This Online Group Program guides coaches, leaders and healers to create a rock solid online one-to-many coaching business.

'Foundations' combines the best of masterminds, programs and private mentoring to give you everything you need to reach consistent 10k months and beyond.

10 Modules take you on a journey through mindset, mission, methodology, business model, client and coaching super niche, client attraction, messaging and content, core offer creation, hosting programs, systems that scale, simple client pathways, and how to launch and sell offers the aligned way.

All members receive access to participate in SIX Group Mentoring Sessions to 10X learning, community support and accountability, share ideas, work and challenges, get challenges overcome, and take fast action.

This program is a deep dive into Self and Business, and therefor works best for those who desire to work with soul aligned clients and care about the quality and impact of their work.

If you're here to build a simple, sustainable and scaleable business with the potential for limitless impact and income, this program is for you.


Once you've worked through this program you'll have an online one-to-many coaching business that is built on rock solid foundations.

You'll have the systems in place to organically attract a consistent flow of soul aligned clients into your business with a self-qualification process for conversions.

You'll feel confident, focussed, in control and free to follow your flow, do what feels right for you, and add to your offer journey as you scale.

You'll have the tools, knowledge, confidence and ability to grow with your business over time.


1 year of access

FFF (PP x 3)

per month for 3 total payments
1 year of access

FFF (PP x 6)

per month for 6 total payments
1 year of access

FFF (PP x 10)

per month for 10 total payments
1 year of access

Welcome & Orientation

Mentoring – Booking & Info

Module 1: Mindset, Mission, Vision, Fear Inventory

Module 2: Map The Plan

Module 3: Model, Methodology, Idea Validation

Module 4: Clients

Module 5: Platforms & Containers

Module 6: Messaging & Content

Module 7: Core Offer Creation

Module 8: Hosting Your Program

Module 9: Simple Client Pathway®️

Module 10: Launch & Sell Your Offers