Scarcity – The Sneaky Assassin 🥷🏽

Have you ever thought you tackled Scarcity by healing your money wounds, only to find that sneaky assassin lurking on the back of other beliefs?

Money Scarcity tends to show itself first because we’re business owners focussing on money…

But there’s more to this sneaky little sausage than meets the eye.

Scarcity can creep into other beliefs without you even noticing.

Once I healed my Money Scarcity, I realized it was clinging onto Time. I was telling myself things like:

  • “There’s not enough time.”
  • “I’m so behind.”
  • “I’ll never catch up.”
  • “I’m running out of time to be ‘successful.'”
  • “My time has passed.”

Just reading those statements, you can get a sense of how toxic Scarcity is! These beliefs have been living rent-free in my mind, and guess what? They’re all grounded in Scarcity.

You see, I thought once I got rid of my Money Scarcity, everything would flow. But Scarcity is sneaky like that—it can piggyback from one belief to another without you noticing. Scarcity is what makes you white-knuckle your business, holding on super tight to every single part, terrified to let go of anything in case it floats away. Scarcity holds you in lack, making you feel there’s never enough, not for you anyway. It makes you act in panic, with scared, grabby energy that repels those around you.

Identifying Scarcity in Your Beliefs

So, how do you identify where Scarcity is lurking in your beliefs? Pay attention to any times when you feel Scarcity Symptoms such as desperation, lack, holding on tight, and panic. Lean into it and give it your full attention. Ask yourself, “What’s the source belief Scarcity is sticking to?”

Is it Money, Time, Resources, Qualifications, Luck, Talent, Authority, Creativity, Popularity, Personality? Scarcity can crop up anywhere.

Once you’ve figured out the source—or sources—of Scarcity Beliefs, you can actually do something about them. Here are my top 3 tips:

1. Focus on Abundance

Be realistic and focus on what you actually do have. Write down all the reasons why there is more than enough of whatever Scarcity has attached to. For Time, I’ve stretched all my timelines in my business, giving myself YEARS to achieve specific goals, build momentum, and take the actions I want to take. Simply by stretching timelines and showing myself there is more than enough time, the Scarcity loses some of its grip.

2. Create Abundant Situations

Set up situations where Scarcity can do nothing but lose, and Abundance can win. By stretching my timelines, I give my beliefs the food to see that I have an abundance of time, that I’m on the right path, taking the right actions, and everything is working in my favor.

3. Feel More Gratitude

Gratitude is the fast track to Abundance in all areas of life. I’m so grateful for the time I have, the time I get to spend doing what I love, and I see my time stretched out before me. Embracing gratitude shifts your focus from what you lack to what you have, creating a mindset of Abundance.


Scarcity is the sneakiest of beliefs that can hold you in its vice-like grip from a variety of angles without you even realizing it. It can jump from one belief to another, making you feel desperate and stuck in a cycle of lack. But by identifying where Scarcity is hiding and actively focusing on Abundance and gratitude, you can break free from its grip.

✨ Now it’s your turn! Where is Scarcity showing up for you? Share in the comments below so we can all identify any other sneaky ways it’s piggybacking on our beliefs. Let’s uncover and tackle those Scarcity Beliefs together! 💪

Lotsa luv, Sally


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