Mastering the Missing Pieces: Identifying and Addressing the Gaps Holding Your Coaching Business Back

In the fast-paced world of online coaching, achieving success requires more than just a strong online presence.

It demands a deep understanding of your expert niche, target audience, value proposition, and a cohesive content strategy for client acquisition.

Yet, many coaches find themselves struggling to navigate the complexities of the digital landscape, unsure of which steps to take to propel their businesses forward.

This lack of clarity became painfully clear during a Reels Challenge I recently participated in.

So today I’m going to share with you what hundreds of coaches in that reels challenge are struggling with most, and help you identify the missing pieces in your business puzzle.

The Digital Dilemma

My Content Strategy starts with BlogsLead Magnets and Pinterest, because when my ideal clients are ready to figure out how to really grow an online coaching business, they hit the Google Search Bar.

This is the main way I attract Ready Clients who join my email list and book my coaching.

However: my ideal clients (aka coaches) are ALSO scrolling instagram, desperate to find The Answer that will turn their limping-along coaching business into a profitable practice.

The big problem with instagram is that the Get-Rich-Quick messaging is dominant, so many coaches fall into The Goose That Lays The Golden Eggstrap only to discover that their goose is cooked and the eggs are rotten 🤮

So I’ve taken it upon myself to figure out how to get more of my dream clients eyeballs away from The Goose and towards The Goods, aka the stuff that actually works, aka my established and proven frameworks and systems.

To do this, I’ve just completed a Reels Challenge that’s given me the tools to use Instagram more effectively to attract more coaches away from Goose and towards Goods.

All good so far, right!?

BUT…throughout that Reels Challenges, hundreds of participantshighlighted that they were having the Exact Same Problem:

Lots of eyeballs but zero increase in followers, engagement or conversion.

This has again highlighted to me that The Missing Piece🧩 most coaches are struggling to find is SOLID FOUNDATIONS.

And the ❤️‍🔥 Harsh Truth is, without these foundations in place, all the Bright Shiny Objects you layer on top will simply topple over.

Which brings me to the purpose of today’s email:

Do you have your Foundations in place?

Let’s do a quick Foundations Check to help you find out:

Below you’ll find questions focussed on each of the 4 Foundations all coaches need dialled-in to generate leads and clients on auto-pilot.

So if you want to better understand why your coaching business isn’t delivering The Goods, answer the questions to discover your Missing Pieces:

🧠 Coach Expert Niche

  1. What makes your coaching approach unique?
  2. How do you deliver transformation to your clients?
  3. What specific methods or techniques do you use in your coaching practice?
  4. What results do you consistently achieve for your clients?
  5. Why should clients choose you over other coaches?

If you struggled to answer ANY of these, or your answers feel vague or weak, you have an Expert Niche Gap in your business.

👯‍♀️ Alpha Client Niche

  1. Can you clearly describe your dream client in detail, including psychographics and specific pain points or challenges they face?
  2. Do you know what keeps your dream client up at night? In other words, do you understand their “house on fire” or level 1 problems that they urgently need to solve?
  3. Have you identified the specific desires, goals, and aspirations of your dream client?
  4. Can you envision the perfect outcome or transformation your dream client desires, and are you confident in your ability to deliver it?
  5. How would you describe the dream client who you feel a strong resonance or connection with, both personally and professionally, that makes them a joy to work with?

If you struggled to answer ANY of these, or your answers feel vague or weak, you have an Alpha Client Niche Gap in your business.

💰 Offer Journey

  1. Do you have a range of offers that cater to different needs and budgets, providing an easy-yes entry point for all your ideal clients?
  2. Are your offers designed to address specific pain points or challenges experienced by your ideal clients, with each offer leading them on a journey of transformation?
  3. Do your offers naturally progress from solving smaller problems to addressing larger ones, creating a seamless pathway for clients to move through?
  4. Are your offers structured in a way that encourages clients to invest more time and money as they progress through the journey, receiving increasing levels of support and expertise from you?
  5. Do your offers work together cohesively, with each one building upon the previous one to move clients closer to total transformation?

If you struggled to answer ANY of these, or your answers feel vague or weak, you have an Offer Journey Gap in your business.

🗣 Messaging

  1. Does your messaging clearly communicate the transformation or solution you offer?
  2. Is your messaging compelling and attention-grabbing?
  3. Do your ideal clients resonate with your messaging and feel compelled to take action?
  4. Is your messaging simple and easy to understand, avoiding jargon or confusing language?
  5. Does your messaging consistently lead to conversions and client inquiries?

If you struggled to answer ANY of these, or your answers feel vague or weak, you have a Messaging Gap in your business.

🧾 The Results…

As you reflect on your answers to these questions, you may begin to see patterns emerge – areas where your business excels and areas where improvement is needed.

These insights are invaluable, as they provide a roadmap for addressing the missing pieces in your coaching business and laying the groundwork for sustainable growth.

What have these questions highlighted for you?

Where are the gaps that need filling to turn your coaching business into the client generating machine it should be?

If there are multiple questions in each section you’ve struggled to answer, has this shown you that ‘Foundations’ are a Missing Piece in your business?

If so there are two things I need you to know next:

  1. You Are Not Alone – as I said, the majority of participants in that Reels Challenge didn’t have their Foundations dialled in, and Foundations is the main thing all my clients need help with.
  2. There Is A Solution – but it does take effort, energy and a bit of time to lay this important groundwork so your business can soar.

So the only logical next question here is:

Are you ready to put in place solid foundations into your business so it can grow?

If so, here’s my solution for you: The Prosperous Coach Collective…

💫 Invitation: The Prosperous Coach Collective

This is the monthly membership where female coaches come together to lay solid foundations that turn their coaching businesses into a lean system that attract clients 24/7 without relying on social media.

That system is called ‘The Ready Clients Roadmap®’ and inside The Collective is the only place I teach it and provide the ongoing support you need to implement and take effective action.

Think of it as your proven short-cut to turning your coaching business fortunes around – all in the safety and sanctuary of a super supportive community of women on the same journey as you.

Membership numbers are limited to keep this community really tight-knit so we get to know each other and I get to give you personalised support and advice on your specific business challenges and actions.

Membership to The Prosperous Coach Collective is currently open with 10 Places for women to join us this month (I only open 10 places a month so I can properly welcome and get to know each new member).

Will one of those places go to you Sally?

If you want to find out more, and decide if The Collective is the place you and your business will achieve greater success, click here.

Here’s to embracing change, seizing opportunities, and propelling your coaching businesses to new heights of success! 🚀

With lots of love and encouragement,

Sally xo

P.S. If you have any questions about The Collective, email and I’ll personally give you the answers and support you need.


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