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Something you don't want to missJoin The Prosperous Coach Collective

The Prosperous Coach Collective provides you with a clear path to success in your coaching business. By joining, you gain access to strategic guidance, unwavering support, and accountability, helping you attract high-paying clients and scale your impact. It's the practical support you need to turn your coaching vision into reality.

↓ It's time to elevate your coaching business ↓

Welcome to your get sh*t done & reap the rewards business era - this is where you belong!

Prosperous Coach Collective with Sally Oddy

The exact Roadmap you need to build your brand, attract dream clients, and efficiently scale your business for profit without being a slave to social media!

"All I want is for my dream clients to find me!"

I know you do! And I’m here to tell you, this is waaay easier than you think it is!



Does this sound familiar?

  • You’re working your butt off in your business (showing up, posting about your offer, sharing all the content), but your sales aren’t reflecting all this hard work
  • You’re making money here and there but you’re ready to get OFF the income rollercoaster and get ON the path to consistent, predictable cash flow
  • If you’re being honest, you feel like you’re kinda winging-it and piecing your business together bit by bit, with no solid system to get clients

Sound a bit like you?


Collective (1)
  • Prosperous Coaches have a mindset of prosperity, abundance, and resilience that enables them to navigate challenges with grace and determination.
  • Prosperous Coaches leverage authentic business and marketing strategies and a deep understanding of their niche to magnetically attract dream clients to them.
  • Prosperous Coaches prioritise value creation, impact and sustainability, striving to make a meaningful difference in the lives of their clients while also achieving personal and professional fulfilment...

Is this what you want?

Prosperous Coach Collective with Sally Oddy

The Prosperous Coach Collective will help you to create:

  • A consistent flow of qualified leads that join your email list and become your next-best-client!
  • Optimised business processes that save valuable time - say a final farewell to overwhelm!
  • Increased revenue with a leveraged offer journey and strategic messaging
  • Solid foundations to grow and a clear vision, strategic roadmap, and actionable plan to thrive for the long-term

That means no more...

  • No more wondering where your next client will come from
  • No more lacking clarity, focus and direction
  • No more working so hard for so little

...and no more overwhelm!

We take concepts that can feel so overwhelming they keep you stuck - like Methodology, Thought Leadership, Client Niche, Messaging and Offer Journey - and turn them into simple step-by-step projects that are EASY AS PIE to implement!

Inside The Collective, you'll be guided to implement 'The Ready Clients Roadmap'™

This is The System that brings high-quality leads and cash injections into my business Every Single Day

Once you've implemented this system...

  • You won't be relying on social media to attract clients anymore!
  • You'll be done throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks - you'll have a proven system that works - finally!
  • You'll be able to cut your marketing hours in HALF, leaving more time for those creative juices to flow!
  • You'll be financially rewarded for your epic skills with robust monetisation streams that PAY OFF!

Sound too good to be true? Well it’s not.

Emma (2 of 7)

'I'm on solid foundations to grow'

For anyone looking to grow their business who don't want to spend ££££ for mentoring but do need no BS, high-quality support with strategy, tactics and accountability work with Sally!

I'm using the Business Ecosystem and Best Year Yet planning process to go deeper than ever before on my annual plan so I'm on solid foundations to grow with year AND the monthly accountability to stay on track with membership to The Soulpreneur Success Hub!

What Sally teaches is the stuff business owners really need but no-one else seems to be talking about!

Emma O'BrienStrengths & Mindset Coach

Why does The Ready Clients Roadmap™ system work so well?

The Ready Clients Roadmap™ is tried and tested, and based on my 20+ years' business and marketing experience.

The system is designed to attract Perfect Fit Clients at the exact time they're proactively looking for the solution you offer, and auto-convert them into Happy Paying Clients…

So you have money coming into your business whether you’re working or not.

This system is also what keeps my private mentoring calendar fully booked!

It's the tried and tested Roadmap that will give you...

  • Total clarity on your Who, What, Where, Why and How to create those in-demand offers
  • Offers and content that stick together naturally guiding your Ready Clients deeper into your work
  • The specific plan of where and how you promote your work to attract fast-converting Ready Clients

So, what exactly will you work through inside?WHEN YOU UNLOCK THE 3-STEP READY CLIENTS ROADMAP™


Firstly, we'll make sure you have the rock-solid foundations you need for a thriving business...

This includes nailing your ideal client, thought leadership, and your A-B journey. It might not be the sexy stuff, but it’s the stuff that profit is built on!!!

Then you will learn how to:

  • Position your coaching business so your perfect-fit clients find you at the exact time they’re ready for The Solution
  • Create Content that draws your perfect-fit clients into a Netflix-Style Binge-Fest that keeps them stuck on your website / in your content for hours
  • Implement Sticky Systems that guide these clients to self-qualify into booking the call / making the purchase

This is The Ready Clients Roadmap™ and it's really the heart of a thriving coaching business.

