Sally Oddy


WHETHER YOU'VE JUST STARTED OR BEEN IN BUSINESS FOR A WHILE, YOU'VE TRIED BOOT-STRAPPING TACTICS TOGETHER You know you have real value to share, but everything seems to fall on deaf ears!

Nothing seems to be working and you’re fed-up of feeling like a slave to social media and the constant overwhelm.

It’s time to make a change.

You’re ready to stop wasting time and effort on 'Big Launch' tactics with no solid business foundations, and start putting energy and attention into the details of your business.

You’re ready to slow down and create a business that's unique to you, that relies on simple and organic methods of attracting and retaining clients, and frees you to enjoy your life and your work in perfect harmony.

IF WE WERE SAT IN A COZY CAFE SHARING A LOVELY CUPPA [wouldn't that be blumin lovely right now!!]

This is what I'd say...

I'M GUESSING YOU'VE FIGURED OUT THERE’S NO GLORY IN THE HUSTLE AND DON’T BUY INTO THE EMPTY 6 FIGURE PROMISES You don’t need some Mega Guru to sell you onto their High Ticket Programme only to never see them again and quickly realise those High Pressure 'Bro-Marketing' Tactics are just not you.

You want to feel good about your business, do more with less, and pull together some simple, organic and sustainable tactics that deliver reliable results.

I think it’s time to take aligned action and get the foundations of your business on solid ground, putting your vision, values and wellbeing at the centre of it all.




Let's amplify your potential and put some real-world tactics and processes behind your purpose so you can shine your light and attract dream clients from a place of ease and flow.

'Sally's helped me to build my business from its roots: me. Understanding myself and my mindset and identity is a really powerful way to start. Most other business coaches just look at the nuts and bolts of business building.'

'Sally encourages and empowers me to step into what makes me unique, really uncovering what I have to offer that differs from everyone else out there.'

~ Ellie Lloyd-Jones, Academy Member ~

'Sally is so experienced and knowledgable in marketing that I have trust in the information and guidance she gives. Her spiritual approach is aligned to my values so I naturally 'click' with her messaging.'


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  • Intimate group format so you can be seen, heard and supported
  • Focussed and action-oriented curriculum over 9 Modules to help you implement each step
  • 8 x Bi-Weekly Group Calls so you can quickly overcome challenges and learn alongside like-minded business owners
  • 4 x Private Coaching Sessions to dig deeper into your true potential and maximise your results
  • Email Support for material review, feedback and co-creation of your business
  • Members Community for motivation, inspiration and accountability


  • You're ready to move your Coaching or Consulting Business online and want to save time by learning the most simple, organic and sustainable tools and tactics to launch and scale
  • You're already Online and want to add Courses and Resources that generate consistent semi-passive income into your monetisation structure
  • You're an established Online Business Owner but your Courses and/or Resources are not selling and generating consistent revenue
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"Without doubt this has been one of the best experiences of my life!"

I think I’ve just realised how unprepared I actually was to run a business!

And I genuinely sleep much more soundly at night now because I know that I have all the right procedures in place, and that I’m starting properly.

I don’t feel flappy or scared, I feel empowered to move forward as there are logical steps to take now.

As quite a practical person this has been brilliant for me, but your coaching has really tapped into my heart and my soul too, and that is where the transformation has really begun.

Your honesty and knowledge is matched with your integrity and big heart and I know that you care deeply about us all, and seeing us succeed.

Hannah Massey, Instagram Coach



Each module benefits from a selection of training videos, workbooks, checklists and accountability tasks to keep you on track and achieving your goals.

1. Mindset, Mission & Vision

Get your head in the game and activate the Belief, Success Mindset and Mission that will empower you to take bigger and bolder action! Once your Life and Business Vision are clear, wave goodbye to comparisonitis and imposter syndrome!

2. Methodology & Idea Validation

Audit what you've got for a Cash Dash! Unpack your experience, knowledge, passions and gifts and begin the Problem Solving Journey. Craft your Offer Solutions and Validate your Ideas - hone in on Core Offer Outlines.

3. Client Niche Matching

Match your Methodology to a niche client group - this is a foundational step to building a stand-out online business. Craft powerfully in-depth profiles that form part of your Evergreen Message Bank.

4. Signature Group Programme Creation

Storyboard your course outline bridging the gap between your Methodology and Client Niche Big Money Problems.  Use the framework provided to give your course focus and structure, price your course for sales, and include activities to plug into your course to move beyond passive learning and into an immersive learning experience that delivers reliable results and generates consistent referrals.

5. Simple Client Pathway

Now you've crafted your course, it's time to meet your clients where they are now and guide them into your business with specific Conversion Events. Tap into what they need BEFORE enrolling on your course and give it to them in the form of Digital Product/s; Lead Magnet/s; Quiz; Challenge; Webinar / Training - you'll be guided which to create.

6. Brand Identity

You are completely unique, there's literally no-one quite like you - carve out your own niche that sets you apart and attracts dream clients with ease. Use the framework to craft your brand identity, giving your group programme and conversion events compelling names, look and feel that creates desire in your dream clients.

