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How to feel good about money

And break the financial feast or famine cycle forever!

Live Online Workshop with Q&A | 28 Feb | 12noon


Learn how to flip the script and break the cycle of...

Never feeling like you have 'enough' money.

Leaving bank statements unopened.

Not trusting your self-worth.

Overspending and living in debt.

Not making sales in your business.

Let go of old beliefs to create financial freedom.

  • Take back control of your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, actions and results around money.
  • Learn how to remove negative emotion from money.
  • Create a neutral value-based relationship with money.
  • Change your spending and saving habits.
  • Know your worth and make more sales.

This live and interactive workshop includes a workbook and several practical exercises to shift your money mindset.

Here are your bonuses

ManifestAction System: a simple 3-step system to help maintain an abundant mindset.
Your Money Story Workbook: deeply uncover your money story and imprint your new one.

Audrey's experience of a money mindset session with me...

Sally gave me such clarity into my money mindset and the negative associations I’ve had all my life around money.

She was able to really tap into my fear around lack and unworthiness.

I won’t lie it got uncomfortable, but Sally’s no BS, straight down the line approach is exactly what I needed.

She gave me tasks to do and practical advice which has already made such a difference!

Having worked with Sally, my anxieties around money have reduced and I feel much less fear opening my banking apps everyday 🙈 haha!

In short my head is now firmly back on my shoulders instead of in my hands, I’m taking control of my money, no more excuses!!!

Audrey, Yogabellies

Audrey Victor

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[10 places per workshop]

Shift Your Money Mindset Workshop

  • incl VAT

Hi, I'm Sally, and this is why I'm passionate about Money Mindset...

I started my business over 7 years ago, and have experienced all the highs and lows imaginable in that time!

With a background in sales and marketing, I'm lucky to have the skills and strategies to promote myself and my offers, and the confidence to create sales.

BUT...when I pivoted from consulting to coaching 8 months ago, it was the first time I've ever really had to SELL ME!

I wasn't hiding behind a company name, or selling marketing strategy, I was selling Sally Oddy - The Clarity Coach.

Suddenly creating those sales felt a lot harder!

It was only when I uncovered my money story that things started to change. I've been released from old blocks and have re-written my story.

I continue to work on my money mindset every day and use the simple three step ManifestAction system to keep me block free and the money flowing.

I've witnessed so many business owners not only struggling to make sales, but not being able to fully step into their light and value the incredible gifts they have to offer.

Uncovering and Re-writing Your Money Story is the first critical step towards financial freedom - it's such a powerfully transformational gift and I feel really blessed to be able to share it with you.


Sales Course

your questions answered

What is Your Money Story Workshop?

A 2 Hour live and interactive group training session hosted on Zoom Video Call that includes time for Q&A


Because I'm not going to talk at you about how brilliant I am for 20 minutes, give you 10 minutes of valuable content, then sell at you for a further 20 minutes. This Is Proper Training.

Who is leading the workshop?

Me - Sally Oddy, the Clarity Coach! I have 18 years' marketing experience and have been a business owner for 8. I know my onions and have a knack for keeping things simple and sharing practical, actionable, results-driven strategies.

Who is Your Money Story Workshop for?

Heart centred service-based business owners who are struggling to make a consistent income in their business.

It all sounds FAB, how much is it?

The 2 hour live workshop, workbook and your money story workbook are yours for £75 incl VAT.

When and where is the Your Money Story Workshop taking place?

When you book you'll receive the Zoom Video meeting link. The training is recorded and you'll be able to watch on replay.

What if I can't join live?

You will receive the recording and all materials.

How is this workshop different?

I'm a straight-talking soulful strategist who will firmly but gently guide you to understand your money story, overcome your blocks and re-write your new story. I am passionate about powerfully serving my clients and having a practical and positive impact on their lives.

What if I'm too late to grab a place?

Take faster inspired action next time! 🤩

If you haven't been able to book onto this run of Your Money Story Workshop join the wait list and you'll be the first to find out when I'm running this transformational workshop again.

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