I absolutely LOVE working one-to-one with soulpreneurs.

Nothing comes close to the transformations that happen in that intimate space, where dreams are elevated, potential is amplified, and goals are achieved with ease.

I limit the amount of one-to-one coaching I do because this is high-intensity, emotionally, spiritually and mentally invested mentoring.

We go deep, leave no stone unturned, and you WILL be forever changed.

This is where the magic happens, and I'm really excited you're here.


Sally Oddy Super Mentor


Most business owners are just a few shifts, strategies, and systems away from doubling leadflow, revenue and impact.

During this intensive private mentoring experience we'll review your marketing, sales and delivery systems to see what is / isn't working.

We'll deep dive your brand, niche, offers, pricing, messaging and Business Ecosystem (traffic, acquisition, nurture, sales, track) to identify what's really possible for you.

All of our work together will flow through the mindset shifts and energetics to help you calibrate to the most successful version of you and attract your most soul aligned clients.

This is called 'Breakthrough' because that's exactly what you'll be doing - breaking through all challenges, barriers, confusion and doubt to position you in your most powerful self, achieving your goals and enjoying consistent results.

INVESTMENT: £2,400 / £1,200 X 2

During this call we'll chat through where your business is now and where you want it to be, identifying exactly what's needed to unlock the next level. I'll guide you through how we'd work together to get the job done and, if it feels right, we get started!


1,000% recommend Sally to anyone ready to take their business to the next level

Raina O'Dell Breakthrough Mentoring Testimony

Raina O'DellLife Strategy Mentor

“Within the first 2 minutes of our consultation, I knew I was going to sign up with her and I didn't care what it was going to cost because I could tell she held the knowledge of how I could take my business to the next level.

I'd been playing it safe for a couple of years and found myself doubting my content and message.

After one session, I felt 10x more confident in the direction I was going.

After 4 sessions, I felt like my stuck-ness had turned into momentum and excitement for where my business was headed.

I gained so many ideas, strategies, methods, and thought processes that I have continued to use to move my business forward.

Sally gives it to me real and honest, she challenges me, makes me think, and has helped me slowly release limiting beliefs that were preventing me from showing up as "business Raina."

I can't thank Sally enough (and I think I excessively thank her after every call and email) for the entrepreneur she's helped me transition into.

It's been in me all along, Sally just helped me clear the chaos and held my hand as I stepped into my higher self.

I would 1,000% recommend Sally to anyone ready to take their business to the next level."


This program is designed for both established and start-up business owners eager to optimise and activate the Core Pillars of sustainably profitable businesses.

🎯 Your Path to Sustainable Success

Within this program, we focus on fortifying three Core Pillars that serve as the backbone of your thriving business:

  1. Solid Foundations: Lay the groundwork for your success with strategies that reinforce your business's stability and longevity.

  2. Sticky Systems: Create and implement streamlined, efficient systems that keep your business running smoothly and effectively.

  3. Magnetic Marketing Mix: Craft a powerful marketing blend that attracts, engages, and converts your ideal clients effortlessly.


🌟 What to Expect:

Embark on a journey of strategic business development with me by your side. We'll dive into two 90-minute sessions every month, coupled with unlimited email access for real-time guidance, feedback, and support. Together, we'll overhaul and fortify every aspect of your business, ensuring it works tirelessly for you.

🔍 Explore Key Areas:

Prepare to revamp crucial elements such as:

  • Expert Niche Identification
  • Thought Leadership Development
  • Methodology Refinement
  • Brand Enhancement
  • Client Niche Expansion
  • Optimised Offer Journey
  • Compelling Messaging Techniques
  • Efficient System Implementation
  • Strategic Platform Utilisation
  • Promotion and Sales Mastery

🌐 Building Your Presence, Automatically:

Experience the power of organic growth as your profile and authority expand naturally. Watch as your business attracts, nurtures, and converts ready clients on autopilot, 24/7.

⚙️ The Intensive Experience:

This program is a deep dive into refining and refreshing your business from the ground up. Be prepared for an intensive yet highly rewarding process that ensures your business is finely tuned for success.


Unlock the full potential of your business with a tailored program that focuses on simplification and optimisation. Drive your business towards a six-figure solo success with confidence and clarity.

📈 Ready to Elevate Your Business?

Apply Today for the Conversion Business Mentoring.

INVESTMENT: £6,000 / £1,100 X 6

During this call we'll chat through where your business is now and where you want it to be, identifying exactly what's needed to unlock the next level. I'll guide you through how we'd work together to get the job done and, if it feels right, we get started!


aVSAugust-1229 copy


During this results-driven 90 minute Growth Game Plan session we'll dive deep into your unique leaks, gaps and opportunities.

Here's how our session will run:

  1. Review current marketing strategy to see what is/isn't working
  2. Identify what's possible for you and your business in the next 90 days and beyond
  3. Uncover the #1 bottleneck restricting your growth and holding you back from growing your business
  4. Develop a simple 3-step action plan that will get you results ASAP.

You'll leave this session with clarity of exactly what to focus on, what to drop, and what to change to achieve your next level business success.

These sessions are being removed in August 2023 - if you'd like to book a single session please do so asap



Sally is strategy on steroids!!

I'd been stuck wondering what to do to move my business to the next level...and BAM...I am crystal clear and completely motivated and feeling excited to take focused action!!

Sally is awesome and I'm excited to be working with her more on my next big project.

If you're a business owner - you need a Sally Oddy in your corner! I'm so glad we met - thank you Sally!

Sanae Floyd, Business Coach and Sales Mentor

She knows her stuff and is hands on, which I love!

Sally blew me away with her insights into all areas of my business.

She walked me through what to do with my website, branding, pricing, packages, workshop training and a whole load of other business stuff that I had not thought about!

The amount of detail and actions to implement is wonderful.

It's fair to say Sally has motivated me!

If you want straight answers to how you can move your business forward, plus hands on advice and help that you will implement, Sally is your woman.

Carol Plant, Confidence Coach

Sally is a smart, direct coach who's asks the right questions to get to the heart of the challenge.

Sally gets clarity of the path ahead quickly - our coaching has been so valuable, enabling me to move forward with more clarity and focus.

She's warm, friendly and very experienced in marketing and mindset and I would highly recommend her to any service based business looking to grow.

Angela Sothern, Performance Coach

Sally is the perfect recipe for coach - gentle, heart-centered, and knows how to drill down to help you get clarity

Sally has a strategic, analytical mind and mixes this with her vibrant personality to help you to unearth the greatness within you.

Oh, and she knows how to give a little nudge and honesty bomb when needed too!

I really appreciated her honest feedback, which she delivered with grace.

I left the session feeling inspired, motivated and ready to implement some beautiful changes to my Calmpreneur community.

Suzannah Butcher, Life Coach