Yes!!! I’ve worked for months on this new offer and it’s finally time for the launch!!

I know for sure my audience will absolutely love this new offer, and my first 5 figure launch is on the cards with this one!

I can’t wait to see the Pounds roll in as my dream clients stumble over themselves to enrol!


This is SO exciting after so much hard work!


Nothing. Nada. Crickets.

Not ONE SINGLE BOOKING comes through.

You hit refresh on your inbox / payment app obsessively, for hours, but still it defiantly sits on empty!

What’s gone wrong? Why is no-one booking?

I know, I’ll pull together a few promo posts going through exactly what’s included and then surely they’ll all book.

I’ll DM my closest prospects and tell them all about it, then they’ll book.

I’ll do a few LIVES across my social media and then everyone will start booking on.


Nothing. Nada. Crickets.

Okay…now this is getting worrying!

Have I got this totally wrong?

No-one’s gonna enrol at all.

Everyone hates me.

I’m so embarrassed, time to retreat to lick my wounds.


Does this sound familiar?

I think most of us have been here.

In our excitement to launch what we’ve been lovingly working on to the world, there is one small detail we neglect: The Launch Campaign!


You see, if we had spent some time putting a plan in place so we had our messaging down, our promotional posts and schedule organised, and set ourselves some specific targets that track along the entire length of our pre- and launch phase, maybe we wouldn’t have given-up so easily.

A launch is a marathon, not a sprint!

We set ourselves up for failure when we just toss it out there and hope people will see it and feel suddenly compelled to buy.

What we need is STRATEGY! And it’s not as hard as it sounds.

Here is my handy 10 STEP P R E – L A U N C H Campaign for your next launch (see what I did there…I’ve added the pre-launch and launch together and turned them into a handy acronym to help you remember the stages of your launch! It’s a pleasure! xx)


This is the phase BEFORE you actually open your offer for booking. It’s your chance to prime your audience to expect something exciting from you.

Here are your P R E – L A U N C H objectives:


This is when you start to let your audience know something exciting is coming.

You could start with a few hints, a few little peeks behind the scenes at what you are creating, start raising the intrigue.

You could run a few polls asking them to let you know if they prefer A or B which are modules of your offer; ask what their biggest challenge is (handy for two reasons: validate your decision to create the offer, and if they bring up challenges your offer will address they are pre-selling themselves!); get their input on delivery method or time when training will go live.

Doing this get’s them bought-in before they really know there’s anything to be bought in to.

Getting your audience lovely and primed makes them ready for phase 2: Reel-In!


It’s time to group your audience together so they are all in one place.

Doing this makes it so much easier to launch – everyone who should be interested in the solution you are offering is in one neat group so you can put the majority of your efforts into communicating directly to them.

This could be inviting them into a private Facebook Group for a free challenge or coaching experience; offering a really valuable sign-up freebie so you have email addresses; offer a free webinar that again requires email sign-up.

Start gathering them together, priming them all the while.

They key to a successful reel-in – it must be designed to Educate…


Explain to your audience WHY they need your offer – they may not even know they have the problem you are ready to solve.

This is Marketing Communications best practice – speak to the pain / problem BEFORE you actually explain WHAT it is you are going to be offering.

Create a series of posts that highlight the problem and demonstrate that you understand / have been there / empathise.

Then move on to giving a glimmer of hope – there is another way, it doesn’t have to be like this!

Your Reel-In doesn’t have to duplicate any content from your offer, it can be ALL about educating them about the problem – why is it a problem for them, what’s the possible impact, what could happen if they don’t take action…

You can give high-level tips and strategies during your Reel-In, this will demonstrate that you do have the answers, and if they have been educated as to WHY they need the solution effectively, they’ll be more primed to buy.

Get your countdown started! They are primed, educated and reeled-in, so for the five or so days before you launch it’s time to whip them up into a frenzy of excitement so that when you Go Live they will actually be lining-up to buy!


This is when the offer is officially available.

