Email List Growth & Cash Injection Party

Leveraged Low-Ticket Offer Bootcamp

It's time for The 5-day 'Get-It-Done-And-Move-On' Party of the Year!!!

Calling all Coaches - this is your opportunity to get your Leveraged Low Ticket Offer designed, created and SELLING with my guidance, support and feedback - all in just five days!

5-Day Live Bootcamp 4th - 8th March 2024

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Hey coaches, service providers and online educators...

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You've come to the realisation that relying on high-ticket offer sales is draining your confidence and bank account
  • When sales come in it's great, but can you really call this Feast-Or-Famine Cycle a Business?
  • You’re working your butt off showing-up and posting about your offers, but your sales aren’t reflecting all this hard work
  • You just wish money would come in every day so you could focus on being The Coach and CEO of your business
  • Your email list feels stagnant, nothing you say seems to resonate, no-one is buying!!

just imagine...

  • Finally having an offer that sells itself
  • Waking up to notifications that money has come into your business overnight
  • Your bank account is filled with daily cash injections
  • An overflowing email list with eager subscribers
  • A high-ticket pipeline bursting with qualified leads

...these are just some of the results you can expect from your Leveraged Low Ticket Offer!!


The Leveraged Low Ticket Offeraka The List Building Cash Injecting Miracle You've Been Waiting For!

'Sounds great Sally...but what is it exactly???'

Leveraged Low Ticket Offers are the Secret Weapon that Top Coaches use to scale their business effortlessly and make a massive impact in the lives of their clients.

And now it's your turn to join the ranks of successful coaches who are leveraging the power of low ticket offers to achieve unparalleled success.

These small digital products give new clients a low-risk, low-investment gateway to be introduced to your coaching, knowledge and expertise.

To be 'leveraged' the product must be able to sell on-repeat with no additional time commitment from you for delivery.

Wondering what role a Leveraged Low Ticket Offer would have in your business?CLICK 'JOIN NOW' IF YOU WANT...

  • A no-brainer easy sell offer that gives new clients a low-risk way of working with you
  • An offer that's quick and easy to set up and can generate sales from day one
  • Money coming in 24/7 with no time required for delivery so unlimited income potential
  • Money coming in every day while you're getting established, providing financial stability in the early years
  • An email list of eager subscribers who are the pipeline for future higher-ticket sales

The Leveraged Low Ticket Offer BootcampCreate your very own Leveraged Low Ticket Offer

Here's What's Gonna Happen Inside The Bootcamp - everyone will be guided to create a Transformational Masterclass with Workbook as this is the easiest Offer to create and also the most effective.

DAY 1:


  • Brainstorm ideas for your leveraged low ticket offer based on your higher-ticket offer and client journey.
  • Understand how to make your offer The Obvious Choice by identifying the unique value proposition and irresistible benefits.
  • Dive deep into your ideal client's pain points, desires, and motivations to ensure your offer addresses their needs effectively.
DAY 2:


  • Work through the transformation your offer will provide, focusing on the specific outcomes and results your dream clients desire.
  • Everyone will record a Transformational Coaching Experience that scratches the biggest itch and desire for their dream clients, ensuring clarity and alignment with their needs.
  • Create a workbook to accompany the masterclass, utilizing a provided template to enhance the learning experience and provide additional value.
DAY 3:


  • Determine the deliverables for your offer, including content for the masterclass and workbook.
  • Record the masterclass, ensuring it is engaging, informative, and aligned with the transformational journey you're offering.
  • Develop the workbook, incorporating actionable exercises, reflection prompts, and resources to support your clients' learning and growth.
DAY 4:


  • Receive templates, scripts, and frameworks to write compelling copy for the sales page and email sequence to sell your offer.
  • Craft persuasive messaging that highlights the unique benefits, features, and value of your offer, addressing objections and instilling confidence in potential clients.
  • Fine-tune your messaging to resonate with your target audience and compel them to take action and invest in your offer.
DAY 5:

Launch & Sell

  • Put the finishing touches on your offer, ensuring all elements are polished, professional, and ready for launch.
  • Leverage your social community and email list to announce and promote your offer, utilizing strategic marketing tactics to maximize visibility and engagement.
  • Launch your offer with confidence, knowing that you've created a valuable, irresistible solution that meets the needs of your dream clients and positions you as a trusted authority in your niche.

What's the time committment?Glad you asked

Here's how to plan 🗓

LLTO March 2024 Calendar



Extended Access to Trainings(£35 value)


Step-by-Step Workbooks(£35 value)


Extended Feedback Support(£135 value)

With your busy schedule and time zones it may take a few more days to implement - and that's okay!

Enjoy replays of all trainings until the Bootcamp closes on March 15th.

You'll use the workbooks to take notes, formulate your ideas, and design your offer.

Use the workbooks as rinse-and-repeat to create future offers!

I'll be in the FB Group every day until March 15th giving you feedback, insights and encouragement.

Giving you confidence that you're implementing effectively to sell your offer.


Hi, I'm Sally.

5 years ago I closed-up my successful Marketing Consultancy and launched head-first into the world of Online Business Mentoring.

Despite being in marketing since 2000, starting an online business felt like a whole different ball game (so many shiny objects!)

Like you, I would spend HOURS creating super valuable content for social media, engaging in groups, and doing “all the things”. And I’d think that was the only way to get my dream clients to find me and pay me.

Spoiler alert: I was so wrong!    

There’s a MUCH easier, quicker system to attract and convert your ideal clients.

And a vital part is Leveraged Low Ticket Offers!

Once I got these installed in my business, my email list started filling up with eager subscribers, money comes into my business every day, and I have a strong pipeline for my higher ticket offers.

Ultimately, I’m here to help you not only make lots of money, but SIMPLIFY business so you can start ENJOYING business!


Lingering Questions?

'Her straight-talking, expertise, honesty and creative genius are just what my business needed'

I am no marketer and in the fast world of social media and business, I needed an expert. That is what I have found in Sally. Her straight-talking, expertise, honesty and creative genius are just what my business needed.

Her business knowledge in terms of systems, tech and processes alongside her marketing know-how ensures you can confidently get your brand out there in a way that is successful and that leaves you free to do what you do best, in my case coach my clients.

I perhaps shouldn’t say this, but Sally can’t help giving you more support and help than you expect. She has been invaluable to my business, and I will continue to work with her.

Nikki HillLeadership & Confidence Coach


The Leveraged Low Ticket Offer BootcampCreate your very own Leveraged Low Ticket Offer