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The Core Content Vault

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I've got your back!

  • Prompts that are relevant for life / business / relationships / health and more - simply select what's relevant for your audience!
  • Plan your whole year's content in 30 minutes or less!
  • Escape the high-value how-to content hamster-wheel!
  • No more wasted hours brainstorming ideas, creating pretty graphics, and launching to crickets!
  • This is your ticket to big-impact, super-engaging, conversion-driven content!

The Core Content Vault

Is for coaches, consultants and creatives who need content that...

Connects with your community on the deepest possible level

Shifts their thoughts and transforms their beliefs

Warms them up so they are primed and excited to buy from you

Naturally leads them to your products and services without feeling spammy or salesy

This is a Must Buy if...

  • You never know what to say, and the thought of coming up with content is so overwhelming – it’s easier to say nothing!
  • You're already sharing so much good value stuff but get hardly any likes - comments are as rare as rocking horse poop round here!
  • You have an engaged community but don't have time to brainstorm ideas and create a schedule.
  • You don’t know how to properly engage with your audience and are scared of coming across as salesy when you have to promote your offers!

Not creating high-impact content



*hint* Thirty-nine 8 hour days and £37,440 every year!

*According to Social Media Examiner, 64% of business owners spend 6 hours or more every week creating social media content! At £120 an hour, those 312 hours creating content that isn’t delivering paying clients is costing you dearly!!

Buy Today For £27.50!!! (One-Time Payment)

From freebie-seekers to eager-buyers!

Sharing heaps of free high-value content is keeping you stuck on the content-hamster-wheel and turned you into a full-time social media manager and free resource library!

By giving away so much free how-to content you’ve nurtured an entire community of FREEBIE SEEKERS!

Start trying to sell to this lovely crowd and they’ll be shocked, maybe even insulted!

It’s not their fault – it’s how your content strategy has taught them to engage with you.

Those 6 figure chicks have something you don't!

Until now!

The Core Content Vault lifts the lid on the 'secret' formula for content that routinely monetises engaged communities!

Here's the secret so listen up...


This is the super-simple formula that moves your community through a journey of DISCOVERY, AWARENESS, ENGAGEMENT, INTEREST, CONSIDERATION and yup, you guessed it – PURCHASE!

All of the 200+ Content Prompts inside The Core Content Vault are organised into Hub, Help & Hero - all you have to do is drag-and-drop from each category to see your engagement sky-rocket!


The Core Content Vault

Using the colour-coded Core Content Vault, alternate your content with Hub, Help and Hero for the perfect mix of high-impact content that will deeply connect with your community and nurture your dream clients through working with you.


This is where your connection happens! Your community will get to know you on a deeper level and be encouraged to reciprocate. This level of emotional connection will motivate them to want to work with you!


Your community know and like you, now's the time to demonstrate your expertise by sharing high-level insights and ideas that lead back to your methodology and the benefits of working with you!


You've successfully sailed through know, like and it's time to start truly shift their belief about what’s possible for them and champion them through to the solution of working with you!


The Core Content Vault

200+ Content Prompts (£197 Value)

  • Drag-and-drop style calendar with 200+ colour-coded Hub, Help & Hero Content Prompts.
  • Select as you go or quickly schedule months of content in advance! 
  • Enough original content prompts to support you for a whole year, and the rinse-and-repeat options are endless!
  • Use the prompts to create content for email, newsletter, social media, blogs, lives, podcasts…

PDF Content Calendar (£197 Value)

  • DONE-FOR-YOU Annual Content Calendar - your entire year of content mapped out in an instant!!
  • Each week has been carefully scheduled to incorporate Hub, Help and Hero Content Prompts to nurture your community through connection, consideration and conversion.
  • Absolutely no brainstorming ideas, coming up with complicated schedules, or planning required!
core content vault by sally oddy
core content vault by sally oddy

Buy Today For £27.50!!! (One-Time Payment)


Whether you prefer to go-with-the-flow in the morning or plan out your content in advance, it's quick, easy, and fun to drag & drop the prompts you'll use to share high-impact content! Choose from HUB, HELP and HERO prompts so every day leads your community closer to you and your offers! The options are endless and totally up to YOU!

Drag & Drop your way to better connection!


Coming up with ideas for content is one of the most time-consuming and challenging aspects of business today. You'll never be stuck for ideas again with over 200 Hub, Help and Hero content prompts to chose from! Whether you want a quick short-form post or a juicy theme for a blog, video or podcast, The Core Content Vault has you covered!


The content prompts are suitable for a variety of audiences, including those interested in business, life, relationships, health, wellbeing and more!

Simply select the option that best suits your own community to connect with them on a deeper level.

You can stick to a theme or switch-it-up to keep your content fresh and exciting.

A sneak peak inside...

Here's a look at a very small selection of prompts you get inside The Core Content Vault

Screen Shot 2020-04-18 at 06.41.01

Did someone say BONUSES??

Yes Sal - Show us what ya got!

When you buy The Core Content Vault you INSTANTLY gain access to these beauties too!!

5 Researched Hashtag Bundles!! (£15 Value)

I’ve done the heavy lifting so you don’t have to – I’ve researched hashtags and pulled them from each size and popularity category, creating bundles that are ready to use.

Either copy and paste them as bundles or pick out ones for smaller post types.

Never struggle knowing which hashtags to use again!

9 Calls to Action (£15 Value)

The majority of content you post should have some form of call to action, even when it's not a promotional post. I've collated my favourites that I've tried and tested that always get a good level of engagement and bundled them in with  your Core Content Vault.

