Are you charging your worth?

Let’s think about this for a minute…

🧐 Is your sense of worth a constant?
🧐 Do you always value yourself as you should?
🧐 Is your sense of worth subject to outside influence?

I know we get told that we should have MASSIVE SELF-WORTH ALL THE TIME and I totally get the sentiment behind this – but it’s just not realistic.

NONE of our emotions are constant – it’s a physical impossibility (and quite frankly would also be kinda boring!)

So WHY ON EARTH would we charge for our incredible services based on our fluctuating sense of worth!??

Some days I’m like ‘Hell Yeah Sally – You Rock!!!’ and other days I’m like ‘OMG Girl…WTF were you thinking!?’

It’s a crazy nonsense pricing strategy that I’ve probably used myself before (!) but I now realise is potentially SO damaging.

It’s time we strip our emotions out of our pricing and charge based on the Hard Cold Facts.

Just think how liberating it will be to not rely on your emotional state when talking through pricing on your next discovery call!


I worked my ass off last year.

When I FINALLY gave myself chance to rest I was wracked with guilt.

I felt naughty, like I was gonna get caught-out and told-off. Like I was doing something wrong.

I realised I’d attached my self-worth to how hard I was working, how much money I was earning, how successful my business was being…so if these elements weren’t 100% where I thought they should be – I didn’t deserve to rest.

This revelation was quite shocking, and unfortunately I only realised it as I was hurtling toward a burnout towards the end of the year!

Lots of us fall into the trap of attaching our self-worth to things that have no bearing on our actual worth whatsoever.

So I feel it’s time we draw a line in the sand, shake ourselves free of the old stories that are complete BS and simply don’t serve us, and make the decision today to shift our own self-worth beliefs.

Repeat after me:

🙌🏻 My value is not impacted by the outcome
🙌🏻 I’m worth the same when I work and when I rest
🙌🏻 My skills and expertise are 100% unique and in demand
🙌🏻 Failures are lessons that increase my value

What other self-worth facts can you choose for yourself and celebrate today?

SIDE NOTE: I’ve worked way less and rested way more this year AND doubled my income. The number of hours you work DOES NOT directly reflect the income you can earn. FACT. Click here to make this change in your business.


How are you pricing your services?

If you’re putting your own emotion into it, you could be doing yourself and your clients a Huge Disservice.

We talk a lot about breaking free of the time-for-money trap, and that’s a massively liberating part of the online business journey, but it doesn’t get rid of the issue of how to price your services.

Take a look at the Emotive Pricing list in this graphic – are you pricing your services based on any of these?

If so…
🧐 How do you feel when it comes to talking about your prices?
🧐 Are you making the sales you want and need in your business?
🧐 Are you attracting clients who value your services?
🧐 Are you happy with the money you’re making for the time you’re putting in?

If you aren’t happy with the results you’re getting it may be time to revise your pricing strategies.

Now take a look at the Value Pricing on the right.

🤩 How do you think it would feel to strip your emotions out of your pricing and rely instead on commercial and strategic considerations?

🤩 What type of client do you think you’ll attract when you’re confidently offering a service you believe in at a price you know for a FACT is a fair reflection of the value you deliver?

🤩 How will it feel to consistently attract people who value your service and are willing to pay a premium to work with you?

Remember – how you frame it is how you claim it, so take some time to really consider how you’re framing your pricing strategies and make changes if they aren’t serving you.

Click here if you’d like to switch to one-to-many offers and confidently implement value-based pricing in your coaching business.


Are you placing value on…

» The number of likes/follows/comments?
» The outcome of your work?
» The number of people tuning into your lives?
» What people think about your message?

I could go on 🙄

Valuing these things is a dangerous game, because (a) they’re out of your control, and (b) they don’t actually have any bearing on the value of the work you’re putting out there.

Be really mindful of attaching your feelings of self-worth to outcomes outside your control.

Some of the things I value are my energy, time, mindset, expertise.


In this blog I’ve been banging on about Self-Worth and Pricing Strategy, because somehow we’ve mixed these things up into each other when really they have nothing to do with each other at all!!!

As soon as you attach your physical, emotional, mental or spiritual wellbeing on something outside you’re control, you’re asking for trouble.

How are you tracking your worth?

What really matters is the care and attention you put into the services you create. The expertise and skills you bring forward to help and heal. The energy and intention behind everything you do.

In my mind, as long as you know in your heart you’ve done your best and been true to yourself, your worth is expansive and limitless in it’s abundance.

From this place you can confidently invite those who need you the most to work with you and benefit from everything you have to offer.

Detaching from the outcome is power – the power to align with your true self-worth.


Sally Oddy has a business and marketing career spanning over 20 years and brings huge passion, creativity and courage to everything she does.
Empowering women to step into their true potential and turn their passion for coaching into a purpose-driven business is what Sally does inside The Aligned Online Coach Academy.
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