Over the past 18 months I’ve been full-steam-ahead!

I haven’t slowed down for a minute, and I realise now it was because of desperation and fear…


I’ve been ‘in’ marketing for 20 years and had my own Marketing Consultancy for 7.

In that time I flew up the corporate ladder going from a Marketing Assistant to a Marketing Manager in charge of North American Marketing.

As a business owner, I always had a strong pipeline of clients who were singing my praises and more than enough money in the bank.

I’ve always excelled in marketing.

I was a fantastic Marketing Consultant.

So when I pivoted to coaching in March, I felt an overwhelming desperation to prove myself.

I was compelled to shout the loudest, share the most value, give so much so everyone could see that I am as great a coach as I was a consultant.

I was in a massive hurry to prove myself and make it work.

That drive has served me to some extent – I’ve made HUGE progress this year! – but it’s definitely harmed me too.

You may have heard the saying:

‘Needy is Creepy’

Well, I think my desperation to prove myself worthy as a coach could have come across as needy at times.

That underlying desperation seeped through everything I did, and the needy energy could be felt by the very people I was looking to attract and help – possibly even repelling them from me!


I’ve coached over 40 people this year (!) and in that time I’ve honed my craft, remained super aware of what was working and what wasn’t, listened intently to what people were saying, and I’ve been part of life changing transformations I could never have dreamed were possible!

I’ve learned that I am a fantastic coach, and whenever I have a tiny niggle of doubt I read through the incredible testimonials from this past year.

I’m no longer desperate to prove myself, because I know in my heart I’m able to powerfully support people to change their lives, and I now move forward secure in that knowledge.

My energy is now more open and loving, more secure and aware, and it is attracting my soul aligned clients in a more powerful way than before.


If you are feeling stressed, anxious, needy, or desperate your community will feel it from you too. Take some time to slow down and review everything you’ve accomplished and what you are capable of. Step into that energy and move forward with it.


I haven’t stopped to draw a breath because I was scared that if I did, I’d lose momentum, creativity, authority, audience…

Fear has driven me a lot this year.

As I pivoted my business, my income has taken a big dip and that has scared me too.

Fear of not having a steady income has driven me to create too many products and offerings, sell too much, and ultimately lose my focus on what I’m actually wanting to achieve.

I was too scared to let-up in case it all slipped through my fingers and I’d never get it back.


I’ve come to realise that everything I need is always within me, no matter how quickly or slowly I move forward.

Even when I stop, it’s still within me, and endless supply of motivation, energy, creativity, success and reward.

I can NEVER lose it.

Because everything I need is within me, flowing to me and through me at all times, the fear has lost it’s grip on me.

I’m no longer making any decisions from a place of fear or lack or scarcity.

I’m making decisions from a deep sense of safety in myself, and it’s changing my life for the better.


Slow everything right down.

I think it’s only actually when you do this that you’ll realise when you start back up again that nothing has been lost, and in fact you’ll have gained so much more.

Slowing down gives you clarity, focus, confidence, intention and direction.

At least once a month take some proper time to slow everything right down, give yourself time to breathe, think, review, assess and plan.

This will help you make decisions from a powerful place rather than from fear.

I’ve had a hell of a year – with the highest highs and the lowest lows.

I’ve learned so many lessons they are piled up so high inside me they burst through me in everything I do every day – blimey…what a blessing!

I’m stepping into 2020 filled with a powerful energy of love, purpose, alignment and security – in myself and in my ability to do this work I love so much.

If you are ready to leave desperation and fear behind, and step into 2020 with solid foundations for you and your business, I invite you to join me for the Aligned Client Attraction Academy.

We start on 12 January, and you can start your journey by clicking this link.

Love, Sally xo


I'm Sally Oddy

I'm a girl who fell into marketing 20 years ago and never looked back! I love popcorn, reading and working from home with my cats on my keyboard! (if you know, you know!) My mission? To help others express themselves in their businesses enjoying the impact and income they truly desire! 

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Sally works with soulpreneurs, pouring over 20 years experience into their hearts, minds and businesses.

Passionate about living life on purpose, Sally is all about honouring and accepting the fullness of self.

In-powering her clients to experience life in beautiful, bold, expansive ways is how they create and attract abundance and success into their lives.

Guiding her clients to dive deeply into their vision and mission, Sally shares her aligned approach to building online businesses that have a deeply positive impact in the world.

Sally is a Yorkshire Lass who grew up in 80's South Africa and is on a mission to inspire you to fulfil your dreams and potential in order to create a more in-powered and happy world.

Find out about how to work with Sally privately in her unique Mentorships or in a supportive group setting in her Programs.

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