WELCOME TO Business, Marketing & Mindset Coaching

For purpose-driven business owners ready to harness the power of Aligned Business & Marketing Growth Strategies

IF BUSINESS GROWTH & PROFIT HAVE STALLED It's time for focussed, strategic action!

The exciting, heady days of being a start-up are behind you and the structures, systems and strategies that worked then are now stalling growth.

Your marketing is less effective, lead generation strategies have gone stale, and your unique voice has been lost.

This is a common challenge for businesses in scale-up stage, and it's also an exciting time bursting with fresh opportunities!

When we work together, we'll review everything and identify the key areas of focus.

Together we'll breathe new life into your business, sales and marketing strategies and set you up for this next phase of growth.

My corporate marketing career combined with entrepreneurial experience is the perfect blend to boost you and your business!

I've worked with large international corporates and owner managed businesses, and I know which strategies to implement to get you to the next level of growth and profitability.



  • Ideas and innovation
  • Strategic focus
  • Implementation support
  • Improved, measurable and reliable results
  • Expanded marketing channels and expertise
  • Reduced overheads


  • New ideas and ways of thinking
  • Optimise opportunities
  • Guidance on development
  • Develop new skills and knowledge
  • Consistency and accountability
  • Focussed strategic action


  • Refreshed Business & Marketing Plan
  • Complete clarity on your clients, brand, USP, offers, benefits, results, features
  • A proven formula to apply to all lead generation activities
  • Fresh ideas for compelling campaigns and the structure to implement them
  • Increased sales and client retention
  • Systems for automation that save time and money


  • Business Overview
  • Goal Setting
  • Mindset
  • Vision & Values
  • Business Structure
  • Monetisation Strategies
  • Ideal Client Avatar
  • Packages & Pricing
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Brand
  • Lead Generation
  • Client Journey Mapping
  • Sales Pipeline
  • Creating Compelling Copy
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing & Promotional Plan
  • Sales & Conversion
  • Systems & Automation


  • Six month support package
  • Scoping session
  • Strategy Day (either virtually or in person)
  • Quick-Fix Implementation Plan
  • Business & Marketing Plan with resources
  • Implementation Support on key priorities
  • Monthly one-to-one mentoring sessions (Zoom)
  • Unlimited email support for 6 months
  • 2 SOS calls each month
  • Feedback on all work / activity


Book your Discovery Call so we can chat about your current situation and aspirations and decide if working together will deliver the results you want.


VIP Strategy Days



Bespoke Coaching Programmes

Creation of Marketing Materials & Sales Copy


I'm Sally and it's lovely to welcome you to find out more about the Business Mentoring support I offer and about me too!

I studied psychology at university because I've always been fascinated by human behaviour.

When I fell into a marketing role I realised it was all about understanding and impacting human behaviour - so I was in my element!

With a 20+ year marketing career and 7+ years as a business owner, I provide support and guidance on business, marketing and mindset strategy and techniques for service based businesses.

The way I deliver support is unique to each business, often comprising a combination of coaching, mentoring, consulting, training and workshop delivery.

I'm extremely commercial and results-driven, getting to the heart of issues with lightening-speed and bringing clarity to the most effective solutions.

If this all feels like a good fit I look forward to chatting to you on our Discovery Call.

"I'd been stuck wondering what to do to move my business to the next level and BAM, I'm crystal clear and completely motivated!"


Sally is strategy on steroids!!

I was amazed and thrilled by what came out of a 90 minute conversation with her.

I'd been stuck wondering what to do to move my business to the next level...and BAM...I am crystal clear and completely motivated and feeling excited to take focused action!!

Sally is awesome and I'm excited to be working with her more on my next big project.

If you're a business owner - you need a Sally Oddy in your corner! I'm so glad we met - thank you Sally!

Sanae Floyd, Business Coach and Sales Mentor

"I was feeling confused and overwhelmed with my offering, and Sally helped me realise I needed to go back to basics and reconnect to my deepest desires for my business and mission"

Sally is literally the perfect recipe for coach - she's gentle, heart-centered, and really knows how to drill down to help you get clarity.

Sally has a strategic, analytical mind and mixes this with her vibrant personality to help you to unearth the greatness within you.

Oh, and she knows how to give a little nudge and honesty bomb when needed too!

I really appreciated her honest feedback, which she delivered with grace.

I left the session feeling inspired, motivated and ready to implement some beautiful changes to my Calmpreneur community.

Suzannah Butcher, Life Coach


"Sally helped me identify a more aligned path for my coaching, not previously considered, which encompassed my experience, strengths and areas I'm passionate about."


My coaching with Sally was focused on identifying levels of dissatisfaction with my coaching and looking where improvements or a change in direction could be identified.

Sally is a smart, direct coach who's asks the right questions to get to the heart of the challenge.

She gets clarity of the path ahead quickly.

This has been so valuable, enabling me to move forward with more clarity and focus.

She's warm, friendly and very experienced in marketing and mindset and I would highly recommend her to any service based business looking to grow.

Angela Sothern, Performance Coach

"I feel energised knowing I have a marketing strategy and a pricing structure which reflects my new offers."

Sally blew me away with her insights into all areas of my business.

She knows her stuff and is hands on, which I love.

She walked me through what to do with my website, my branding, my pricing and packages, my workshop training and a whole load of other business stuff that I had not thought about!

The amount of detail and actions to implement is wonderful. You get your money's worth and then some.

I've already implemented the new branding on social media thanks to Sally's expertise and have have contacted a website developer to update my website.

It's fair to say Sally has motivated me!

If you want straight answers to how you can move your business forward, plus hands on advice and help that you will implement, Sally is your woman.

Carol Plant, Confidence Coach


"I was amazed at how quickly and intuitively Sally got to the crux of what was holding me back and gave me clear guidance on how to move forward."

Screen Shot 2020-03-06 at 19.40.29

I felt stuck in indecision about my business objectives and what path to take.

I felt I needed help to really get back to basics and gain some clarity of vision and purpose about what I was doing.

In just one session, Sally nailed this!

I’m not going to lie, the mindset work was emotional, but I felt completely comfortable going there with Sally which is a testament to how down to earth and open she is.

After the session I have a far greater understanding of my personal values, how these relate to my business, what my true purpose is and how this impacts the people I want to work with.

I now feel I have a clear vision of who I want to help and why, and which direction I want to take my business in along with the tools I need to map out a business plan that fully fits with my values.

Thank you Sally!

Kerry Dougal, Digital Creator