Audrey Victor

I had a Money Mindset Power Session with Sally and I’m astounded at how much it has helped me! I’ve been running my own YogaBellies franchise business for 9 years now, it’s really successful, I’ve a great reputation, insane rates of repeat business and it’s deeply rewarding. BUT I’ve always struggled with money worries, even when there’s plenty I’m freaking out at varying degrees, waking at night running through figures and bills, it’s always there lurking under the surface!

My session with Sally gave me such clarity into my money mindset, the negative associations I’ve had all my life around money and really tapped into my fear around lack and unworthiness, I won’t lie it got uncomfortable! Sally’s no bullsh*t, straight down the line approach is exactly what I needed. She gave me tasks to do and practical advice which has already made such a difference, my anxieties around money have definitely reduced and I feel much less fear opening my banking apps everyday ? haha!

In short my head is now firmly back on my shoulders instead of in my hands, I’m taking control of my money, no more excuses!!! Sally – I honestly cannot thank you enough for your time and wisdom!! ?❤️?