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Did you know there is such a thing as a Universal Year Number?

I’m learning more about Numerology because I’ve realised everything is about energy…

The energy we put into everything is reflected back to us.

Over the past 18 months, I’ve been focussing on maintaining a higher energetic vibration in all areas of my life, and the results have been immense!

The Universal Year Number for 2020 is 4, and this is even more interesting because the 4 energy is all about structure, stability and foundations!

This just so happens to be the perfect year, energetically speaking, to lay down ground work and build solid foundations for your life and business.

Doing this will free you to live out your dreams and creative visions!

How’s about that!

This is super relevant for me (and for you!) because Solid Foundations are exactly what The Aligned Client Attraction Academy (and the basis of all of my coaching) is about!!


I decided long ago not to get sucked into

‘Go from zero to six figures in sixty days’

I don’t believe that reliable and sustainably successful businesses are built that way.

I believe building solid foundations takes work, effort and time to set properly.

There are no quick-wins and overnight-successes…everyone whose doing well today has put the time in – that’s just not the bright shiny part we choose to focus on!

Building solid foundations comes from having complete clarity over who you are and what you want – and gaining that clarity takes effort.

There can be NO business without YOU, and this is why my coaching is always underpinned by supporting you to gain clarity in all aspects of your life.

During my 90 day group coaching programme called The Aligned Client Attraction Academy, you’ll build ROCK SOLID FOUNDATIONS for you and your business.

This is a deeply personal coaching experience for six heart-centred soulpreneurs who are ready to take a breath, put themselves at the heart of the business, AND put the work in to lay the foundations.

Here’s an outline of what we go through together:


Once you’ve laid solid foundations, it’s time to create the structure.

Your business is the structure that allows you to find your audience of ideal clients, share your knowledge, promote and sell your services.

If the structure you create isn’t as strong as your foundations, nothing you try will feel stable – everything will feel shaky and unreliable.

Without structure, you’ll always struggle to stay focussed, achieve your goals, and create the life you want for yourself.

During The Aligned Client Attraction Academy, I’ll guide you to design the structure for your business based on proven strategies.

I drawn on my 20+ year business and marketing career, and everything I’ve learned over my 7+ years as a business owner myself, to make sure your business is strong and robust.

You’ll get to know and understand your business intimately, and every element will be set in place to empower you to have a greater impact on those you are here to serve.

Taking the time to build solid foundations, putting the structure in place – THIS is what will give you the stability you so desperately want for yourself.


I care very deeply about the people I work with, and more than anything I want to support them as they strive to make their dreams a reality.

This is why I limit my group programmes so much – I provide a high level of support throughout that includes weekly group coaching sessions and a private two hour clarity coaching session for each person.

I also personally review all of your workbooks as you complete them – providing my feedback, thoughts and ideas based on my 20+ years’ business and marketing experience.


Your foundations and structure are external supports to help hold you in focus, but underpinning everything is YOU!

Being a business owner can be incredibly rewarding, but also incredibly intense.

While we work together to build your business, we’ll also be working on your foundations – giving you the internal strength and stability you need to be resilient and robust enough to stay on track.

Hugely successful businesses can fail if the leader is shaky.

No stone will be left unturned as I support you to dig deeply into your thoughts, feelings and beliefs about yourself, your money, and your business.

Together we’ll remove blocks, shift your mindset, and infuse you with unshakable self belief.


Once you’ve finished The Aligned Client Attraction Academy you’ll have the most solid foundations from which to grow, the structure in place to give you the control and focus you need, and the stability in your confidence and ability to sustain your reliable business.

If all of this has resonated, if you know you’re moving forward on shaky ground, you know things need to change!

It really is as simple as that.

If you truly want to build a solid and sustainably successful business, enrol in The Aligned Client Attraction Academy and together we’ll change the course of your life forever.

Enrol On The Aligned Client Attraction Academy Today.

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