Sally Oddy - Soulpreneur Success Coach


SIMPLE, SUSTAINABLE, SCALABLE CLIENT PATHWAY A 20 Minute Training Giving You The Strategy To Attract And Retain More Clients Into Your Coaching Business

From Cold to Sold!


Inside this FREE training video you'll learn:

  • The core area of focus to frow your business
  • Why you aren't attracting enough leads into your business
  • How to create a simple client pathway to attract and retain more clients
  • An example of a simple client pathway you can replicate


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Disclaimer: Please understand that the results you get from any training depend on many factors. This is why I do not promise specific financial results in my programmes. Having your own business entails risk and takes consistent effort and action. I am here to support and guide you, but you must commit to doing the work. If you don't want to level-up and take the action, please do not enrol on my coaching programmes. Sally x