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WELCOME SOULPRENEURThis is the beginning of a new phase of clarity and focus for you and your business

It's time to take a deep breath and set your intention to slow down and focus on the details of your business.

There's so much hustle and bustle in the online world, and it's understandable if you've lost your way a little or have become confused about your next steps.

Sometimes you just get stuck in that overthinking / indecision loop and need a good kickstart to spur you back into take focussed, strategic action.

This is where I come in.

During a 90 Minute Growth Game Plan Session with me we'll work through your biggest business challenge.

You'll gain clarity, focus, motivation and a whole new sense of momentum as you know exactly what action to take to get you moving forward again.



Dr Kate CouchmanInternational Success + Wellness Coach

I had no idea one session could be so powerful!

I left with such clarity, motivation and inspiration and it's feeling so aligned and fabulous that I'm ecstatic to market my new work and allow the magic to happen!

The nuggets Sally gave me were incredible and not just the typical generic "coach talk" but really specific, personally applicable info that I am able to run with.

I feel so supported and completely cared for by Sally.

She clearly cares about people and wants to make a difference, which is evident in her approach and demeanour.

I loved our time together and would highly recommend Sally to anyone needing guidance and support in their business.

She has a wealth of knowledge, expertise and experience with a generous dose of compassion ❤

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Kerry DougalSocial Media Mentor

Sally is quick and intuitive!

I recently had a Clarity Session with Sally and cannot recommend her services highly enough.

I felt stuck in indecision about my business objectives and what path to take and  needed help to get back to basics and gain clarity of vision and purpose about what I was doing.

In just one session, Sally nailed this!

I was amazed at how quickly and intuitively Sally got to the crux of what was holding me back and gave me clear guidance on how to move forward.

I’m not going to lie, the mindset work was emotional, but I felt completely comfortable going there with Sally which is a testament to how down to earth and open she is.

I finished the call with a far greater understanding of my personal values, how these relate to my business, what my true purpose is and how this impacts the people I want to work with.

I now feel I have a clear vision of who I want to help and why, and which direction I want to take my business in along with the tools I need to map out a business plan that fully fits with my values.


  • Clarity on content and how to structure message to attract clients
  • Reconnect with deepest desires for business and mission
  • Identify a more aligned path which encompasses experiences, strengths and areas of passion
  • A defined marketing strategy and new pricing structure which reflects new offers
  • A clear vision on who I want to help and why, and which direction I want to take my business
  • A mapped out business plan that fully fits my values and goals
  • Clarity and vision that up until now, I'd thought was out of reach
  • Crystal clear clarity and motivation - feeling excited to take focussed action!

Once booked you'll receive an email to select a date and time that works for you.

The Leading Online Expert Method

It's time to buckle-down and focus on the stuff that's gonna move the needle!

Get your pen and paper ready, because during this results-driven 90 minute Growth Game Plan session with Sally Oddy we'll be diving deep into the leaks, gaps and opportunities.

Here's how our session will run:

  • Look at your current marketing strategy to see what is/isn't working
  • Identify what's possible for you and your business in the next 90 days and beyond
  • Uncover the number 1 bottleneck restricting your growth and holding you back from growing your business
  • Develop a simple 3-step action plan that will get you results ASAP.

Natalie WillinghamWoof Boutique Dog Shop

Straight talking, honest and with no BS!

Having a session with Sally not only gave me an immense sense of relief, but also excitement about the future.

Just speaking with Sally made my sense of overwhelm completely dissolve and in a short space of time she made me realise that all of the options I'd been considering weren't right for my business at this time.

Straight talking, honest and with no BS (my kind of person) but really lovely and kind.

Sally not only gave me the clarity I needed at this juncture, but also went a huge step further and put a few things in place which would start me on my journey.

Not once during our conversation did Sally attempt to sell me anything which made a hugely refreshing change, and makes me want to work with her again.

I would heartily recommend Sally to anyone who needs a fresh perspective, someone who can cut through to the heart of the issue and not make you feel bad about the situation you are in.

I feel hugely grateful to have crossed paths with Sally and appreciate the time she has taken to support me.


Kerry DougalSocial Media Mentor

Sally has a strategic and analytical mind!

I had a Clarity Session with Sally to help me work out a plan for my community, as I was feeling confused and overwhelmed with my offering.

Sally is literally the perfect recipe for coach; she's gentle, heart-centered, and really knows how to drill down to help you get clarity.

She helped me realise I needed to go back to basics and reconnect to my deepest desires for my business and mission.

Sally has a strategic, analytical mind and mixes this with her vibrant personality to help you to unearth the greatness within you.

Oh, and she knows how to give a little nudge and honesty bomb when needed too!

I really appreciated her honest feedback, which she delivered with grace.

I left the session feeling inspired, motivated and ready to implement some beautiful changes to my Calmpreneur community.

‘Sally is a smart, direct coach who's asks the right questions to get to the heart of the challenge. She’s gets clarity of the path ahead quickly. In the session, we were able to identify a more aligned path for my coaching, not previously considered, which encompassed my experience, strengths and areas I'm passionate about'

'If you want straight answers to how you can move your business forward, plus hands on advice and help that you will implement, Sally is your woman'

'I ended the session feeling energised knowing I now have a marketing strategy and a new pricing structure which reflects my new offers I have plenty of work to do which is exactly what I wanted from our session'

'Sally knows her stuff and is hands on, which I love. She walked me through what to do with my website, branding, pricing and packages, my workshop training and a whole load of other business stuff that I hadn't thought about! The amount of detail and actions to implement is wonderful. You get your money's worth and then some!'

'This has been so valuable, enabling me to move forward with more clarity and focus. Sally is warm, friendly and very experienced in marketing and mindset and I would highly recommend her to any service based business looking to grow'

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Sally works with soulpreneurs, pouring over 20 years experience into their hearts, minds and businesses.

Passionate about living life on purpose, Sally is all about honouring and accepting the fullness of self.

In-powering her clients to experience life in beautiful, bold, expansive ways is how they create and attract abundance and success into their lives.

Guiding her clients to dive deeply into their vision and mission, Sally shares her aligned approach to building online businesses that have a deeply positive impact in the world.

Sally is a Yorkshire Lass who grew up in 80's South Africa and is on a mission to inspire you to fulfil your dreams and potential in order to create a more in-powered and happy world.

Let's do this together xx

what to expectDuring our session

  • You'll answer some questions upon booking to help us make the best use of our time together
  • The session is a recorded zoom video - replay available
  • We'll review where you are now and where you want to be
  • I'll quickly get to the heart of gaps, leaks and opportunities
  • We'll begin crafting your 3-Step plan
  • I'll share guidance and real-world tools to help you implement your results-oriented strategy
  • This is a high-energy practical action-oriented sessioni that will leave you refreshed, focussed, and ready to take action!
  • Sally will email you a week after the session to check-in on progress

READY TO TAKE INSPIRED ACTION, GET UN-STUCK AND MOVE FORWARD?Remember - what got you here, won't get you there

Once booked you'll receive an email to select the date and time that works for you