4-Steps to Crafting a Compelling Low-Ticket Offer: Your Gateway to Expanding Your Coaching Business

Hello fellow coaches!

If you’re on a mission to grow your coaching business beyond trading time for money with one-to-one private coaching packages, it may be time to consider creating a Low-Ticket Offer (or ‘LTO’ for short!).

What are Low Ticket Offers (LTO)

LTO are smaller digital products designed to give new clients a low-risk, low-investment gateway to be introduced to your coaching, knowledge and expertise.

Remember – not every client is going to land in your world ripe and ready to dive into your 6-month coaching package!

LTO provide an easy no-brainer way to start the journey of working with you.

Also, if you want to build a financially sustainable coaching business with a strong passive income stream, creating a LTO is the way to go!

These are products you create once, and can sell for years and years to come. So once you’ve created them, all you need to do is position them for easy-sale and promote them to your existing audience for the money to roll in.

Trust me – seeing that a sale notification has come through in the middle of the night, or while you’ve been enjoying a day out with your family, is the nirvana of running a freedom-filled lifestyle-business.

In this blog I’ll reveal the exact steps you can take to create your own High-Selling Low Ticket Offer that builds your email list, generates clients and cashflow, AND builds the pipeline to your higher-ticket offers!

Step 1: Create ‘The Obvious Choice’ Offer

While the concept is pretty straightforward, there’s a way of doing this that will strategically drive more traffic and clients into your business – meaning it will have a significant impact on your business growth.

Crafting a compelling low-ticket offer that becomes a no-brainer for your audience involves a delicate balance between addressing what they want and subtly nudging them toward what they truly need.

Start by identifying a specific problem your target audience perceives as a significant challenge – something they actively desire a solution for.

This could be a bite-sized transformation or a quick win that aligns with their immediate needs.

However, the magic happens when your low-ticket offer not only provides a solution to this perceived problem, but also sparks curiosity and interest in the broader, more comprehensive solutions you offer.

It should act as a teaser, awakening the desire for the deeper, more impactful results available through your higher-priced programs.

In essence, the no-brainer low-ticket offer serves as an entry point, enticing them to take the first step while subtly igniting the itch for the genuine transformation they can achieve with your premium services.

Example Low Ticket Offer:

Let’s consider a coach specialising in guiding midlife women to discover their purpose and embrace a more joyful and fulfilling life.

The biggest perceived problem for these women could be the feeling of being stuck or unfulfilled in their current circumstances.

The no-brainer low-ticket offer could be a downloadable resource, perhaps titled “Midlife Reawakening Blueprint” providing practical exercises and insights to help them identify immediate steps toward a more purposeful life.

By addressing this initial sense of stagnation, the LTO serves as an entry point, offering tangible solutions to their perceived problem. Simultaneously, it subtly awakens the desire for a more profound transformation, planting the seeds for the coach’s higher-priced programs that delve deeper into self-discovery, purpose clarification, and comprehensive life fulfillment strategies.

The LTO acts as a gateway, enticing them to experience the initial positive changes while stoking the curiosity and aspiration for the broader transformation the coach can facilitate.

QUESTION: What ideas do you have for your own LTO? Send them to me at sally@sallyoddy.com and I’ll give you my insights by return.

[We’ll explore pricing in a later section]

Step 2: Your Unique Solution Holds The Key

Creating a Unique Solution that stands out among other coaches is a key aspect of building a successful coaching business. To develop a distinctive offering that effectively scratches the itch for your target audience, follow these strategic steps:

