Turn your underperforming business into a customised Peak Performance Business that attracts and converts clients for you!

Step into your unique Self-Leadership and become a stand-out expert with boundaries and blueprints to navigate the journey.


Here's the truth...

While everyone is out there making bold 6 figure claims, the reality is that you're feeling stuck, confused, and have no idea how to get your business working.

Most online experts are dedicating their lives to businesses that are severely underperforming and, in many instances, are financially unviable.

There's a chance you've already invested money into your personal and professional growth, but still don't really have a reliable strategy that guides you and your business to grow over time.

Maybe you've had some good months, but it hasn't turned into the sustainable long-term financial stability you desire.

You're done with sticking bits together, trying to figure it out alone, feeling your belief and confidence ebbing away, and questioning why you're even doing this!

You're more than ready to go-back-to-basics and learn the real-world skills and strategies to see your hard work yield the results you know you deserve.

This is why you've landed on this page.

So take a moment to breathe, relax your shoulders, and feel the warm embrace of the business mentor whose about to change your life...

It's not about what anyone else is doing...

This is about you - how you want to get your work into the world and how you want to live alongside your business.

Everyone's journey is on a different timeframe and has a different destination.

So it's time to stop doing-as-others-do and start finding your own path to building a life and business YOU love.

But the biggest hurdle I see female business owners face is:

"What action do I take?"

Because all the mindset and healing work in the world won't grow your business in isolation.

It's combining it with simple, proven and effective strategies and actions that grow profitable online businesses.

Can you relate to this...

You scroll each day and all you see are gurus telling you this should be easy, which makes you feel like a failure because clearly it's not!

You feel encouraged getting free information but when it comes to implementing you feel more lost and confused than before because you don't know how it all fits together or where to start.

This stop-start rollercoaster is killing your motivation, clarity and confidence, and feeding your frustration, anxiety and overwhelm - leaving you depleted and fed-up.

All you really want is to do the work you love, helping people you respect, in a way that feels good, while earning the steady income that makes you feel financially stable and independent.


You're starting to believe the only way to get ahead in this online business world is to invest thousands, show-up on social media 50x a week, constantly host free trainings and events, and do stuff in a way that doesn't feel good for you.

Peak performance business newsletter by sally oddy

But imagine this...

  • Being crystal clear on exactly why you're doing this, what your business will look and feel like, and how to make it happen
  • Knowing exactly what you do, who you most powerfully serve, and how you deliver to be at your best
  • Waking up with a clear strategy of exactly what you need to do each day to move your business forward
  • Growing your audience, profile and authority while consistently welcoming qualified prospects into your email list on autopilot
  • Having in place back-end systems that attract, qualify and convert prospects into clients so you can spend more time serving clients and living your life!
  • Attracting dream clients into your business and being able give them powerful transformations in a way that keeps your cup full and more clients flowing in
  • Being part of an intimate and supportive community, with a knowledeable and straight-talking business mentor in your back-pocket, so you're always feeling inspired, upskilled and motivated


[press unmute 👇🏼]


Get The Expert Mentoring, Masterclasses And Accountability You Need To Take You And Your Business To The Next Level

4-Steps To SuccessOur Members are guided through a unique 4-Step focus for Self-Leadership & Business Performance

Design your personalised and streamlined 'Peak Performance Business' and develop the Self-Leadership skills required to run a profitable online expert business.

Here's what you'll be guided through inside the membership: 

1. Self-Leadership

Step deeper into your Business Owner Mindset by focussing on Self Leadership. This process includes overcoming money and ability limiting beliefs, bright-shiny-object syndrome, comparisonitis and procrastination.

3. Operations & Systems

Many business owners are a few small back-end shifts away from making more money. Get your back end sticky systems in place and automate core function processes.

2. Strategic Action

Being the business owner who analyses, plans and manages the functions and directions of your business with a view to achieving long-term strategic objectives.

4. Marketing

All marketing actions should focus on the Core Profitability Functions and we do this by creating a Business Ecosystem that systemises Lead Generation; Acquiring Lead Data; Engaging Warm Audience; Generating Sales.

The outcome of being a member of The Hub is that your business generating activity has become routine and something you feel comfortable and competent in doing so you get to focus more on being a great coach/therapist and delivering great service/helping more people rather than always figuring out what you need to do to reliably get clients and how to do it.

Here's how this looks:

Group MentoringTwo sessions every month where Wins and Lessons are shared so members can celebrate and learn from each other. Challenges and Obstacles are overcome with expert input from your resident business mentor.

Courses & ResourcesThe Sprint Courses and Resources are tailored to give you exactly what you need to create your own Peak Performance Online Business, giving you the most essential information and tools to achieve your goals

Live MasterclassesLearn the simple and practical steps to turn your skills, knowledge and expertise into a thriving online business. These leading-edge sessions will keep you and your business growing and evolving with clarity and confidence.

AccountabilityWith regular Business Ecosystem Check-Ins, Member Missions, Live Events, Group Chats and Networking Parties, there's plenty of opportunity to hold onto clarity, focus and motiation so you keep moving in the right direction.

Emma (2 of 7)

I'm on solid foundations to grow

For anyone looking to grow their business who don't want to spend ££££ for mentoring but do need no BS, high-quality support with strategy, tactics and accountability work with Sally!

I'm using the Business Ecosystem and Best Year Yet planning process to go deeper than ever before on my annual plan so I'm on solid foundations to grow with year AND the monthly accountability to stay on track with membership to The Soulpreneur Success Hub!

