The titles we carry in life play a huge role in how we define ourselves and how we live our lives.

A lot of titles are given to us:

Daughter | Sister | Student | Assistant | Manager | Wife | Mother

We generally have no choice in these titles, they are just a convention of our society and we accept them.

As we go through life, we also give ourselves a bunch of titles, and these are generally emotion and habit titles:

Sensitive | A Smoker | Unconfident | Night Owl | Popular | Introvert

A lot of these are based on the stories we tell ourselves, and they have the power to reinforce and even change our thoughts, feelings, beliefs and actions.

Now, a lot of people believe our titles shouldn’t define us, and to an extent I agree, however – I believe we need titles to help us formulate our identity.

Our titles inform much of our behaviour, and give us a sense of belonging and security.

They give our lives meaning and purpose, and are a solid representation of who we are.

This is why we carry so many different titles throughout our lives – they change because we change, what we need from them changes.

Essentially, we’re all deeply driven by our sense of identity – and these titles give us something to hang our hat on, a way to tell the world:

This is me!

When we become business owners, it soon dawns on us that this is the first time we get the chance to create our own professional title.

It’s an incredible opportunity, but also a daunting one.

It can feel a bit chicken and egg…

I’m not quite sure what I do or who for, so I don’t know what to call myself.

Once I call myself something, I’ll be able to easily define what I do and who I do it for.

The conundrum is easy to see!

It’s perhaps no surprise then, that this is often the first thing I help my clients figure out – and is actually something I’ve helped clients with in one single session!

The majority of people I work with don’t yet have clarity on what they’re doing or who they’re doing it for.

Finding this focus and direction is always the first thing we do together, and interestingly a lot seems to ride on the title we give ourselves.

I’m a big believer in drawing out our thoughts, feelings, beliefs and all the stuff that’s unique to us in order to differentiate ourselves in a noisy and crowded world – and a title is one of the ways I help my clients do that.

Over the last few months, here are some title changes I’ve helped my clients make:

Hypnotherapist = Emotional Energy Coach

Instagram Strategist = Courageous Brand Coach

Health Coach = Life Balance Coach

Instagram Coach = Business Alignment Coach

I even did it for myself:

Business & Marketing Coach = The Clarity Coach

These titles allow us to expand into our potential, they free us to incorporate everything we love into our businesses, and they help give us a sense of identity.

These titles are the springboard I use for my clients to start building solid business foundations – from here we can gain the clarity and focus on the who, why, what, how and when stuff.

So it’s really clear to me, that titles are super important, and if you’re struggling to figure out what you do and who you do it for, a closer look at what you’re calling yourself may help!

We can gain clarity over this during one single session – you can book yours here:

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