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So many female coaches are wasting precious time sticking bits of tactic together trying to get their coaching gifts into the worldAll the while, the people they are here to most powerfully serve who are seeking a solution are finding it elsewhere!

If you're an experienced coach I can help put a megaphone to your gifts and expertise so you can take control of your own IMPACT and INCOME and STOP being the industry's best kept coaching secret!

If you want to hit your goals faster just fill out the survey above to book a 15-minute Scale Session with Sally OddyHere's what happens during a Scale Session...

  • Look at your niche, programs and price points to see what's possible for you in the next 90 days
  • Assess your current marketing, sales and delivery systems to uncover the #1 thing that's been holding you and your business back
  • Develop a 3-step action plan to get you unstuck, levelled-up and moving forward
  • You'll leave clear, confident and excited to take your coaching business to the next level


Hannah Massey - Instagram Strategist

"The Academy has been life-changing for me - it's given me the grounding I needed and such great systems and processes! Sally is so full of knowledge and she really cares. This is a fantastic investment that will last you a lifetime because you'll have a Plan you can take with you anywhere"

Charlie Garhnam - Marketing Coach

"I was hoping for a business and marketing plan but got so much more than that. Sally saw something bigger in my and coached me to think and reach bigger. I've already increased my income and am motivated and all set to keep growing from here. Give Sally a ring - she's fantastic and this is a great programme!"

Megan Rose - Mindset & Wellnss Coach

"I was ready to take my business full-time and was at bare bones stage and the Academy was exactly what I needed to get my business ready. I've got everything set now and thanks to Sally's coaching did a pivot to build a business based on what really lights me up and what I'm good at. I'd 100% encourage anyone to do this!"

Susan Steele - Read to Rise Coach

"This has been a life-changing experience! I went into The Academy to build a new business from the ground-up. The Academy is an online course, plus mentorship, plus mastermind, plus one-to-one coaching! There's the value in the online training but the support and accountability on top of that is amazing. I've paid more for coaching programmes and got much,much less! DO IT. Don't think about it - just do it!"

MESSY INSPIRED ACTION TAKERS:It's time to take control and stop being the industry's best kept secret!

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The world needs you!


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Disclaimer: Please understand that the results you get from any training depend on many factors. This is why I do not promise specific financial results in my programmes. Having your own business entails risk and takes consistent effort and action. I am here to support and guide you, but you must commit to doing the work. If you don't want to level-up and take the action, please do not enrol on my coaching programmes. Sally x