Love notes...

Kelly Swaby

Kelly Swaby

This programme cuts out all noise when it comes to building a business and gets right to the heart of what building a business is all about. It gives you what you need to build the solid foundations of a business, alongside structures that will help you grow.


Hannah Jean Massey

This Is The Programme Every Business Owner Needs. I don't think I could run a business without it now!

I genuinely sleep more soundly now because I know I have all the right procedures in place, and that I’m starting properly.

I don’t feel flappy, I don’t feel scared - I feel empowered to move forward as there are logical steps to take now.

As quite a practical person, this has been brilliant for me, but your coaching has really tapped into my heart and my soul too, and that's where the transformation has really begun.

Your honesty and knowledge is matched with your integrity and big heart and I know that you care deeply about us all, and seeing us succeed.

Without a doubt, this has been one of the best experiences of my life!


Charlie Garnham

This programme has taught me to slow down, think things through, that a business doesn't appear overnight and that there are many elements to sit and have a long think about.

We're all wanting to rush around and make money ASAP but it doesn't happen overnight, so laying the foundations has been invaluable.

I feel equipped to go into the world now as a coach.

As for transformation -  I've had several!

I realised I was playing too small so have stepped more fully into my light as a business and marketing coach.

I've also realised that I don't need to run my business exactly like others do - I can be different and unique and that realisation has enabled me to feel free and happy about my business!


Megan Rose

The solid foundations of building your business so that you know it inside out - 100% worth the investment!

This is all brand new to me and I hate to think where I'd be if I hadn't done this programme to help me think things through and get super clear.

The worksheets helped me ask the right questions and the coaching from you, Sally, has been where the real transformation happened.

You helped me dig even deeper when I couldn't get there myself.