Have you been feeling frustrated and left-out because you haven’t achieved the Famous 6-Figure Launch?

Everyone seems to be popping corks as their bank accounts overflow with get-rich-quick cash and overnight success!

But is this something you really should aspire to…?

If you’ve been feeling a 6-Figure Longing I’m here to completely shift your way of thinking, cure your 6-figure comparisonitis, and show you the ALIGNED way to build your dream online coaching business.

Let’s start by making sure we all know what a 6-Figure Launch actually is…


It’s the result of weeks of intensely sales-focussed promotion culminating in the Live Launch of your Online Coaching Offer, usually a Group Coaching Programme of some kind.

You literally attract enough people to join your programme all at once that your sales revenue jumps up by at least 6 figures, ie a minimum of £100,000.

You offer a small window of opportunity to join your programme, relying heavily on scarcity and urgency sales tactics to compel the biggest possible number of people to join.

I’m talking literally hundreds of people streaming into your group programme all within a short space of time.

By their nature you can’t offer a ‘Live Launch’ all the time, the whole point is that it’s a rare occurrence – and it’s incredibly intense for all concerned – so it’s something you’d do no more than once a quarter.

As you can imagine, this type of group coaching programme doesn’t really allow the Host Coach to provide a lot of 1:1 support, because the sheer volume of people joining makes this impossible.

So ultimately, that’s a 6-Figure Launch: Heavily promoting your group programme and offering a small window of opportunity to join.


Listen, I get the appeal (in THEORY!).

Investing a huge amount of my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy in return for a life-changing amount of money – what’s not to love about that!!??

So many online coaches are investing that and getting nothing back. Nada. Zip. Tumbleweeds.

And THIS is what makes those ‘6-Figure Launch’ Coaches seem even more appealing!

Just imagine doing the same amount of work and seeing £100,000 roll into my bank account!

BUT…a word of Extreme Caution:

There’s a DARK SIDE to 6-Figure Launches that you should be aware of – it just may change your entire mindset AND your long-term impact and income forever!


We’ve all seen the screenshots…

[just to demonstrate how easy it is – this is a comment I typed into a random facebook post, screen-shotted then removed basic details – ANYONE can fake results!!!]

Sounds incredible right!?

But what does this actually mean in REAL LIFE?

Let’s call this overnight success coach Rebecca.

So Rebecca’s invested £6,000+ on a 6-Figure Programme and learned the high-pressure marketing and sales tactics required for a successful 6-Figure Launch.

She’s been given EXACT SCRIPTS, SYSTEMS and FRAMEWORKS to have a HUGE ONE-OFF 6 FIGURE LAUNCH first time out the gates.

It’s not a given that she’s been guided to create an incredibly reliable and results-driven programme that will completely transform the lives of her clients.

It’s not a given that she’s ready physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually for this huge influx of eager and expectant clients flocking into her brand new coaching programme!

BUT, Rebecca is ALL SET to use the cookie-cutter scripts and systems and with enough energy, hard sales, fear and scarcity tactics and persuasion…Rebecca will be celebrating her 6 Figure Launch in no time!


If you’ve just launched a brand new coaching programme and attracted enough new members to achieve a 6-Figure Launch – good luck to you!

And I genuinely mean that.

My hope for you is that your online business model is robust; your systems, strategies and processes are solid and SUSTAINABLE; your mindset is strong; and that your coaching programme delivers wonderfully reliable results and transforms lives.

Because if this isn’t the case you can expect:

  • massive pressure to perform and deliver your brand new course to a huge audience of strangers
  • lots of angry refund requests
  • a complete crash in confidence as negative feedback rolls in
  • the possibility of having crashed-and-burned your brand new online coaching business before you’ve even begun as your profile, authority and credibility hit rock bottom
  • terror at the prospect of having to do it all again in 3 months to claw back the revenue you’ve just lost


If by now you’ve realised a 6-Figure Launch is the LAST THING you actually want, need or are ready for right now: CONGRATULATIONS.

Celebrate having this moment of clarity and honesty with yourself and set yourself on a new, more aligned and sustainable path!

Phew. I bet that’s a weight off your shoulders!

Okay, so now we’ve moved on from that dangerous desire here’s what to do instead:


Get yourself and your business ready for long-term sustainable success by taking the time to build rock-solid foundations for your online coaching business, and I’m talking:

  1. Mindset & Belief
  2. Coaching Methodology
  3. Dream Client Matching & Mapping
  4. Signature Course Creation & Idea Validation
  5. Messaging Frameworks & Content Strategy
  6. Simple Client Pathway & Asset Creation (Lead Magnet / Digital Product / Conversion Events)
  7. Brand Identity
  8. Minimalist Marketing Strategies
  9. Aligned Sales System

When you’ve got this in place you’ll have everything you need to steadily and consistently grow your business in a way that feels aligned and sustainable.

You won’t have to rely on bro-marketing, scarcity or urgency sales tactics.

You WILL attract a steady stream of dream clients into your online coaching offers and get the time, space and energy to actually ENJOY your business and clients.


Sally Oddy has a business and marketing career spanning over 20 years and brings huge passion, creativity and courage to everything she does.

Empowering women to step into their true potential and turn their passion for coaching into a purpose-driven business is what Sally does inside The Align & Shine Academy.

This is a powerfully transformational and highly supported coaching experience where you will be guided to build rock solid foundations for your coaching business and gain the skills and strategies to massively increase your impact and income.

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