  1. Understand Your Niche: Dive deep into understanding the specific needs, challenges, and desires of your target audience. What sets midlife women apart in their quest for purpose and fulfillment? By gaining a profound understanding of their unique situation, you can tailor your solution to address their specific pain points.
  2. Identify Your Unique Strengths: Reflect on your own strengths, skills, and experiences. What makes you uniquely qualified to guide midlife women on their journey? Whether it’s your personal story, a specialized skill set, or a distinctive coaching approach, leverage your strengths to set yourself apart.
  3. Offer a Specialized Framework: Develop a specialized framework or methodology that aligns with your coaching philosophy and resonates with your audience. This framework should provide a clear path for clients, demonstrating your expertise and offering a unique approach to solving their challenges.
  4. Incorporate Personalization: Tailor your coaching approach to the individual needs of your clients. By offering personalized guidance and solutions, you demonstrate a commitment to their unique journey. This personal touch sets your coaching apart from more generic approaches.
  5. Showcase Success Stories: Highlight success stories from clients who have experienced significant transformations through your coaching. Real-life testimonials and case studies serve as powerful proof points, showcasing the effectiveness of your unique solution.
  6. Emphasize Ongoing Support: Differentiate your offering by emphasizing ongoing support beyond the immediate solution. This could include follow-up sessions, community support, or additional resources that ensure your clients continue to thrive long after the initial coaching engagement.
  7. Communicate Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP): Clearly articulate your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) in your marketing materials. What makes your coaching stand out? Whether it’s a groundbreaking technique, a novel perspective, or a particularly nurturing coaching style, make sure your audience knows what sets you apart.

By combining a deep understanding of your target audience with your unique strengths and a personalised approach, you can create a coaching solution that not only scratches the itch for midlife women but also positions you as a distinctive and sought-after coach in your niche.

Step 3: Deciding on your Deliverables

Crafting the right mix of deliverables for your coaching offer involves a thoughtful balance between providing value and avoiding overwhelming your clients.

Begin by clearly defining the desired transformation you aim to facilitate.

Identify the core elements that are essential for achieving this transformation and include them as the foundational components of your offer.

Consider the specific needs of midlife women seeking purpose, focusing on key areas that resonate with their challenges.

To prevent overwhelm, streamline the deliverables to offer a manageable and actionable roadmap. This could include a mix of structured coaching sessions, tailored resources, and actionable exercises designed to guide them step-by-step.

Additionally, provide clarity on the expected time commitment, ensuring that clients feel empowered rather than inundated.

By striking this balance and aligning deliverables with the transformative goals, you create an offer that not only meets expectations but also fosters a positive and achievable experience for your clients.

Examples of Deliverables and Bonuses:

Here are some examples of deliverables that could be included in a low-ticket offer tailored for midlife women seeking purpose and fulfillment:

  1. Downloadable E-guide: Provide a comprehensive yet concise e-guide that offers actionable insights, tips, and exercises to kickstart their journey toward discovering purpose in midlife.
  2. Interactive Workbook: Create an interactive workbook with thought-provoking prompts and exercises to guide self-reflection and goal-setting, providing a tangible tool for their transformative journey.
  3. Self-Study or Group Courses: these can be considered low-ticket offers depending where they sit in your offer journey.
  4. Exclusive Audio Content: Offer a series of exclusive audio recordings, such as guided meditations or affirmations, designed to support and inspire midlife women as they navigate their quest for purpose.
  5. Access to a Private Community: Foster a sense of community by granting access to a private online space where like-minded individuals can connect, share experiences, and support each other on their journeys.
  6. Single Session: You could offer a low-cost single coaching session to help clients overcome one specific challenge – this is also a great way to introduce new clients to your coaching approach and style.
  7. Memberships: These are a great way to leverage your time – bringing together a community of people on the same journey and providing them with the training, guidance and pathway to get teh result.
  8. Live Q&A Session: Include a live question-and-answer session where participants can interact directly with you, addressing specific concerns and gaining personalized guidance during the low-ticket offer period.
  9. Resource Checklist: Provide a curated checklist of resources, including recommended readings, podcasts, and videos that align with the themes of finding purpose in midlife.
  10. Weekly Email Challenges: Set up a series of weekly email challenges that encourage small, manageable actions to progressively guide participants toward discovering their purpose without feeling overwhelmed.
  11. Discount on Higher-Ticket Services: Offer an exclusive discount on your higher-ticket coaching services for participants who wish to further invest in a more comprehensive coaching experience after completing the low-ticket offer.

Let’s explore the steps to create a compelling low-ticket offer and discover effective ways to promote it.