7 Questions to ask your Community (£10 Value)

Want to truly get to know your community? Understanding their deep desires and motivations will help you craft Epic Offers they'll love!

Copy and paste these 7 questions across your social media to get the real ingisht you need AND rinse and repeat the exercise every few months to keep on the cutting edge of your client's desires!

28 Headlines that go viral (£15 Value)

A collection of headlines that have been proven to grab attention and go viral, giving you XYS additional content prompts that can be rinsed and repeated and plugged into to any content type

Core Content Vault Bonuses! (2)

20-Day Show-Up And Shine Online Challenge (£15 Value)

If you over-think creating and sharing video, this is perfect for you!

Nothing moves you through fear faster than action, and with these 20 High-Impact Video Prompts you'll be over your fear in no time!

Challenge yourself to share 20 videos in 20 days and enjoy feeling more confident on camera as you show-up and shine online.


TODAY'S PRICE = £27.50!


Well, are you...

  • A heart-centred purpose-driven female coach, consultant or creative?
  • An online course creator, digital product seller, or infopreneur?
  • Struggling to gain traction or are new in the online world?
  • Sick of wasting time brainstorming content ideas that get no engagement?
  • Have loads of content ideas but want fresh input and an easy to follow plan?


Services | Courses | Digital Products | Coaching | Masterminds

Yes? Then YES - The Core Content Vault was made for YOU!

Total Value = £464 | Today's Price = £27.50!

Seriously, is going back to spending hours brainstorming content that gets no traction even an option? At this crazy low price of £27.50 it's a no-brainer!

A note from Sally...

'Messaging has become one of the most vital skills for online business owners to master.'

Even as a 'comms expert', I wish I'd had this formula when I started my online business - it would have saved me so much time, confusion, overwhelm and panic!

Over the past 18 months I’ve studied the online business space and have seen tactics shift to account for the sheer volume of people competing to be seen and heard in this space.

I’ve been a Sales and Communications Marketer for close to 20 years, and a business owner myself for 8, and all that experience has gone into crafting The Core Content Vault!

Being a personality-based business owner, I know how scary it can feel to promote me as my own brand.

Standing in front of the social media world and sharing who you are and what you have to offer can feel too raw at times.

The Core Content Vault will totally ease this feeling, giving you the guidance and confidence to share in a focussed and strategic way.

sally oddy clarity coach
core content vault by sally oddy

I'm a Business, Marketing & Mindset Coach, and my wonderful clients have launched new on-purpose businesses, worked with dream clients, sold out programs and workshops, launched books and sold online products!

I studied psychology at uni and have spent decades studying buyer psychology and online business behaviour.

I’ve devoted time, energy and money studying the art of online copywriting and have experimented on my own social accounts to find out what truly works and what consistently flops.

In the past, showing-up consistently with ANY type of content was enough to win work, but that's simply no longer the case!

With so much noise out there, it’s become a lot more about what we say and how we say it, than how frequently we share it.

I'm super-proud of The Core Content Vault and am using the exact Annual Planner included as my own Content Strategy!

I can't wait to hear the results you get from sharing this high-impact strategic content!

Sally xo


  • 200+ Hub, Help and Hero Content Prompts (Value £197)
  • Fun Drag-And-Drop Content Calendar (Priceless!)
  • Done-For-You PDF Annual Content Plan (Value £197)
  • BONUS: 5 Researched Hashtag Bundles (Value £15)
  • BONUS: 28 Headlines That Go Viral (Value £15)
  • BONUS: 9 Calls To Action (Value £15)
  • BONUS: 20 Day Show-Up-And-Shine Challenge (Value £15)
  • BONUS: 7 Key Community Questions (Value £10)

Total Value = £464 | Today's Price = £27.50!

Got questions?

Who is The Core Content Vault right for?

Female Coaches, Consultants, Course Creators, Digital Product Sellers who predominantly work with women.

Is the content available immediately?

Absolutely! Once you hit the buy button and fill in your card info, you’ll receive an email that will take you directly to The Core Content Vault and all the lovely bonus goodies!

How is The Core Content Vault different from 365 content calendars?

This content framework has been designed specifically for female coaches who support women. It’s been created by a service-based business expert with extensive experience in communications, marketing and sales. These are not just random prompts, they have been designed to lead your specific niche client through a journey of Discovery, Awareness, Consideration and Purchase.

What's precisely inside The Core Content Vault?

201+ Content Prompts in a drag-n-drop style Trello Board (Value £197)

Annual Done-For-You Content Calendar (Value £197)

BONUS: 5 Researched Hashtag Bundles (Value £15)

BONUS: 28 Headlines That Go Viral (Value £15)

BONUS: 9 Call To Action Types (Value £15)

BONUS: 7 Questions To Ask Your Community (Value £10)

BONUS: 20 Day Show-Up And Shine Challenge (Value £15)




Is this for one type of social media platform?

No. The Content Prompts can be used to create content for any type of platform or medial.

Do I Need To Purchase Additional Tools?

No. The 200+ Content Prompts and some bonuses are provided as shared Trello Boards. Trello is a free tool to use and you can copy and paste as much information as you’d like out of it or save the boards into your own Free Trello account (very quick and easy to set up!).

How Long Can I Access It?

You have lifetime access to The Core Content Vault, which will be updated periodically.

What are your terms and conditions

I'M SO EXCITED FOR YOUR EPIC NEW CONTENT TO SUPPORT YOUR DREAMS! You so deserve this, so reach out and grab it!