CLARITY HOLDS THE KEY TO UNLOCK YOUR NEXT LEVELand I'm the lucky one who gets to help you!

You've already put in so much passion, time and energy into building your business and have done an absolutely fantastic job!

Never underestimate what it takes to do what you're doing, and please take a moment to recognise that, by coming this far, you've already proved you have what it takes - in spades!

This is just the natural progression - the next step you're taking to move deeper into your true potential and harness it to create a life that's spiritually, emotionally and financially rewarding.

I know you may feel excited, disappointed, overwhelmed, confused, hopeful...probably a whole heap of emotions!

This is completely understandable and please take comfort from knowing I am here to guide you through to achieve more clarity, focus and direction - for you and for your business.

what toexpect

it was so lovely chatting to you and congratulations for taking the decision to invest in yourself and your future.

i'm really excited to get started!!

Please read through this page so you know what to expect and are ready for our coaching to begin.

What you'll experience:

  • A shift in how you see yourself in relation to your business
  • A deep appreciation of your gifts and talents, and a true respect for your worth
  • Tension and discomfort as you're guided to dig deeper into your self and your dreams
  • Doubt, wobbles, and maybe even a few tears as you push past your ego to unleash your true potential
  • Support, understanding, accountability and acceptance as you take bold inspired action
  • Elation, relief and joy as you are finally free to design the life you've worked so hard to achieve


What you'll achieve:

  • A business built around your self, passions, and ambitions
  • A structured plan to hold focus
  • The confidence to step up as an authority and share your expertise
  • Faith in yourself, your value, and your offer
  • Clarity on what you do, how you do it, and who you do it for
  • A deep understanding of your dream clients' desires and motivations
  • Confidence and clarity over your packages, pricing and messaging




What you'll work through:

  • Business owner and money mindset
  • Self-belief, joy, passion, purpose, vision
  • Business overview and goals
  • Business and client deep dive
  • Packages and pricing
  • Brand guidelines and personal brand
  • Client journey mapping and planning
  • Compelling copy and sales page creation
  • Marketing and promotional plan
  • Authentic sales systems

Who I serve:

  • Passionate, ambitious and straight-talking people who feel they are destined for more
  • Business owners who've lost clarity, focus and direction
  • New business owners who've got the basics but need strategy and structure
  • Established business owners who aren't earning a consistent income or using a strategic plan
  • Business owners who've lost their way or feel they're wasting time on the wrong things



Pay In Full

£1,750 one off
  • Inc VAT

payment plan

£620 x 3 months
  • Inc VAT

Sharing thelove

I coach driven and passionate business owners, and here's what my lovely clients have said about the experience of working with me...

Sanae Floyd

Sanae Floyd

Sally is strategy on steroids!

As a Sales and Breakthrough Coach running a six-figure business, I'd been stuck wondering what to do to move my business to the next level...and BAM...I am crystal clear and completely motivated and feeling excited to take focused action!

Sally is awesome and I'm excited to be working with her more on my next big project.

If you're a business owner - you need a Sally Oddy in your corner! I'm so glad we met - thank you Sally!

Olivia Brabbs

Olivia Brabbs

My one-to-one coaching with Sally was absolutely amazing!

I can't believe how much we covered and I came away feeling really focused and motivated.

The issues we covered have been on my 'to tackle' list for so long and it felt great to have the support to face them head on.

I've come away with a clear plan of action and know working with Sally is going to make a huge impact to my business.

sally oddy clarity coach

Here's how I found myClarity

9 years ago I felt stuck in a job where I was undervalued, underpaid, overworked, bullied, and burnt-out.

I felt lost and confused, with no clear vision of what my future held.

I finally decided to quit the 9 to 5 go-it-alone, and it was the best decision I've ever made.

As a marketing consultant I supported loads of businesses increase profile, profit and market share...but it wasn't enough.

I still yearned for more.

So after much soul searching, and lots of personal development, I decided to pivot myself and my business to do something I was truly passionate about - coaching.

Now I've found my clarity, I have more fun, freedom and financial security - and this is what I want for you too!

I am so excited to GUIDE you back to CLARITY

Sally xx