway designed to transform your business, upgrade your mindset, and activate your business for 10k months.


Before we dive into The Pathway, lemme ask you this...

“What separates those thriving at 10k months from where you are?”

If you answered along the lines of:

👉🏻better email strategy
👉🏻latest sales funnels
👉🏻more offers
👉🏻a bigger audience...

breathe a sigh of relief, ‘cause those aren't the game-changers.

Not even close.

Here's the truth:

It's not about adding more complexity, resources, assets, strategies or offers, it's about skillfully harnessing your existing ones for maximum impact, and tactically plugging gaps to boost opportunities.


It's the Simple Steps that activate and optimise your business for those juicy 10k months…

These are the standard elements every thriving online business has. During Your Turning Point Mastermind experience we'll identify your specific gaps and opportunities, and work together to optimise and activate your business for 10k months.

Here are the Simple 3-Steps:



The building blocks that give your business the stability, credibility and efficiency it needs for scalability. Your business success rests on these foundations.



Increased efficiency, consistency, scalability, and less stress. They free up your time, allowing you to focus on growing your business and serving your clients.


MARKETINGThe Money-Makers

Create visibility, build trust and credibility, drive revenue. These strategies activate your business to unlock your 6-figure solo business potential.

Your Turning Point may feel far away...but I guarantee it's just around the corner!

I'm watching a lot of smart and skilled business owners burn-out trying to get consistent results without solid foundations in place.

If you're one of them, I'd hazard a guess that you're desperate to get all the pieces of your business working together, but it feels like herding cats!


Because you're so deep in the weeds you can't see your way through.

On the surface, you know you have most of the pieces in place, can see there are gaps to fill and things to improve, but it feels such a mess you have no idea where to start!


You dream of the day you can see the results of your hard work, confidently attract ideal clients, and enjoy the impact of your expertise.

Well my friend, you're in the right place.

Because this is Your Turning Point...and it starts here.

What to focus on to grow your online business quickly and efficiently by sally oddy

Let's keep it real...[click unmute]

Hear from my lovely clients...

Raina O'Dell Breakthrough Mentoring Testimony

1,000% recommend Sally to anyone ready to take their business to the next level

Within the first 2 minutes of our consultation, I knew I was going to sign up with her and I didn't care what it was going to cost because I could tell she held the knowledge of how I could take my business to the next level.

I'd been playing it safe for a couple of years and found myself doubting my content and message.

After one session, I felt 10x more confident in the direction I was going.

After 4 sessions, I felt like my stuck-ness had turned into momentum and excitement for where my business was headed.

I gained so many ideas, strategies, methods, and thought processes that I have continued to use to move my business forward.

Sally gives it to me real and honest, she challenges me, makes me think, and has helped me slowly release limiting beliefs that were preventing me from showing up as "business Raina."

I can't thank Sally enough for the entrepreneur she's helped me transition into.

It's been in me all along, Sally just helped me clear the chaos and held my hand as I stepped into my higher self.

Raina O'DellLife Strategy Mentor

DSC_0782 (2)

Sally's impact on my business has been nothing short of incredible!

I was seeking guidance for my business and found myself overwhelmed with ideas and thoughts swirling around in my mind.

I lacked the knowledge and direction to turn those ideas into reality, felt stuck, and couldn't take action because I didn't know where to begin.

Everything changed when I crossed paths with Sally Oddy.

Sally has effortlessly simplified every aspect, completely transforming my entire business.

From enhancing the appearance of my social media, website, and newsletter to refining my offerings and building a thriving community, she has given me the confidence to believe in my own abilities.

Furthermore, she has opened my eyes to possibilities I never imagined were within my reach. The newfound knowledge and skills I am acquiring under her guidance are truly remarkable.

Now, I feel a sense of calm and purpose. With Sally's help, I have a well-defined plan and an eagerness for what the future holds. Hiring Sally as a Business Mentor is the most impactful decision you can make for your business.

Jen DelvauxThe Reset & Rise Through Cancer Mentor

LET'S GET DOWN TO MONEY-MAKING BUSINESSHere’s what’s included in your Turning Point Mastermind experience...

This is a personalised experience, so during the Deep Dive we'll carefully identify your 6 Areas Of Focus to get you to consistent 10k months. Over the next 6 months we'll work hand-in-hand to ideate, create, and implement your personalised Turning Point Plan for Profit.