7. Marketing System

Your offers are in place, so now it's time to implement the Aligned Client Attraction System! You'll be guided through a series of simple, organic and sustainable marketing methods that are grounded in automation, 10 x repurposing, and reducing reliance on social media. Everything will be designed to guide dream clients into your business and towards your signature course.

8. Message Bank & Content

Your Evergreen Message Bank is already taking shape with what you've created so far, now it's time to hone in on the themes and pillars that form the basis of your content strategy.  Write your Stories that Sell and learn how to craft messaging that impacts and influences your community to know, like, trust and buy from you. We'll also use this opportunity to craft your sales pages and email sequences.

9. Evergreen Launch & Sales

Time to beta run your Signature Programme using the launch framework provided. This module is also where you'll learn the art of Aligned Sales and you'll perfect the art of sell-by-chat, sales page conversions and upsells, converting with challenges, training and discovery calls. You'll also learn the art of the Evergreen Launch - the best way to create consistent income and avoid the emotional rollercoaster of the High Pressure Live Launch!

Hi, I'm Sally

Here's the deal ~ I’m sick of seeing incredible heart-centred women like you go unseen and unheard in the noisy and competitive online world.

I don't wan to see one more incredible woman succumb to overwhelm and hustle as she strives to create her successful, freedom filled business.

I want you to be in a place of aligned ease and flow, so you can actually enjoy your work, your life, and your financial abundance.

And because you're here, I know you're soul is guiding you to your next level.

Listen, I know you're tired of all the forced hustle, 6-figure army and bro marketing tactics, and that you're ready to build your own soul led business in a more gentle, heart-centred and aligned way.

I know you want to feel downright unstoppable - you want to immediately know the answers to any question you have and quickly see the next aligned action to take.

I totally get it, because I also too used to think my income and results were in direct relation to how much I did, not what I did and the energy that I did it with.

It's simply not the case.

I've been in business for over 8 years now, and have taken everything I've learned in that time, combined with over 20 years marketing experience, and lovingly placed it inside The Aligned Online Coach Academy.​

It’s the only place I share my entire framework of tools and tactics to build a simple, solid and sustainable online business with less hustle and more heart.

Sally Oddy

I love messy-action-takers, and I believe that if you do the work, you get the rewards. I'm focussed, strategic and commercial AND soulful, spiritual and believe in angels.

I laugh at my own jokes, drink too much tea, could literally live on popcorn and am obsessed with my moggies Cleo and Coco.

I grew up in South Africa, and now live in Yorkshire with my very own milktray man.

Sally xo

Hear from Academy Members themselves

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These are your BONUS Resources available to you as soon as you enrol in this programme


  • Every Module is accompanied by at least one training video and workbook
  • Orientation Booklet
  • Clarity Check-In
  • Ready for Action Checklist
  • Measurable Results Questionnaire
  • Several Modules also include mini-modules with PDF Guides and Cheat Sheets


  • Business Owner Mindset Shifts Guide
  • List of Core Values
  • How to Create & Test Your Products Guide
  • The Ultimate Measurable Results Test Guide
  • 9 Content Frameworks Toolkit
  • Facebook For Business Guide
  • Daily Sales Actions Checklist
  • Pillars of Sales Success Checklist
  • Master the 5 Day Challenge Guide
  • Long Form Sales Page Checklist


  • Welcome Email Sequence Swipe File
  • Attention Grabbing Headlines & CTAs Swipe File
  • Monthly Focus Actions Template
  • Marketing Planing Tools
  • Launch Email Sequence Swipe File
  • Sell By Chat Script
  • 1 Page Sales Pitch Template Swipe File
  • Discovery Call Sheet Script

DON'T JUST TAKE MY WORD FOR IT... Here's what graduate Susan Steele says about The Academy

'This has been a life-changing experience!'

"I went into The Academy to build a new business from the ground-up. The Academy is an online course, plus mentorship, plus mastermind, plus one-to-one coaching! There's the value in the online training but the support and accountability on top of that is amazing. I've paid more for coaching programmes and got much,much less! DO IT. Don't think about it - just do it!"


I encourage you to carefully read the below Entry Criteria for enrolling on this programme. This is how you can self-select if The Academy is right for you:

  • Heart centred, purpose-driven women who have the ambition to step-up and create an impactful online business
  • Coaches & Consultants who aren't achieving impact or income at the level they desire
  • Women who are feeling Called to Coach but don't know how or where to begin
  • Highly motivated and ready to invest the energy of time, money and creativity to create a magnificent business
  • Able to commit at least 3 hours per week to working the programme
  • Have a desire to step into your true potential and create a powerful online presence

This powerfully transformative experience will NOT suit you if you are:

  • Not parepared to take 100% responsibility for your results and dedicate time, care and attention to building your online business
  • Unable take messy, imperfect action to get your business visible
  • Not interested in creating a business that is capable of having a limitless impact in this world
  • Not ready to charge your worth and allow the energy of money to flow to you in exchange for the value you are able to deliver into the world



Tell me a bit about you and your business goals so we can make sure we're a good fit.


