The Prosperous Coach Handbook by Sally Oddy


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Everything you need to know about unlocking prosperity and success as a coach in 2024

Are you ready to transform your coaching business into a thriving, prosperous venture that fulfills your dreams and aspirations?

Raise Your Hand If...

  • You've ever felt overwhelmed by the endless tasks and responsibilities of running a coaching practice
  • You're constantly being pulled in a dozen directions, juggling endless tasks and never having enough time to focus on what truly matters for your coaching business
  • You get stuck in a cycle of analysis paralysis, unsure of what strategies actually work and what's just wasting your time and energy
  • You can't stop comparing yourself to other coaches who seem to have it all together, feeling like they're focused and clear while you're still struggling with overwhelm and uncertainty
  • Dreaming of scaling your coaching business to new heights but feeling trapped in a cycle of trading time for money and drowning in administrative tasks that leave you feeling overwhelmed and burnt out

Well, That's All About To Change

In The Prosperous Coach Roadmap, I'm pulling together over 5 years of intensive exploration and implementation in the online coaching world to bring you the ultimate guide to streamlined and sustainable success.

This roadmap is the culmination of countless hours spent refining and perfecting the Mindsets and Models that have transformed not only my business but the businesses of my clients as well.

It's a Roadmap to Prosperity, designed to help you navigate the complexities of the coaching landscape and emerge as a thriving and *Prosperous Coach.

If you're ready to level-up your coaching game and unlock the secrets to sustainable success, The Prosperous Coach Roadmap is your essential companion.

Download the Prosperous Coach Roadmap now and take the next step towards a more prosperous future.

*Prosperous Coaches have a mindset of prosperity, abundance, and resilience that enables them to navigate challenges with grace and determination

*Prosperous Coaches leverage authentic business and marketing strategies and a deep understanding of their niche to magnetically attract dream clients to them

*Prosperous Coaches prioritise value creation, impact and sustainability, striving to make a meaningful difference in the lives of their clients while also achieving personal and professional fulfilment

Get Ready To Learn...

  • The mindset shifts necessary to step into your power and claim your rightful place as a Prosperous Coach
  • How to expand your timelines and focus on long-term strategies for sustainable growth and prosperity
  • Master the art of detaching from outcomes beyond your control, freeing yourself from the shackles of comparisonitis and embracing a mindset of abundance
  • Insights into transforming your relationship with sales and money, allowing you to confidently and authentically navigate the business side of coaching
  • Proven coaching models tailored for online success, designed to propel you towards a hugely prosperous coaching business
  • How to implement and integrate the learnings into your coaching practice with 60 activation questions you complete as you work through the handbook
  • The secrets of successful coaching businesses by dissecting and understanding the fundamental elements that drive growth and impact
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Sally OddyFounder of The Prosperous Coach Collective

5 years ago I closed-up my successful Marketing Consultancy and launched head-first into the world of Online Business Mentoring.

Despite being in marketing since 2000, starting an online business felt like a whole different ball game (so many shiny objects!)

Like you, I would spend HOURS creating super valuable content for social media, engaging in groups, and doing “all the things”. And I’d think that was the only way to get my dream clients to find me and pay me.

Spoiler alert: I was so wrong!

There’s a MUCH easier, quicker system to attract and convert your ideal clients - and The Prosperous Coach Roadap is your blueprint.

I've meticulously curated and included the tried and tested mindset shifts and coaching models that will guide you on your journey to success.

These invaluable resources have been honed over years of real-world experience, both in my own business and those of my clients.

With these powerful tools at your disposal, you'll gain the clarity, confidence, and direction needed to navigate the challenges of the coaching world and unlock your full potential.

Whether you're just starting out or looking to scale your existing coaching business, this roadmap equips you with the essential strategies and frameworks to thrive in the competitive online landscape.