Transform Services into Tangible Solutions with the Power of Methodology

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Your ‘Methodology’ holds the key to delivering a proactive service and transforming vague ideas into tangible solutions.

In this blog, we will delve into the power of methodology and explore how it can revolutionise your business.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

👊🏼 The Power of Methodology

🧠 Brainstorm your Methodology

👾 Systemise your Methodology

🚀 Use your Methodology

📄 Resource: Methodology Planning Template

Let’s go 👇🏼

👊🏼 The Power of Methodology

Your ideal clients all have a specific set of challenges/symptoms/issues you’re uniquely qualified to resolve.

Your ‘methodology’ is the exact steps / the set-path you guide clients through to get to the resolution.

This is Proactive Service Delivery – where you set-the-course that delivers the tools/ideas/modalities/strategies/systems to your client.

It transforms ‘woolly’ services into a tangible, solid and deliverable service which is easier for clients to grasp and way easier to sell.

Having a Methodology means the outcomes of your service becomes more standardised/predictable and you have a framework to use on repeat.

🧠 Brainstorm your Methodology

What’s the first thing your ideal client needs to see /feel /have /believe /experience to take the first step on the transformational journey / to get the result?

What’s the first tool/idea/modality/strategy/system you deliver to achieve that first step?

What’s the desired outcome/result from this first step?

What exercises / homework can you give your client to embed this first step?

Once you’ve got that info for your first step, move on to your second, third, fourth step and so on.

🔥 Hot Take:

Do not start with the end in mind, eg: ‘my methodology will have 10 steps and I’m gonna turn it into a 10-month group program’. This will lead you to editing yourself down or adding stuff that’s irrelevant. At this stage just focus on where they are now, where they want to be, and how you can best get them there.

👾 Systemise your Methodology

Once you’ve got all the steps nailed down, it’s time to package-up your methodology to make it tangible and understandable.

I always guide my clients to name their Methodology as this automatically turns it into a concrete system and can also help really define your service-niche.

We usually give the name an ending like Roadmap; Pathway; Method; System; Framework etc.

Start taking about your Methodology like it’s a concrete, tangible and easy-deliverable service all ideal clients can travel through to get the result.

🚀 Use your Methodology

Here are several ways you can use your Methodology:

  • Create an ‘Approach’ page on your website to showcase your unique methodology (this can also be called your ‘Thought Leadership’). check out my Approach Page for inspo.
  • Turn your Methodology into a unique 1:1 Program that quickly shows potential clients the exact steps they’ll take to get the result
  • Turn your entire end-to-end Methodology into your Signature Course
  • Share your Methodology on your socials
  • Use your Methodology as your Messaging Pillars and talk about the core subjects on-repeat

📄 Resource: Methodology Planning Template

Here’s a handy template you can use to create your very own Methodology:

Methodology Template

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Methodology is a powerful tool that can showcase your unique approach and attract ideal clients.

Remember, a methodology isn’t just a theoretical concept – it is a concrete, deliverable service that adds value to your clients’ lives.

So take action today and start crafting your methodology to drive your business forward.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Wishing you a productive and successful week ahead!

Sally xo

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