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We help online service providers, coaches & educators turn their expertise into a *Leveraged Lifestyle Business

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Raina O'Dell Breakthrough Mentoring Testimony

1,000% recommend Sally to anyone ready to take their business to the next level

Within the first 2 minutes of our consultation, I knew I was going to sign up with her and I didn't care what it was going to cost because I could tell she held the knowledge of how I could take my business to the next level.

I'd been playing it safe for a couple of years and found myself doubting my content and message.

After one session, I felt 10x more confident in the direction I was going.

After 4 sessions, I felt like my stuck-ness had turned into momentum and excitement for where my business was headed.

I gained so many ideas, strategies, methods, and thought processes that I have continued to use to move my business forward.

Sally gives it to me real and honest, she challenges me, makes me think, and has helped me slowly release limiting beliefs that were preventing me from showing up as "business Raina."

I can't thank Sally enough for the entrepreneur she's helped me transition into.

It's been in me all along, Sally just helped me clear the chaos and held my hand as I stepped into my higher self.

Raina O'DellLife Strategy Mentor

DSC_0782 (2)

Sally's impact on my business has been nothing short of incredible!

I was seeking guidance for my business and found myself overwhelmed with ideas and thoughts swirling around in my mind.

I lacked the knowledge and direction to turn those ideas into reality, felt stuck, and couldn't take action because I didn't know where to begin.

Everything changed when I crossed paths with Sally Oddy.

Sally has effortlessly simplified every aspect, completely transforming my entire business.

From enhancing the appearance of my social media, website, and newsletter to refining my offerings and building a thriving community, she has given me the confidence to believe in my own abilities.

Furthermore, she has opened my eyes to possibilities I never imagined were within my reach. The newfound knowledge and skills I am acquiring under her guidance are truly remarkable.

Now, I feel a sense of calm and purpose. With Sally's help, I have a well-defined plan and an eagerness for what the future holds. Hiring Sally as a Business Mentor is the most impactful decision you can make for your business.

Jen DelvauxThe Reset & Rise Through Cancer Mentor

If you're an established online business owner who knows a few tweaks and focus will get you headed in the right direction...[BUT YOU'VE EITHER NEVER WORKED WITH A BUSINESS MENTOR BEFORE SO ARE UNSURE IF IT'S FOR YOU, OR YOU'VE BEEN BURNED WITH A BAD EXPERIENCE AND WANT TO TEST THE WATERS]

I invite you to book a 30 Minute 'Plan Of Action Session'Here's what happens during a POA Session...

  • Look at your niche, programs and price points to see what's possible for you in the next 90 days
  • Assess your current marketing, sales and delivery systems to uncover the #1 thing that's been holding you and your business back
  • Develop a 3-step action plan to get you unstuck, levelled-up and moving forward
  • You'll leave clear, confident and excited to take your coaching business to the next level