Let's chat about your goals, the programme, and answer any questions you may have.


Select your Access Plan, complete the invoice and agreement and get started!


Hannah Massey - Instagram Strategist

"The Academy has been life-changing for me - it's given me the grounding I needed and such great systems and processes! Sally is so full of knowledge and she really cares. This is a fantastic investment that will last you a lifetime because you'll have a Plan you can take with you anywhere"

Megan Rose - Mindset & Wellnss Coach

"I was ready to take my business full-time and was at bare bones stage and the Academy was exactly what I needed to get my business ready. I've got everything set now and thanks to Sally's coaching did a pivot to build a business based on what really lights me up and what I'm good at. I'd 100% encourage anyone to do this!"

Charlie Garhnam - Marketing Coach

"I was hoping for a business and marketing plan but got so much more than that. Sally saw something bigger in my and coached me to think and reach bigger. I've already increased my income and am motivated and all set to keep growing from here. Give Sally a ring - she's fantastic and this is a great programme!"

Lisa Chotia - Nutritional Realist Coach

"My corporate word dried up because of COVID and that was a real wake-up call. I wasn't emotionally ready to let go of my business so had to make some changes to put long lasting foundations and structures in place for me and my business to grow online. There's plenty in The Academy to appeal to any business owner."


Here are some answers to frequently asked questions.

If you have any other questions you'd like answered before you apply for The Aligned Online Coach Academy please email

When does the programme begin?

This is a rolling enrolment programme so it starts the day you enrol.

To help you maintain momentum and accountability the training modules are released over 4 months and all coaching calls take place during this time.

Your access to the Training Materials depends on the Access Plan you select and you gain lifetime access to the Online Members Portal and the Private Facebook Community.

What's the investment?

Access Plans for The Aligned Online Coach Academy 4 Month Mastermind are:

Pay in Full to get 12 Months Access to all Training Materials: £1,757

Pay Plan to get 6 Months Access to Training Materials: £322 x 6

Once your application is successful you'll receive a payment link for your chosen Access Plan.

How much time will it take?

During the 4 Month Live Coaching part of your enrolment you'll be participating in 4 x 1hr Coaching Sessions and 8 x 1.5 hr Group Sessions.

There are 8 modules released every other week for you to work through and I recommend on average a minimum of 2 hours per week to complete this course.

Ultimately - you'll get out what you put in.

What do I need for this to work?

The desire, drive and determination to put in the time and effort to build a sustainably successful business.

The desire to create a sustainable and reliable monthly income.

A general idea of the services you provide ie what skills and expertise you have to share.

Existing social media profiles.

It's preferable to have a website with an online purchase function set-up, but not totally necessary. We'll take the low-tech manual route to get you where you need to be!

The willingness to be on camera in Zoom video calls and to share your results, challenges, ideas and insights with your fellow course participants.

As you progress and the orders start flying in, you may want to set up an email automation system - I use and recommend Convertkit.

Generally I recommend all online business owners become familiar with Canva.

When and where does this all happen?

This is an online course.

All materials will be available in a Members Only area of my website which you will gain login details for.

Your training sessions and workbooks are released every other week in the online portal.

Group Coaching Calls will be hosted on Zoom on Thursdays' at 11am GMT.

Your ongoing support will be in a private course members only Facebook Group.

Live Q&As will be hosted in the Facebook Group on Friday's at 11am.

What are your Terms & Conditions?


I'm someone who visits TripAdvisor to read the reviews and look at traveller photos. For me there's no substitute for first-hand accounts of what it's actually like on the inside.

You've made it to the end of this wondrous page, so I'm guessing your the same and I've saved something very special just for you.

Top-up your brew and watch this ACADEMY ROUNDTABLE. It's an informal chat with a variety of Academy Members who share the highs and lows of their experience - warts and all.

If this is for you, you know it is. The Application Button is just beneath this final video.

Sally xo

"Huge mindset shifts around money, I more than doubled my rate. Also, just coming from the view of a business owner rather than just a 'coach' and being able to look at things strategically."

"I went back to some of the modules recently and rewatched them - rewatching the training made me realise there were things I'd missed or forgotten about so it was good to remind myself AND be inspired all over again. Literally don't think I'd be where I am now without it."

"I only properly launched my business full time with The Academy so for me I now have a clear blueprint of my business and the building blocks are strong for me to move forward with it."

"Total Clarity from the ground up! It's important because even if you're clear on your offer, you may not be clear on your messaging! That could come from something rooted much deeper - so I really liked that we started at the beginning so it all flows effortlessly."

"Sally's energy & passion is infectious! Coupled with her knowledge and her care I get goose bumps during our 1:1s because she “gets it” and “gets” my business and my mission, so when she offers guidance it’s like she's tapped into my brain to help articulate exactly what I was thinking but couldn’t verbalise."