What Sally teaches is the stuff business owners really need but no-one else seems to be talking about!

Emma O'BrienStrengths & Mindset Coach

Screenshot 2023-02-06 at 11.28.46

Brilliant for clarity and systems

As a member of Sally's monthly mentoring group I can't recommend it enough for finding clarity and implementing systems in your business.

It's honest advice from a hardworking, extensively knowledgeable Yorkshire marketing and business expert with practical and truly valuable advice.

I've been a member of a high-level mentorship that charged £750 per month and it didn't have anywhere near the value that Sally brings to her Success Hub members.

Having a supportive mastermind like this is vital when running a business.

Samantha StonesWebsite & Brand Developer

Here's what's coming upGET IT DONE WORKSHOPS

Over the coming months we are focussing on creating and implementing the Automated Sales System that will capture lead data and generate sales into your business 24/7.

Lead Magnet: reverse-engineered from your offer to properly upsell (aiming for a 60% opt-in rate)

Opt-in Funnel: so when someone downloads your lead magnet they get the upsell into your offer (aiming for an 8% conversion rate)

High-Value Bundle: a bundle of downloads/resources to offer as an order-bump (aiming for a 30% conversion rate)

VSL Page: sales page with a video-sales-letter for increased conversion rates

Launch Strategy: a simple rinse-and-repeat strategy to launch any new offer

Email Newsletter: a simple strategy to nurture your warm email community every week for increased conversation and conversion

Simple FB Ads: you don't have to spend a fortune to create a simple opt-in fb ad to feed your brand new funnel!

If you're wondering if The Hub is for you...ask yourself these questions:

  • Would I benefit from access to a mentor who has years of experience in business, marketing, and mindset to help me save time, avoid costly mistakes, and make more informed decisions about how to grow my business?
  • Would I enjoy my business more if I were in a community of like-minded women who are all working towards similar goals - a place where I'll get the right kind of support, motivation, and accountability to stay on track and make progress towards my business goals?
  • Would my business benefit if I were learning the exact skills, tools and techniques that will guide me to take needle-moving consistent action with high-touch ongoing guidance and support so I can stay focused and make progress week after week?
  • Would it benefit me and my business to have more growth opportunities like exclusive access to leading-edge training, collaborating with other members, and even partner with the host mentor on projects. Would these opportunities help me and my business to the next level and achieve the success I've been dreaming of?
  • Would I feel better if I had access to comprehensive long-term support that promotes sustainable results as it allows me to develop habits and behaviors that are conducive to long-term success, rather than simply achieving short-term goals?

If you've answered yes to most of these questions - The Hub is the solution you've been searching for and I'm here ready to welcome you in!


In-depth and completely worth it!

In The Soulpreneur Success Hub I've just finished the Beyond Social course and it's brilliant!

The in-depth homework really made me think of my ideal client and marketing in a whole new way and was completely worth it.

I started my YouTube, looked more at the repurposing and started again on Pinterest!

Natalie HurdleyGold Medalist Fitness Trainer


Perfect mix of Methodical & Magical

I always feel inspired and have concrete, practical ideas and next steps when working with Sally in The Soulpreneur Success Hub!

She explains the bigger picture and pays attention to the detail and it's a great space to feel held during the confusion - knowing she has a quick mind and vast memory of our situations.

Sally's membership is such a nurturing space, encouraged in us all to uphold, and I'm excited to be part of it as it grows and deepens our understanding for each other.

Catherine BlackwoodThrive Coach

Meet your mentor

I'm a business mentor with over 20 years marketing experience!

If you're looking for a straight-talking digital educator, strategy-on-steroids powerhouse, energetic-driven intuitive, and typical manifesting-generator - I'm your gal!

I'm a small town Yorkshire-born South African raised, tea drinking, cat mamma!

What more is there to know!?

Here's the thing...I love to keep things super simple because I know that overdoing things overdoes them, leads to burnout, overwhelm and crappy results.

My entire business is built on Clarity, Strategy, Systems and Community.

When you streamline your business, play to your strengths, focus on what lights you up, and follow your passion - great things happen.

So do yourself - and the people you're here to help - a massive favour and build your business your way, keep it simple, and shine your brightest light!

I've created this community to help you do just that and am excited to be part of it with you!

Lotsa luv, Sally xo

Let's do this together xx




Everyone's different and you definitely get out what you put in...but here's a flavour of the results you'll enjoy from being part of the Soulpreneur Success Hub


There's no need to feel isolated and alone on this journey. Being part of a supportive and vibrant community means there's always someone in your corner, ready to cheer you on, lend an ear, share experiences and raise you up!


This is the key to the kingdom! Having clarity around your self, gifts, identity, client, offers, messaging, systems and actions is a complete game-changer. You feel more confident and make better, faster decisions. 


Having faith in yourself and your abilities is really crucial, but it can ebb and flow. Confidence, however, is built from having the clarity to make good decisions and experiencing consistent results. Let's get you there!


There are some fundamental shifts and beliefs we need to practice in order to become successful business owners. This gets to be way simpler than we are led to believe - just a few small shifts can be the difference between zero months and 10k months!


Balancing your Being with your Doing is how you actually make progress. Increasing your skillset and taking focussed, strategic action backed up by your Growth Mindset makes you unstoppable. You are totally ready for this!


Here are some answers to frequently asked questions.

If you have any other questions you'd like answered before you apply please email