Once these 3 things are in place, you'll have a system that attracts clients for you 24/7, on auto-pilot, and without relying on social media or constantly working to attract and nurture your dream clients.

The Positioning, Content and Sticky Systems you put in place will help your coaching offers sell on auto-pilot and make working with you The Obvious Choice.

Here's a more in-depth look at the modules included...

Untitled design (7)


  • Methodology: Gaining a deep understanding of the unique way you deliver transformation that sets you apart in your industry
  • Alpha Client: Think you know your client? Think again! With this approach you'll uncover new depths and layers of clarity about your Alpha Client so you can speak to Her with renewed resonance
  • Content Code: From Cornerstone, Thought Leadership and Client Conversion Content - you'll have Cracked The Content Code that has dreamy clients binging for hours
  • Messaging Frameworks: Implementing these messaging tweaks will turn lurkers into buyers easier and quicker than ever before
  • SEO: Guest Expert Sessions to make sure you're website is seen by Google!


  • Offer Creation: I'll guide you to create an Offer Journey that gives your perfect-fit clients an Easy-Yes entry point and a natural path into your Higher-Ticket Offers
  • Strategic Lead Magnets: Together we'll brainstorm and develop lead magnets that will help to quickly build trust with new leads (with a hands-on review of your work)
  • Strategic Email: You’ll be supported to create an Email Newsletter and Email Sequences that once created, will nurture and convert leads on-autopilot (again, with regular hands-on reviews)
  • Sticky Systems: Tighten up the back-end of your business to create a sticky web dream clients fall so deeply into, they'll be whipping out their credit cards to buy All The Things! Once set up, these systems attract, nurture and convert clients 24/7 on auto-pilot
Untitled design (8)
Untitled design (10)


  • Visibility: I’ll teach you new and streamlined ways of getting visible AF that don't rely on you endlessly posting online and spending your life on social media
  • Beyond Social: Here's where you'll learn how to have Ready Clients finding YOU 24/7 on auto-pilot and self-qualifying into working with you
  • Business Ecosystem: The easiest planning system to make sure all Income Generating Tasks are moving forward each and every day (which leads to increased sales!)
  • Evergreen Sales and Live Launch Strategies: I'll show you how to set up Passive Sales Systems that deliver the 'sales while you sleep' AND show you how to incorporate selling into your every day with ease. We'll also walk through various Live Launch Strategies for those Big Offer Moments

But don’t just take it from me!Here is The Ready Clients Roadmap™ system in action…

Raina Testimonial

This client increased her monthly recurring revenue by 72%!

The system helped her increase website visits by 120%, increase lead magnet downloads by 700%, and launch a new low-ticket membership welcoming over 100 New Members!

This Membership is designed to help you create true SUSTAINABILITY in your business…

I’m not here to just teach you how to make quick cash. I will help you create a business that is sustainably profitable for the long-term, and will feed you for years and years to come.

If you’re looking for a solid plan for long-term sustainable growth, you’ve found it!

'Brilliant for Clarity & Systems'

As a member of Sally's monthly mentoring group I can't recommend it enough for finding clarity and implementing systems in your business.

It's honest advice from a hardworking, extensively knowledgeable Yorkshire marketing and business expert with practical and truly valuable advice.

I've been a member of a high-level mentorship that charged £750 per month and it didn't have anywhere near the value that Sally brings to her Success Hub members.

Having a supportive mastermind like this is vital when running a business.

Samantha StonesWebsite & Brand Developer

Screenshot 2023-02-06 at 11.28.46
Untitled design (12)
  • A safe space where you're encouraged to stretch yourself, try new things, test out ideas, fall down, get back up, and keep moving forward (value: priceless)
  • Plenty of Personalised support, guidance and insight (value: priceless!)
  • A supportive and engaged community (not on FB) of like-minded women to share your journey (value: priceless)

There's so much support waiting for you on the inside...The truth is, building an online business on your own takes longer and is way less fun! Here's how I'll support you on your journey:

  • The 12 Module Ready Clients Roadmap™ Self-Paced Course (value £1,200)
  • A portal of detailed trainings on everything from lead magnets, email sequences, content, and systems and processes (value £750)
  • Monthly Group Mentoring Sessions to share Wins, Lessons & Stucks and receive Hot Seat Mentoring (value £150)
  • Regular Masterclasses by your Host Mentor and Guest Experts (value £150)
  • Quarterly Review Retreats to measure progress, celebrate results, and plan ahead (value £150)
  • Business Hours feedback on all your work directly from your Host Mentor (value £150)
You'll have 24/7 private access to our exclusive community

The Prosperous Coach Collective[and no - it's not on social media! it's in a privately hosted members-only platform! aka - no distractions!]