It’s the PRE-L A U N C H phase of your plan!

It’s been a long road to get you here, your tired, nervous and afraid.

The fear of launch is real: fear of failure, fear of judgement, AND fear of success all get balled into one nicely horrifying package BUT…now it’s time to DIG DEEP and KEEP THE FAITH!


Lead your launch with love and it’s more likely to be received in love.

You’ve already let your audience know WHY they need your solution, it’s time to share it with them out of love, demonstrating your pure desire to help them.

Launching this way makes it about your audience, their problems and the solution you offer – not about money grabbing or making a quick buck.

If it comes across that you’re in this just for the money, your launch won’t fly.

If you ARE in this just for the money – your audience will see right through you and nothing you spray will stick!

In this first phase demonstrate that you’ve considered them, their needs, their resources, their ability to work with the solution you are providing.

Share your offer with them, make it super easy for them to understand what’s on offer and how to book and buy.

Reassure them what will happen once they’ve handed their hard-earned money over to you.

Celebrate each purchase – someone has just taken inspired action to solve a problem AND they’ve trusted you to help them, it’s an honour and a cause for huge celebration all round!


Help your audience to make their buying decision.

You’ve created this offer for good reason – it is going to help them in some way, help them realise this by becoming the obvious choice for their solution.

In all of your communications now it should be about the problem, belief, social proof, and solution.

But don’t neglect the ease with which people can book what you have – always include booking / payment links, explain how it all works.

Make their journey from awareness, interest, decision to purchase as easy as possible.

Remember – you are helping them with something they need NOT selling them something they don’t need.


Time to ramp things up and let your audience know why your offer is so unique.

What makes it special? Why can’t they get it elsewhere?

What makes YOU special? Why should they trust YOU to deliver the solution?

Get your testimonials out front and centre. Explain the benefits and really go into the outcomes and pay-off they’ll get once they have gone through with your offer.

If you can make your offer limited in some way, do it. Genuine scarcity increases the desirability of your offer and will compel purchase.

Basically anything you can do to highlight how unique and fabulous your offer is – now’s the time to do it…with bells on…and whistles…DON’T STOP!

-side note-

Stick to the plan. Don’t lose momentum. Keep the faith.


By now there will be an identifiable group of people who’ve expressed an interest in your offer but haven’t made it over the line yet.

There may also be a second group of people who are a bit more silent, liking posts or lightly commenting.

Both of these groups need you to guide and nurture them now.

It’s time to make it all more personal and take it to the DMs.

Remember: No Hard Sell.

That’s just yucky and will totally put them off you.

Your direct approaches should ALL be about adding value to THEM. Spend some time on their profiles, see if there’s anything you can help them with, identify a few areas you can add value, then give it – freely and with absolutely no expectation of anything in return.

Don’t even MENTION you offer – just help them out.

If they are sitting on the fence about you offer, you stepping forward and helping them, giving them true value, may just be the little gentle nudge they need to make that final buying decision.


Time is running out!

Let everyone know it!

Highlight the huge value of the offer, the return on investment they can expect, why it’s so unique, how it solves their problem…and tell them in no uncertain terms that TIME IS RUNNING OUT!

This should push any stragglers over the line and convert them into paid customers.

If there are interested people who haven’t made the purchase, offer a quick call to chat through any concerns they may have, assist them in making that buying decision – make it the obvious, easy choice.


Really above all else – be honest.

Don’t try to pull the wool over anyone’s eyes or make your offer seem better than it is.

Don’t over-hype it to make sales knowing it won’t deliver quite what you’ve said it will.

You may make some extra sales this way, but you’ll kill your business.

Be hones. Always.

Final Note:

Underpinning all of this is your messaging, which needs time, thought and a lot of work putting in to make sure it resonates effectively.


Got a launch coming up? Need some help getting your messaging on point and scheduling your PRE- LAUNCH? I can help. Click here to book a call so we can chat about making your next launch a super success.

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