The un-cashed cheque

I found this un-cashed cheque for £50 dated 6 September 2017 in my drawer today and was horrified with myself.

Over the past few months I’ve been doing a lot of personal development work, and shifting my negative scarcity money mindset has been a huge hurdle for me.

Facing up to my money story has been a powerful part of this development, and I wrote a blog about my money story earlier this month.

Finding this un-cashed cheque brought me up short – because it is the physical proof that I’ve had a negative and disrespectful relationship with money all my life.

Having had the opportunity to speak with some incredible money mindset coaches during Financial Abundance Season over in the High Vibe Society (I will link them below), I’ve realised a few important things about money mindset:

Most of us are taught not to attach positive feelings and emotions with the financial success of others

As kids we hear ‘did you see so-and-so’s new car – does he have to show-off and flaunt his wealth in our faces’ and ‘she’s wearing another new dress – it’s so unfair, they must be made of money’.

We come to see people with outward financial success as greedy show-offs who are spoilt and mean-spirited – scrooge-like if you will!

Even if no-one actually tells us that, it’s often the assumptions we make based on what we hear.

This is the impact it has on our subconscious:

Having financial success is negative

So what do we do in response?

Whenever we get any money we spend it as fast as we possibly can! We even literally throw it away.

Ask yourself: have you ever thrown loose pennies away because you can’t be bothered to put them in a piggy-bank and take them to those lovely money machines in the supermarket? I know I have!

We are literally throwing our money away


The other big lesson I’ve learned is that –

I’ve used my lack of mathematical ability as an excuse to ignore my own finances

The fact that ‘I’m bad at maths’ has subconsciously given me ‘permission’ to let money wash through my hands like water, never taking responsibility for managing it properly. I’ve never really got to grips with what I was earning, spending or saving.

This is astonishing really and I’d literally never thought of it that way – but it’s totally true.

The last big lesson for me is what I say about money –

I don’t really care about money

Money isn’t my main motivator, it’s true, but how can I possibly not care about it? Doesn’t it feed me, house me, clothe me? Doesn’t it give me freedom, experiences, and pay for things that make me happy?

Yes it does!

So like anything in life that is fundamental to my very existence, like my health, I should most certainly care about it a whole lot.

And now I do.

My entire money mindset has completely shifted and the impact has been shocking:

  1. I’ve attached real, meaningful value to the transformational impact my mentoring has on lives and businesses and am suddenly attracting high-value, like-minded clients;
  2. I’m setting targets I wouldn’t have dared to set previously and literally breaking them THE DAY AFTER I’ve set them!
  3. I have a deep appreciation and gratitude for every penny I’m attracting and am ACTUALLY SAVING! Yes, my bank balance is sky-rocketing and my spending habit is a thing of the past!

You may ask why I’m sharing these transformational, and very personal, revelations with you.

It’s because another thing I’ve come to realise lately is that my passion in life is mentoring, which essentially is ‘the activity of supporting and advising others to help them develop’.

So the real question is – how could I NOT share this with you!?

I’ve put this un-cashed cheque up on my noticeboard to remind me to NEVER take money for granted and to show gratitude and appreciation for every single penny that comes my way.

I hope that reading this article has given you a little space and time to reflect on your own money mindset, because you work hard and you deserve the financial success you are achieving.

Sally x

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Money Mindset Coaches I’ve been working with:

Donna Elliott, Now Is Your Time

Brianna Firestone, The School of Betty

Sanae Floyd, Alignment Alchemist


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