A robust marketing strategy will draw your ideal clients directly to you, primed and ready to buy.

Get the basic formula wrong, and you’ll end up ploughing loads of time and money in for little or no return.

There’s a popular misconception that marketing is a dark-art money-pit that never produces measurable return on investment – I don’t buy into that.

At it’s heart, good marketing is grounded in psychology

[don’t panic, stick with me!]

All marketing should be designed to achieve two goals:

1.Affect human behaviour

2. Compel a specific action

Simple right!

If you take nothing else from this blog, take that.

And here’s the thing – it doesn’t have to be hugely complicated, time consuming or expensive.

There’s a basic formula you can filter all marketing through to make sure you’re achieving the goals.

NOT filtering your marketing through this formula is The Most Common Mistake business owners make.

In this blog, I’m sharing the 9 STEP FORMULA through which you should filter ALL marketing activity.

For clarity, I’m giving you some questions you can use to guide you through each step.

Cross-check your marketing through this formula every time, and your marketing WILL increase sales.

I recommend you save this blog and use it to sense-check all marketing activity:


  • Are you super clear on who your marketing activity is aimed at?
  • Does the service you offer solve their biggest problem?
  • Will they quickly relate to the tone of your message and the language used?


  • Does your unique personality (personal and/or corporate) shine through?
  • Are you highlighting the experience / knowledge / expertise that sets you apart?
  • Are you explaining clearly why you are the best person / company to help them resolve their problem?


  • Does the headline grab your ideal clients’ attention?
  • Does the copy make it clear what’s on offer?
  • Does the message compel your ideal client to want to read on?


  • Is your offer super clear?
  • Will your ideal client feel compelled to work with you based on your offer?
  • Have you made your offer so irresistible that it’s a no-brainer?


  • Does your marketing educate your ideal client about the problem they are facing?
  • Does your marketing clearly demonstrate the results your ideal will get from working with you?
  • Are you helping your ideal client really feel and visualise the time when their issue / challenge / problems is resolved (once they’ve worked with you).


  • Does your marketing convey how urgent it is that your ideal client resolve the issue / problem / challenge?
  • Does your offer have a time limit to prompt your ideal client to act fast?
  • Is your offer exclusive / limited to increase the attractiveness of getting the opportunity to work with you?


  • Are you clearly setting out the reasons why your ideal client should work with you?
  • Are you communicating the benefits and features they’ll get?
  • Are you giving enough detail about the process of working with you?


Are you giving enough proof to back-up your claims? Good proof includes:

  • Results achieved demonstrated by case studies and testimonials
  • Expertise and experience demonstrated by background
  • Authority demonstrated with awards, public speaking, podcasts, blogs etc.


  • Have you made it abundantly clear what your ideal client needs to do to work with you?
  • Have you done enough to compel them to take action?
  • Have you instilled an urgency and overwhelming desire in your ideal client?

This 9 STEP FORMULA is the first part of my Business Accelerator Mentoring Programme that I’ve designed specifically to empower business owners and leaders to increase the effectiveness of their marketing.

I believe that clarity around the simple steps to take, and the confidence to take, them will aways result in more clients and increased cashflow – and that’s what my business mentoring provides:





To find out more about the Business Accelerator Mentoring Programme, and book your initial consultation, email

I hope you’ve found this blog really useful and that it’s give you the clarity and confidence you need to start winning more clients and increasing your cashflow.

All the best, Sally

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