The Top 5 Reasons Your Messaging Is Getting Lost Online

Making yourself the clear, obvious and most prominent choice to your niche audience is one of the biggest challenges facing online business owners today.

All online platforms are crowded and noisy, and the majority of business owners are sharing the same types of content in the same formats – so everyone is blending in.

It’s created an ocean of unheard entrepreneurs – talented people with incredible value to offer sharing huge volumes of content that goes unseen and overlooked.

Messaging has fast become one of the most crucial skills for online business owners to master.

It is possible for you to craft messaging that creates attention, momentum and sales – regardless of how long you’ve been in business for or how many followers you have.

I’ve spent the past two years studying the online business space, and in this blog I’m sharing what I’ve learned about messaging to help you identify where you may be going wrong.

I also give you insight into another way, so that if you are struggling to generate momentum online, you gain direction and inspiration to make some changes.


Content Marketing (the art of pulling your audience towards you using messaging) has been the leading marketing strategy since social media muscled into the business world.

The most popular strategy for years has been sharing free high-value how-to content.

Demonstrating your knowledge and expertise in the hope that your dream client will read it and reach out to work together became the norm.

And for a while there, it worked a treat!

The businesses sharing high-value how-to content stood out as being incredibly insightful and generous with their time and knowledge, and attracted dream clients like bees to honey.

However, over the years two things have happened:

  1. Millions more entrepreneurs have moved into the online space
  2. They are all sharing free high-value how-to content

The market place has become saturated – if you want to know how to do something all you need is a quick google and you’ll have pages and pages of solutions.

By continuing to focus on how-to content as the foundation of your messaging strategy, you’ve become a needle in a haystack, and the probability of your dream clients filling your inbox with a burning desire to work with you is at an all-time low.

ANOTHER WAY: Connect with your dream clients on a deeper level and empower them with the belief that there is a better way while leading them to your solution.


Another huge trend in messaging has been to highlight fear and scarcity.

Repeatedly telling your audience what they don’t have, why they don’t have it, and what pain it’s causing them, creates a sense of panic.

They become fearful and desperately look for a way-out – to escape the perceived pain and fill the hole they believe is there.

Back when sharing free how-to content was working, the fear and scarcity tactics would lead people directly to your door, because you stood out as having the answer.

But this doesn’t work anymore.

What happens now when people panic and look for solutions – they find thousands of potential solutions and often fall right back into the information obesity trap.

They either

  • Do nothing
  • Try a number of things unsuccessfully
  • Invest in the option with the biggest marketing budgets
  • Give-up

If you are sharing heaps of valuable how-to content combined with using the fear and scarcity tactic, this could be the very thing driving your dream clients away from you.

Worst case scenario they begin to associate feelings of lack, fear and scarcity with you!

Best case scenario they consume some of your free how-to content in an attempt to try anything to get out of lack.

This is not a good business strategy and it will not work to bring high-value clients to your door.

ANOTHER WAY: Highlight what they could have when they have the solution, help them visualise the possibility of what life could look like. Lead them to your offer with desire, not fear.


If you’re producing huge volumes of content and posting it out on a daily basis, all in a bid to stay relevant and keep ahead of the algorithm, consider this:

  • The people in your audience who do want to hear from you, engage with you, and value your content are feeling overwhelmed by the volume of noise.
  • They know you produce a huge volume of great content, and if they miss your post today there’ll be another one tomorrow. And the next day. And the next…
  • This feeling of security in the amount of content you pump out could eventually lead to content apathy – when even your most engaged audience no longer desire or seek out your content.

There is simply too much of it. A seemingly never-ending supply.

They may save your posts, file away your emails, but the likelihood of

There is no sense of desire or need for your messaging, because there’s a never ending supply of it.

ANOTHER WAY: Create less content using a tried and tested framework that delivers high-impact messaging.


Another trap many business owners fall into is having no clear content strategy.

They wake-up thinking ‘what can I post today’ and go about writing a brand new post on whatever subject takes their fancy.

This approach is not only an extremely inefficient use of your time, it can also quickly create Message Confusion.

You are in business to provide XYZ solution to XYZ problem suffered by XYZ people.

The bulk of your content should therefore focus on XYZ.

If you’re content is not hugely repetitive – you could be causing message confusion.

If your content isn’t cohesive and doesn’t all lead back to your methodology and offer – you are wasting a very valuable opportunity.

Yes, our content strategy should be varied enough not to lead to complete boredom, but it should also rely on evergreen content directly related to XYZ that directly leads the reader to our offer.

ANOTHER WAY: Use a content and messaging strategy that relies on high-impact evergreen content and campaign planning.


This glut of information has also lead to Information Obesity – a generation of business owners who are addicted to feasting on ideas, tactics and methodologies.

This compulsion to learn more and more can literally stop you in your tracks – overwhelming and distracting you to the point where you feel incapable of making a decision on the direction you should take.

Information overload can kill your business.

If you continuously share high-value how-to content, you are inadvertently adding to the information obesity epidemic.

Now I’m pretty sure that overwhelming and distracting your dream clients is not part of your business plan.

ANOTHER WAY: Draw your community closer to you so they rely on and trust the value you deliver and feel empowered to block out the rest.


There is a way to stand out from the crowd, create a sense of omnipresence without overwhelm, and share powerful and relevant messaging that will rapidly create attention, momentum and desire for your offers.

I’ve been studying the impact of online messaging for a number of years, and the framework I’ve created benefits from a selection of strategies and tactics I’ve combined to tremendous effect.

What I’ve shared today gives you a small taster of my Messaging Methodology, which benefits from modern marketing tactics, online trends, and buyer psychology all working in harmony to take you and your business to a whole new level.

My Messaging Methodology is included in The Core Content Vault – giving you instant access to over 200 strategically crafted posts to help you connect on a deeper level, demonstrate your expertise, and make more sales!

Click here to find out more about The Core Content Vault.


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