Deep clarity on your existing Foundations, Systems and Marketing to identify the gaps and opportunities we'll focus on. Includes a Lifestyle Assessment to make sure your daily habits support your goals. I will do a thorough Business Review to identify gaps, shaky ground, misalignment and opportunities (Value £650)

DEEP DIVE*Private Prep Session

Two whole hours to sift through the detail of your business and uncover your Personalised Turning Point For Profit Plan. We'll break the plan down into 90 Day Sprints that align with our private sessions agenda so you know exactly what to focus on first and have specific goals to keep you on target and motivated (Value £1,200)

STRENGTHSPrivate Session

Clifton Strengths Assessment followed by a 90min Strengths Deep Dive with Strengths Coach, Emma O'Brien. Discover your unique strengths and how to apply them in your business. We'll then use this information to accelerate your personal and professional growth (Value £295)

*If you submit your application before midnight on Monday Septmember 11th you'll receive a free VIP Upgrade to extend your Deep Dive to either a Half Day VIP Experience at a Luxury location in either Leeds, London or Birmingham or, if you can't travel, you'll get an additional virtual session. There's no obligation on application - simply complete the form and, if you're a good fit, you'll be invited onto a discovery call. If you decided to join The Turning Point your free VIP Upgrade will be included.



90min sessions to deep-dive your personal and professional development, overcome challenges, brainstorm ideas, get my eyes and hands-on your business, and fully realise the truest potential. Replay & Transcript provided (Value £2,700)


Group Sessions hosted by me to mastermind, get real-time feedback of your work, hot-seat mentoring, Q&As, all designed to optimise your work, hold you in focus, and expand your learning (Value £3,000)


Based on need, I'll invite experts to host sessions on specialist subjects such as legal, tech, finance and any other area that's coming up for members (Value Approx £2,000)


CURRICULUMMasterclasses & Prep

Access to The Turning Point Masterclasses and Session Prep Guides giving you the exact strategy, systems and tactics required to help build a 10k month business. You'll be guided to work through specific elements and implement as you go. (Worth £2,000+)

COMMUNITYSupport & Accountability

Our Private Mastermind Community (not on FB) is where you'll share your wins, lessons and stucks, give and receive support, and connect with your Accountability Buddy. Never feel alone again with the support and encouragement of like-minded women (Priceless!)

EMAIL SUPPORTFeedback & Co-Creation

Exclusive email access directly with me to share specific work for feedback, request for co-creation / design support, and receive my detailed insights, ideas and feedback to help make sure everything you are doing is in full energetic alignment (Value £1,200)

(Total Value: £13,045)

Your Investment: £5,500 or 6 x £1,008


  • This 6 Month Mastermind begins on Sunday 1st October 2023 and runs through to Sunday 31st March 2024.
  • The Private Community is hosted on Circle (not on FB).
  • You'll receive your personalised Turning Point Business Dashboard in Asana which is where you'll share and save your Business Assets.
  • Private Zoom Session bookings on Tue, Wed Thur with time slots from 9am to 9pm GMT.
  • Group Sessions inside The Community on Tue and Thu at 1:30pm or 7pm GMT.


Pay in full to transform your 2hr Virtual Deep Dive Session into a Half Day VIP In-Person Session including lunch at a luxury venue in either London, Birmingham or Leeds (if you can't travel receive an additional 2hr virtual Deep Dive Session)

[Once your application is reviewed, you'll be invited onto a  Discovery Call where we'll chat about where you are and where you want to be. If we both feel 'This Is It' you'll be offered a place on The Turning Point Mastermind]

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I'm Sally...Welcome to my Dream Mastermind!

Being a Business Mentor can be extremely frustrating at times...

I see a lot of style and no substance - with clients coming to me having invested the big bucks only to feel lost in big containers, given run-of-the-mill strategy, and offered little or no personalised support.

They've had no choice but to stick with it, trying to get the most out of the experience, but ultimately the results they deserve remain out of reach.

All too often I see the promise, but not the pathway.

The Turning Point Mastermind isn't that.

Your Personalised Pathway...

It's physically impossible for me not to get personally involved in each of my clients' businesses.

I take your hand and wade into your business with you. We look at every element and identify your most effective path towards your goals, and then we activate and implement together.

This Mastermind gives you the personalised implementation support you've been missing that will turn your business fortunes around for good!

I'm bringing over 20 years' marketing experience and my own 13 years' of business ownership experience into this mastermind.

