Connect with your values, emotions & goals; improve mental clarity & focus; activate insight & understanding; facilitate personal growth.

365 Days of Stellar Success by Sally Oddy

The Journalling, Affirmation & Mindful Moments System that will Elevate your Life


Do you hear the calling?Are you yearning for a deeper and more meaningful life?

Life has been on the fast-track for too long ~ it's time to slow-down & take stock of where you are & where you want to be.

If we've learned anything from 2020, it's that health & wellbeing should be our #1 Priority.

If you're feeling pulled toward a deeper purpose, you know your true potential is waiting for you, & have a desire for a bigger, fuller & more satisfying life - today is Day 1 of your Fresh Chapter.

Aaaahhhhh, did you feel that lovely exhale of relief just then?

Your soul is crying out to be heard ~ step forward today to delve deeper into yourself, discover more self-love, self-worth, understanding & insight than ever before.

Your time is now, reach out & grab it!

Sally xo

Which of these do you relate to the most?

  • I like the thought of journalling, but don't know where to start
  • I'd like to get journalling into my daily habit, but need structure/inspo/motivation
  • I love journalling, but sometimes am not sure what to write about
  • I love affirmations, but sometimes they feel surfacy and unrealistic
  • I know things are blocking me, but don't know how to start doing the 'inner work'
  • I've got a million things on my plate - I need to slow down and make time for me but don't know how

I totally get it ~ journalling, affirmations, and mindfulness has completely changed my life, but getting started and making it a daily practice can feel daunting.

And even though I've been journalling regularly for years, sometimes I sit looking at a blank page with No Idea what to start writing about!

This is why I've created 365 Days of Stellar Success ~ this is the complete system to help you start and get the most out of your journalling practice; use affirmations that actually mean something and create positive change; and give you the time and space to gain more clarity, confidence and focus in your every day life.

I use and love this system myself, and know that you will love it too. xo


365 Days of Stellar Success is the ONLY Journalling System you'll ever need

Here's what you get inside 365 Days of Stellar Success...

  • 175 Journal Prompts designed to give you clarity, confidence, peace & insight into every aspect of your life
  • 137 Affirmations to create positive change in your beliefs, actions & results
  • 37 Mindful Moments to give you space & time to just be, prioritising your health & wellbeing
  • 16 Mantras & Manifestation Prayers to surrender the outcome & deepen your faith

You deserve it all ~ and then some!365 Days of stellar success is time for you to journey back to yourself and set your soul, spirit & dreams free

Get instant access for just £27.50


'What lies before us and what lies behind us are small matters compared to what lies within us. And when we bring what is within out into the world, miracles happen'~ Henry David Thoreau


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Stellar Success System by Sally Oddy

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  • 3-Part ManifestAction Activation Emails ~ your complete guide to manifesting the abundance of your dreams
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I WAS GIFTED my first deck of Tarot Cards when I was 16, a time when I allowed my intuition to guide me to write poetry, journal, meditate and expand my awareness of the occult.

In the corporate life that followed, I lost touch with my soulful knowing and pushed my energetic intuitive gifts aside.

IN 2012 I HIT ROCK BOTTOM - and left the corporate marketing world to start-up my own consultancy.

I've been on a mission back to myself ever since.

OVER THE YEARS, my calling to have a more MEANINGFUL IMPACT in the world has deepened, and I'm happy to report it's lead me right here - to you and this Stellar Success Journal.

I have an insatiable love of learning, teaching, journalling, meditating and all things STRATEGY WITH SOUL.

MY WOO WITH THE DOO approach, combined with many years business and marketing experience, empowers purpose-driven SOULPRENEURS to step into their true potential and birth powerfully impactful online businesses.

Creating 365 Days of Stellar Success is a passion-project, because I've created it for me and for you.

It's time to rise, and we should all hold hands.

Lotsa Luv, Sals xo

Sally Oddy

Still Scrolling??

Love the sound of 365 Days of Stellar Success but would like an extra layer of comfort about investing your precious time, energy and money?

I'm totally with you there ~ you should absolutely make sure the tools, resources, strategies and tactics you use are right for you, because you owe it to yourself and you deserve the best of everything.

Here are answers to some questions that may help you decide whether to click that Buy Now Button...

This is for you if you are a soulful, heart-centred and purpose-driven being with a desire to incorporate a regular journalling practice into your life increase self-awareness and your ability to manifest your desires.