How to Grow your Audience using Evergreen Content for Sustainable Business Growth (2024 Edition)

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Hello and welcome back to another exciting day in growing your Leveraged Lifestyle Business 🎉

In today’s brief I’m shedding light on Audience Growth🌱

🤔 Which Audience to focus on growing and why

🤓 The Evergreen Content Method

💡 Five Fast & Free ways to grow your Audience

🧐 What Next?

Sound good? Let’s go 👇🏼

🤔 Which Audience to focus on & why

When you think about ‘growing my audience’, what’s the first thing that springs to mind?

It’s a pretty safe guess that you’re thinking about social media…am I right?

It’s like our Default Switch is set to Social Media…but this is a costly mistake.

Constantly spinning in the hamster wheel of social media simply cannot deliver the steady stream of clients we desire.



(a) People are on social media to be entertained and inspired, not to specifically learn solutions to their problems; and

(b) Even if they were looking for a specific solution, social platforms are not set up to be effective Search Engines so your content remains lost; and

(c) That incredible post you spent hours crafting is now lost in the ether and no-one will ever read it again…because they simply cannot find it.

Bleek huh!?

It’s easy to see how detrimental our Default Switch can be!

‘Who do we focus on instead?’ I hear you ask…the answer is simple:


‘Ready Clients’ are the people who are proactively searching for the solutions you offer.

These people aren’t scrolling through social media desperately trying to find you, they’re Googling for Blogs, searching YouTube, and finding Podcasts that are specifically created to give them Symptom/Solution information.

So unflick your Default Switch and start thinking about ‘Growing Your Audience’ in a whole new way:

More Ready Clients Who Join My Email List 🎉

🤓 The Evergreen Content Method

In last week’s brief I told you about ‘Cornerstone Content’ – it’s the content (blogs, videos, podcasts, lead magnets) you create that give the Symptoms/Solution educational information your Ready Clients are proactively looking for.

[I hosted a Live Masterclass all about Cornerstone Content in The Soulpreneur Success Hub recently, ​joining details here​]

By it’s very nature, Cornerstone Content IS Evergreen Content because it’s relevant for all-time – symptoms and solutions rarely change.

So if someone finds that piece of content today, or a year or two from now, it will still be relevant for them.

This is the beauty of sharing Cornerstone Content with your Ready Client Audience through Global Search:

You create the content once and it brings clients in forever!

What’s not to love!?

🧐 Five Fast & Free ways to grow your Audience

So now you know exactly WHO to focus on for audience growth, let’s look at 5 easy ways to do this:

1. Blogging

The first type of content Google trawls for when someone pops a question in it’s search engine is articles.

People still love reading an educational / informative article (aka blog) when they’re looking for the answers as it’s the fastest way to gather information.

Think of the last time you had a problem and were looking for a solution – how many articles did you scan through from your Google Results?

The Strategy: share cornerstone content blogs filled with keywords your Ready Clients are using and make sure your Blog Page is STICKY with links to other resources / blogs / book a call etc. so once they find your blog they JOIN YOUR EMAIL LIST.

[I hosted a Live Masterclass all about STICKY SYSTEMS in The Soulpreneur Success Hub, ​joining details here​]

2. Lead Magnets / Resources

Once a Ready Client has read your blog…what next?

You want them to move deeper into the solution / possibilities with you as their guide.

So guide them to download your resources to keep learning from you.

I have a specific ​Resources Page​ on my website, and these are the things that are being DOWNLOADED DAILY…adding precious Ready Clients to my email list!

The Strategy: Start by creating a resource that scratches the ‘Biggest Itch’ your Dream Client has, and once they download that,

nurture them by email into your Next Step Offer.

[I hosted a Live Masterclass all about Strategic Lead Magnets in The Soulpreneur Success Hub, ​joining details here​]

3. YouTube (repurpose blog to video)

YouTube is a hugely powerful search engine favoured by people who prefer to gather their information by watching a video.

There are two Best Things about sharing your Cornerstone Content on YouTube:

(a) The connection you get on video cannot be beaten. Your ideal client will quickly feel like she knows and trusts you, making that ‘first contact’ easier

(b) It’s a monetised platform, meaning that as soon as you get a certain number of views on your content, you get paid! (I’m still getting paid every month for videos I created 9 years ago!!!!)

The Strategy: repurpose your blog content into a video. There’s the option to offer a ‘worksheet’ download to capture emails. Always make sure the ‘what next?’ is obvious from the description. Use cards and end screens to link your videos together.

[There’s a ‘Start Your YouTube Channel’ resource in The Soulpreneur Success Hub, ​joining details here​]

4. Podcast

Hosting your own podcast gives you instant credibility and I don’t need to tell you how popular podcasts are.

If you’re going to start a Podcast I highly recommend using a combination of Solo Sessions and Guest Interviews, with the rule being all interviewees must share the podcast to their audience.

This is the best way to grow the podcast audience fast.

The Strategy: sprinkle in both Cornerstone and Thought Leadership Content so you position yourself firmly as The Expert. Always refer to your offer/s in the content and use the description to give links so your audience knows ‘what’s next?’.

[I hosted a Live Masterclass all about Thought Leadership Content in The Soulpreneur Success Hub recently, ​joining details here​]

5. Tour Your Signature Workshop

Create a workshop that deep-dives three ‘sexy’ elements of your methodology aka the stuff your dream clients are desperate for!

Regularly host the workshop live for your own audience but also offer it out to anyone who hosts a community of your dream client.

As long as there is no direct overlap between what you do, people who host communiites are usually desperate to find new and exciting ways to add value, and a Guest Expert Session always hits the spot.

The Strategy: include an invitation to join your program / email list and have a limited time bonus available for attendees to encourage sign-up.

[I’m hosting a Signature Workshop session in The Soulpreneur Success Hub soon, ​joining details here​]

🧐 What Next?

Please Please Please remember that unless your Cornerstone Content directed at your Ready Clients LEADS SOMEWHERE, it’s all for nothing!

You’ve absolutely 100% GOT to ask yourself: where do they go from here!?

So if they read a blog: what next? Do they see a link to a download or your podcast or newsletter sign-up?

Once they get your download: what next? Do they get an upsell email sequence?

Each piece of content MUST lead to the next logical step in the journey, otherwise they’ll find your precious Blog / Video / Podcast / Resource, find it super helpful, and keep scrolling on.

And then you’ve lost them, possibly forever.

Don’t let people who land in your lap drift away, always answer the ‘What Next?’ question for them.

[I hosted a Live Masterclass all about STICKY SYSTEMS in The Soulpreneur Success Hub, ​joining details here​]

Make sense?

Got any questions???

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Right then, that’s it for today.

😊 Have a great week!

Lostsa luv, Sally xo

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