This mastermind is lead and hosted by me - all sessions are live and it's my wealth of knowledge and insight and boundless energy you'll be tapping into every step of the way!

LET'S GET YOU 10K READY'Cause we both know you’re too ambitious to put your current income on cruise control or to sit on the sidelines

Just move fast, because your next big Turning Point is just around the corner

This all sounds great...but let's have a proper check-in...where are you right now?

SCENARIO 1: You've got a big following, they seem engaged, but the sales don't match the analytics - there's clearly a misalignment somewhere along the line!

SCENARIO 2: People are downloading your freebies, attending your events, visiting your website, subscribing to your email list, but it's not translating into enough sales - money is being left on the table somewhere!

SCENARIO 3: You've got all-the-things but nothing is tying together or feeling like it's optimised for conversions - the whole business feels on shaky ground.

SCENARIO 4: You've enjoyed some high cash-in months and are maybe even booked-out with 1:1 work, but there's no consistency and you've hit a financial ceiling - it's time for a proper plan!

Which of these ring true for you? One, two...all four?

4 Simple ways to quickly increase success as as soulpreneur

So what could the future hold for you?Picture THIS As Your New Reality

  • You’ve finally crossed the 10k month mark and you didn’t even have to sell your soul to the Funnel Gods or staple yourself to social media 24/7! In fact, everything in your life and business feels more spacious than ever.
  • You’re attracting people you’re excited to work with and they show-up ripe and ready to get started. Cold DMs and Scarcity Sales were never your vibe, so thank heavens you’ll never ever ever get back together with that lot!
  • You’re showing up for yourself and your community at a whole new level, because you’ve finally shaken-off your mindset-monkeys and are standing on rock solid foundations you can rely on. You’ve tasted those easy sales months and are hungry for more!

October 2023 Start - Applications Are Open!



SALLY ODDYYour Business Mentor

I'm a six-figure business and marketing strategist here to help you get the job done!

This Mastermind was born from a realisation that I had to show a different way to grow your business: the highly-supported and results-focussed way!

With over 25 years marketing experience and having been a business owner since 2012, I bring a wealth of knowledge and experience and am here to share it all with you!

I'm straight-talking, fast-paced, action-oriented so buckle-up and get ready to work!

EMMA O'BRIENStrengths and Fear Coach

With Emma you get a steady, thoughtful and considered insight into the inner workings of your mind.

Emma is one of the most tuned-in people I've ever met and one of the few whose insights and opinion I trust implicitly.

An incredibly experienced mindset coach, you are in extra safe hands with Emma.

She will gently guide you to truly embrace your strengths and move through your fears, equipping you to show-up in your own lane, as your true self, and commanding the authority and credibility you deserve.

Emma (2 of 7)

Hear from my lovely clients...

Emma (2 of 7)

I always leave our sessions inspired, clear and motivated

What I love about working with Sally is her boundless positive energy and genuine passion for helping you build your business.
With Sally you get the ‘real talk’ and challenge you need to make big shifts in your business and step into what you’re capable of, as well as massive unwavering support and cheerleading to help you do it.
She’s an expert at demystifying the journey of building a business and translating what it really takes into simplified steps that work for you and your business.
Oh and she’s a genius at coming up with ideas so you never ever need to feel stuck!!
Sally’s the most generous, transparent and committed mentor I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with.

Emma O'BrienStrengths & Mindset Coach


Sally is a natural at seeing the possibility and potential in your work, that you just can't see

Working with Sally was just what I needed to take a step back and see the bigger picture.

Sally is a natural at seeing the possibility and potential in your work, that you just can't see.

In just one session, we took an idea that was in my head and created all the pieces of it. I suddenly had such clarity on what I was doing and what I could offer my audience.

With this clarity people were signing up to my programme without the need for a big launch or a fancy masterclass.

Then a few more sessions together helped me stay on track and get things done!

I highly recommend Sally to anyone who has lots of ideas and needs the help to bring it all together. Plus the session were fun, which is always a bonus

Natasha HarrisAkashic Record Activator & Mentor

OK...*SAYS ROLLING UP SLEEVES *Let’s Make You A 10K Month Business Owner, Already!

We both know you’re too ambitious to put your income on cruise control or to sit on the sidelines.

You want to upgrade to those 10k months AND add more ease, flow, and abundance to your life. 

With Turning Point Mastermind, you’ll have everything you need to bypass the burnout and make way for your next-level.

