Attracting Ready Clients: The Key to Sustainable Coaching Business Success

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OMG This info is ⭐️GOLD⭐️

Hello and welcome back to another exciting day in growing your Leveraged Lifestyle Business 🎉

In today’s brief I’m shedding light on 💰Ready Clients…

🤔 Who your ‘Ready Clients’ are

🤓 Why ‘Ready Clients’ quickly turn into Dream Clients

🧐 ‘Other’ types of Clients in your audience

💡 Who to market to, when and why

Sound good? Let’s go 👇🏼

🤔 Who your ‘Ready Clients’ are

‘Ready Clients’ are the people who:

✅ know they have a problem / are facing a challenge; and 

✅ know they need help / support / guidance to get the solution; and

✅ are self-motivated to get the solution.

🤓 Why ‘Ready Clients’ quickly turn into Dream Clients

‘Ready Clients’ convert quickly because they:

✅ know they have a problem, have been proactively looking for a solution, are highly self-motivated to get the solution

‘Ready Clients’ become Dream Clients because they:

✅ have proactively sought you out when they are ready

✅ are fully aware how much the problem they’re facing is impacting

✅ are self-motivated and ready to take responsibility for the outcome

✅ respect you as a professional and believe in your solution

[🔥Hot Take: It’s pretty easy to see that focussing on attracting Ready Clients is a sensible marketing approach…but wait…it get’s better…]

🧐 Other types of ‘Clients’ in your audience

Problem Unaware: doesn’t even know she has a problem even though symptoms are presenting themselves (aka A Cold Target: has the problem you can solve but is nowhere near ready for the solution)

Problem Aware: Symptoms become more obvious, problem becomes more obvious, doesn’t know there’s any solution available (aka A Cold Target: as above)

The Aha Moment happens that shifts them from Cold Target to Ready Client!

Solution Aware: Realises there must be a solution so starts proactively looking for it (aka A Ready Client)

Product Aware: Becomes aware of your solution and is self-motivated and interested (aka A Ready Client)

Most Aware: Knows about your offer and you, just needs the offer to be the ‘no-brainer’ solution (aka A Ready Client)

Question 1: Where do you think your Ready Clients go when they’re ready to look for the solution?

(a) Social Media (*hint* not a search engine)

(b) Ask friends / family (*hint* could be embarrassing / they don’t have the problem so have no idea)

(c) Google / YouTube / TikTok / Pinterest (*hint* global search engines that scour the internet looking for solutions)

Question 2: How much of your messaging / marketing efforts are dedicated to sharing strategic messaging on your Ready Client Platforms?

(a) Loads (b) Some (c) Not Much (d) None

🧐Bonus Questiont: if you believe there are already loads of Ready Clients in your social media community who aren’t converting, is it because:

(a) they’re freebie-seekers who’ll never buy (it’s them)

(b) they’ll never find the self-motivation to do the work (it’s them)

(c) your messaging / offers aren’t giving them what they need to convert (it’s me👋🏼)

Which do you think it is? 

Inbox Your Answers 📩

💡 Who to market to, when and why

Old Skool Marketing tells us to speak to our clients at every stage of their journey, from Problem Unaware right through to Most Aware.

This follows the Push / Pull Marketing Strategy:

Push your message onto people who aren’t ready to hear it and eventually when they’re ready they’ll remember it was you who had the solution and they’ll seek you out (works well for Big Brands who already have heaps of credibility / popularity).

Pull the people who are ready by placing your message in front of them at the exact right time so when they need it you’re right in front of them.

[👉🏻Side Note: Buying Coaching/Mentoring is often what we call a ‘Distress Purchase’ – ie. the buyer isn’t buying because they’d just like some coaching, they’re at a stage where the problem is causing discomfort and they are highly motivated for the solution]

Which do you think will (a) will work best at getting ready clients into your business; and (b) be the most effective use of your time?

Because you could spend YEARS pushing your message onto thousands of Cold Targets who either (a) never get solution ready or (b) forget about you when the time’s right.

Or you could spend targeted time pulling Ready Clients directly into your business at the exact moment they’re ready to do the work.

Most stuff in business is actually this simple – but it’s not easy to see it when you’re in the weeds every day.

Which is why I’m here to trample on the weeds and pull you back up into the light 👇🏼

🎉 Workshop Invitation [free ticket]

To help you make best use of this fantastically simple information, I’m inviting you to my next Live Workshop where I’m focussing entirely on The Ready Clients Roadmap™👇🏼

  1. How to identify who your ‘Ready Clients’ are (ie those that are proactively looking for the solution and are ready to buy)
  2. How to make sure they find you at the exact moment they’re proactively searching for your solution
  3. How to guide them to self-qualify so they join your email list / book a call / become clients

Would you like to see The Roadmap in action?

If so, I’m hosting a Live Workshop on Tuesday, January 30th from 1:30pm GMT and you’re invited!

Simply click the link to claim your free seat and get ready for your business to work harder for you in 2024!


So how was that for you today Sally?

Feel free to share your AHA Moments / Insights / Head Scratchers with me – my inbox is always open 📩

Right then, that’s it for today.

😊 Have a great week!

Lostsa luv, Sally xo

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