  1. Understanding the Essence of a Low-Ticket Offer: In the realm of coaching, a low-ticket offer serves as a stepping stone for potential clients who may hesitate to invest in higher-priced programs. These affordable entry points, often priced below $100, provide a taste of your expertise without a substantial financial commitment.Practical Tip: Reflect on a specific challenge your audience commonly faces. Your low-ticket offer should address this problem with a value-packed solution.

Step 4: Packaging your Low Ticket Offer

Low-ticket offers come in various shapes and sizes, each catering to different preferences and needs.

Here are examples of containers for low-ticket offers:

  1. Ebook or Guide: Create a downloadable ebook or guide that provides valuable insights, tips, and strategies related to finding purpose in midlife. This can serve as a comprehensive resource for self-discovery.
  2. Printable Journal or Workbook: Develop a printable journal or workbook with guided exercises, prompts, and reflections to help individuals navigate their journey of discovering purpose. The tangible aspect adds a personal touch.
  3. Mini Online Course: Design a mini online course that covers key aspects of purpose-finding, offering bite-sized lessons, interactive activities, and practical tools. This allows for a more structured learning experience.
  4. Live Masterclass or Workshop: Host a live masterclass or workshop, providing real-time interaction and engagement. This can include discussions, Q&A sessions, and live exercises to guide participants on their purposeful journey.
  5. Audio Series or Guided Meditations: Offer an audio series featuring guided meditations, affirmations, or reflective exercises. This provides a convenient and immersive experience for participants seeking a more auditory approach to self-discovery.
  6. Exclusive Community Access: Create a low-ticket offer that grants access to an exclusive online community where participants can connect, share experiences, and support each other in their quests for purpose.
  7. Discounted Coaching Session: Provide a single coaching session at a discounted rate, offering personalized guidance and insights to individuals seeking a more hands-on and direct approach to their purpose-finding journey.
  8. Weekly Email Challenges: Develop a series of weekly email challenges that deliver actionable tasks and prompts to participants’ inboxes, allowing them to make gradual progress and stay engaged over time.
  9. Resource Bundle: Curate a bundle of resources, including ebooks, audio content, and worksheets, to offer a multifaceted approach to discovering purpose while ensuring variety and engagement.
  10. Discount on Future Programs: Offer a low-ticket package with a discount on enrollment in your higher-ticket coaching programs, providing an incentive for participants to continue their transformative journey with more comprehensive support.

These containers allow for flexibility and cater to different learning styles and preferences, ensuring that the low-ticket offer is accessible and valuable to a diverse audience of midlife women seeking purpose and fulfillment.

Bonus Tip: Strategic Pricing for Impact and Accessibility

When pricing your low-ticket offer, consider the delicate balance between creating impact and ensuring accessibility.

Set a price point that reflects the value of your transformative content while remaining within the reach of your target audience.

Take into account the perceived value of the offer and the potential return on investment for the client.

Additionally, strategically align the price with the nature of the package – for instance, an ebook might be priced differently than a live masterclass.

Remember, the goal is not just financial gain but also to create a meaningful impact on a broader scale.

By making your low-ticket offer affordable, you open the doors for a more extensive audience to benefit from your expertise.

This accessibility not only contributes to your brand’s goodwill but also establishes a connection with your audience, potentially leading to further engagement with your higher-ticket services.

Always assess the perceived value, your audience’s budget considerations, and the overall impact you aim to achieve when determining the optimal price for your low-ticket offer.

Let’s wrap this up…

Creating and promoting a low-ticket coaching offer is a strategic move that can open new doors for your coaching business.

Remember, the key lies not just in affordability but in delivering value that leaves a lasting impression.

Whether it’s through e-books, courses, or physical products, your low-ticket offer can be the catalyst for attracting, nurturing, and converting potential clients.

Embrace the journey, stay true to your coaching ethos, and watch as your business scales new heights. Here’s to your success.


This is your opportunity to get your Leveraged Low Ticket Offer designed, created and SELLING with my guidance, support and feedback – all in just five days!

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