I’ll bring the proven foundations, systems, and marketing, you just need to show up and do what you do best – take action

Pay in full or apply by Midnight Sept 11th to transform your 2hr Virtual Deep Dive Session into a Half Day Luxury VIP In-Person Session!!!

Investment: £5,500 or 6 x £1,008

[Once your application is reviewed, you'll be invited onto a  Discovery Call where we'll chat about where you are and where you want to be. If we both feel 'This Is It' you'll be offered a place on The Turning Point Mastermind]


She has a dynamic energy that helped me to get back on track

One of the things that draws me to work with Sally is that she doesn’t beat around the bush. What she offers is clear actionable information.

I was hoping to gain clarity and insight and that is what I got and more. Sally gave me the succinct information and how to act on it that I was hoping for.

She has a dynamic energy that helped me to get back on track.

It is so helpful to have objective feedback regarding my marketing and brand messaging as well as more insight into how my mindset was limiting how I am showing up.

Sally confirmed what I suspected needed fine tuning, her observations gave me the impetus to start to make the changes to my website and media messaging so that it is clearer. Her enthusiasm is catching!

It can be quite difficult doing it alone, to know if you are getting your message across clearly.

I felt the ease of being with someone genuine, that knows what they are doing and speaks from experience.

I left the call feeling enthusiastic, energised, clear and most importantly challenged to be more!

I highly recommend Sally as a business and mindset mentor.

Elizabeth LargeSpiritual Wellness Mentor


Working with Sally is the best decision I have made in my business so far

I was looking for some accountability and direction to push my business forward at a time when Leeds was entering its third lockdown.

Sally helped me to really get to grips with the purpose behind my business, my driving force.

With this, we were able to make clear and strategic plans for the coming months with a focus on staying true to my brand and bringing in the income!

Sally also helped me to pull a lot of the things that I left unsaid about my business out of me and help me to turn them into blogs, social media content and really add value to my brand.

Making these changes gave me the confidence to scale up my business, and I am now seeing around a 60% rise in my income month on month!

This coaching has MORE than paid for itself and I will definitely continue to work with Sally into the future and recommend her coaching to anyone looking for clarity in their business, and to take the next step forwards in their business.

Lorna Mackinder-ClarkDirector of Leeds Aerial Arts


Her straight-talking, expertise, honesty and creative genius are just what my business needed

I am no marketer and in the fast world of social media and business, I needed an expert. That is what I have found in Sally. Her straight-talking, expertise, honesty and creative genius are just what my business needed.

Her business knowledge in terms of systems, tech and processes alongside her marketing know-how ensures you can confidently get your brand out there in a way that is successful and that leaves you free to do what you do best, in my case coach my clients.

I perhaps shouldn’t say this, but Sally can’t help giving you more support and help than you expect. She has been invaluable to my business, and I will continue to work with her.

Nikki HillLeadership & Confidence Coach

Screenshot 2023-02-06 at 11.28.46

Brilliant for clarity and systems

I can't recommend Sally enough for helping to find clarity and implement systems in your business.

It's honest advice from a hardworking, extensively knowledgeable Yorkshire marketing and business expert with practical and truly valuable advice.

Having a supportive mastermind like this is vital when running a business.

Samantha StonesWebsite & Brand Developer


Investment: £5,500 or 6 x £1,008

Still scrolling? I get it!Investing at this level is scary, especially if you've been burned before...

This is about trust - in yourself and in me as your mentor and guide.

So if you need a little more reassurance or if we haven't officially met yet, let's jump on a zoom call.

We'll chat about where you want to be and how The Turning Point Mastermind can get you there.

I promise you'll get an instant feel if this is right for you, then the decision becomes simple.

All I will say is, do not delay.

We have limited places available on this Intimate Mastermind and once all spots are booked it will be sold out. 

Ask yourself this – if not now then WHEN?


Here are some answers to frequently asked questions.

If you have any other questions you'd like answered before you apply please email


Sally is very generous with her knowledge and goes the extra mile

Lucy Griffin-StiffCulture & Wellbeing Consultant


Perfect mix of Methodical & Magical

I always feel inspired and have concrete, practical ideas and next steps when working with Sally.

She explains the bigger picture and pays attention to the detail and it's a great space to feel held during the confusion - knowing she has a quick mind and vast memory of our situations.

Sally's community is such a nurturing space, encouraged in us all to uphold, and I'm excited to be part of it.

Catherine BlackwoodThrive Coach


Your Investment: £5,500 or 6 x £1,008