I definitely don’t feel that confidence is a solid, static and dependable anchor that always keeps me firmly rooted in one place.

I feel my anchor move, shift, and sometimes drag along the sea bed picking up seaweed and bits of dead fish ? (my analogies though…wtf!!??)

As a business owner who spends a lot of time alone in my little office, my confidence ebbs and flows all the time.

When I finally stepped into my light and identified as a Mentor in January (THIS YEAR!) I was terrified.

What would people think. What if I couldn’t do it. What if no-one wanted to work with me.

Changing that little LinkedIn description is up there with one of the bravest things I’ve ever done (and I’ve sky dived!!!).

But you know what happened…nothing – the sky didn’t fall in, people weren’t lining up around the block to laugh at me… in fact what did happen is that I attracted the right people to me, started mentoring them, and changed all of our lives.

Sometimes I think about what would have happened if I hadn’t taken the brave step, walked into the big arena…what impact would that have had on me and the world around me?

I wouldn’t be this happy, that’s for sure. And I think of the lovely people I’ve mentored so far, see them standing firmly in their light with confidence and joy, and wonder how they’d be feeling now if we hadn’t had the opportunity to work together…

Being a mentor is my passion, my purpose AND my responsibility – but it took HUGE confidence to step into it.

Like with anything in life, confidence takes patience, effort, determination, motivation and discipline.

You’ve got to really want it, you know?

And I can assure you, if like me you are running your own business, you absolutely 100% need it!

So, how can we get your anchor sinking into the deep blue, catching firm, keeping you floating serenely on the top?

Here are some little techniques I use when I feel a wobble coming on:


I literally stand with my legs apart and hands on my hips and picture myself as Linda Cater – cape and hair blowing gently in the breeze as I survey the world around me and face challenges head on.


As soon as I catch myself framing ANYTHING negatively in my head I quickly flip the script and turn it into a positive affirmation.  What’s the worst that could happen becomes What’s the BEST that could happen. No time for negative nelly in my beautiful brain!


Giving and sharing value with everyone I’m connected with brings me joy and gives me confidence in my abilities as a friend, business woman and mentor.


I spend a few minutes each morning sitting quietly and visualising what I want to achieve – I go into minute detail like what I’m wearing, the faces around me, how I’m feeling and exactly what’s happening. Once I’ve seen it in my mind’s eye it becomes an absolute fact and I behave like it’s already happened.

Next time you feel your anchor skipping along the bottom and your boat drifting try using one of these quick confidence boosting techniques and always remember:



I'm Sally Oddy

I'm a girl who fell into marketing 20 years ago and never looked back! I love popcorn, reading and working from home with my cats on my keyboard! (if you know, you know!) My mission? To help others express themselves in their businesses enjoying the impact and income they truly desire! 

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Sally works with soulpreneurs, pouring over 20 years experience into their hearts, minds and businesses.

Passionate about living life on purpose, Sally is all about honouring and accepting the fullness of self.

In-powering her clients to experience life in beautiful, bold, expansive ways is how they create and attract abundance and success into their lives.

Guiding her clients to dive deeply into their vision and mission, Sally shares her aligned approach to building online businesses that have a deeply positive impact in the world.

Sally is a Yorkshire Lass who grew up in 80's South Africa and is on a mission to inspire you to fulfil your dreams and potential in order to create a more in-powered and happy world.

Find out about how to work with Sally privately in her unique Mentorships or in a supportive group setting in her Programs.

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