This is where you'll share your work, ideas, copy and inspiration.

It's where we support each other to create bigger and better ideas that stretch us achieve extraordinary results.

It's extremely difficult to put an accurate value on being a member of The Collective, but based on my very conservative values you'll receive at least £2,500 of value for only £57


Resource Role CallHere's a little peak at the tools, templates and sprint-courses included



THE 90 DAY LEAPGrow your audience, increase engagement, and convert your community into clients


BEYOND SOCIALUse Global Search to attract more qualified prospects into your business


BUSINESS ECOSYSTEMSort your daily tasks into Income Generating Goldmines!


MONEY MINDSETMake crucial Money Mindset Shifts and Rewrite your Money Story


ONLINE COURSE IN-A-DAYQuickly outline the framework for your profitable online course

It's all waiting for you inside The Soulpreneur Success Hub


BEST YEAR YETThe Ultimate Vision & Business Planning System to help you make the most of your precious time


ONLINE BUSINESS BANKThe only system you'll ever need to get your business, processes and systems organised


THE PLANNER SYSTEMDefine your Business & Marketing Model and strengthen your Mindset


YOUTUBE CHANNELThe quick-steps to setting up your first Strategic YouTube Channel


CANVA DESIGNS & SCRIPTSEasy-to-use promotional graphics and email sequence scripts

Any one of these courses or resources is worth more than the monthly membership fee of £57, and you get instant access to all of them - and all the support, guidance and mentoring - the moment you join!

'Perfect mix of Methodical & Magical'

I always feel inspired and have concrete, practical ideas and next steps when working with Sally in The Soulpreneur Success Hub!

She explains the bigger picture and pays attention to the detail and it's a great space to feel held during the confusion - knowing she has a quick mind and vast memory of our situations.

Sally's membership is such a nurturing space, encouraged in us all to uphold, and I'm excited to be part of it as it grows and deepens our understanding for each other.

Catherine BlackwoodThrive Coach


Join The Prosperous Coach Collective

The rate you join at is locked in for the lifetime of your membership. Cancel anytime.

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Wondering if this is the right business membership for you?CLICK 'JOIN NOW' IF YOU'RE READY TO...

  • Take the actions that will get your business on solid ground and working harder for you
  • Use the exact roadmap that attracts and auto-converts high-quality leads and scale your impact without overworking
  • Receive help, guidance and feedback to implement with accuracy and confidence
  • Collaborate, share insights, and grow together in an encouraging environment that fuels your progress and success
  • Invest in your future by creating a Leveraged Lifestyle Business that brings in more income while affording you the freedom you desire

Hi, I'm Sally.

5 years ago I closed-up my successful Marketing Consultancy and launched head-first into the world of Online Business Mentoring.

Despite being in marketing since 2000, starting an online business felt like a whole different ball game (so many shiny objects!)

Like you, I would spend HOURS creating super valuable content for social media, engaging in groups, and doing “all the things”. And I’d think that was the only way to get my dream clients to find me and pay me.

Spoiler alert: I was so wrong!    

There’s a MUCH easier, quicker system to attract and convert your ideal clients.

That system is called The Ready Clients Roadmap™.

It allows you to attract more high quality prospects into your business who are self-qualifying, self-motivated, and self-convert so you don’t have to do any of the big marketing tactics or heavy sales work.

Ultimately, I’m here to help you not only make lots of money, but SIMPLIFY business so you can start ENJOYING business!


'In-depth and completely worth it!'

In The Soulpreneur Success Hub I've just finished the Beyond Social course and it's brilliant!

The in-depth homework really made me think of my ideal client and marketing in a whole new way and was completely worth it.

I started my YouTube, looked more at the repurposing and started again on Pinterest!

Natalie HurdleyGold Medalist Fitness Trainer


Lingering Questions?

'Her straight-talking, expertise, honesty and creative genius are just what my business needed'

I am no marketer and in the fast world of social media and business, I needed an expert. That is what I have found in Sally. Her straight-talking, expertise, honesty and creative genius are just what my business needed.

Her business knowledge in terms of systems, tech and processes alongside her marketing know-how ensures you can confidently get your brand out there in a way that is successful and that leaves you free to do what you do best, in my case coach my clients.

I perhaps shouldn’t say this, but Sally can’t help giving you more support and help than you expect. She has been invaluable to my business, and I will continue to work with her.

Nikki HillLeadership & Confidence Coach


Join The Prosperous Coach CollectiveAnd finally start getting paid for the extraordinary coach you are!