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Invite your Business Besties to join you in this fast-growing membership for women growing profitable online expert businesses.

Soulpreneur Success Hub Membership with Sally Oddy

We love giving members of The Soulpreneur Success Hub the opportunity to share the love and earn some cold-hard-cash in the process!


Existing members of The Soulpreneur Success Hub who love being part of our community and want to share the love with their fellow female business owners.


  • £5 flat-rate one-off commission when someone you refer becomes a member using your affiliate link.
  • A unique affiliate link to earn commission when you refer female entrepreneurs who become members of SSH.

Representing the Community...

  • We know you value this Community and will represent us with love and joy.
  • We never do any hard-selling and ask  our affiliates to promote membership in an authentic and supportive way.
  • Please only promote membership to your fellow female entrepreneurs who you feel will genuinely benefit from becoming part of our brilliant community.


  • Register to be an affiliate on this page.
  • We only make payments via PayPal, so you will need to sign up for an account if you don’t have one. Payment will not be made through any other methods.
  • You will receive an email with your affiliate dashboard login details.
  • In your affiliate area, you will find your unique affiliate link.
  • You can share your affiliate link via email, DM and/or social media.

Join in the fun and share the love!


  • Cookie days is 60 days. This means you will earn a commission if a customer clicks through via your affiliated link and makes a valid membership purchase in the following 60 days.
  • If a customer is referred by more than one affiliate, the last affiliate who referred the customer will be credited for the successful purchase.
  • Commissions are calculated and paid in GBP. They will appear in your PayPal account in GBP. We are not responsible for currency conversion fees.
  • Any attempt to cheat or game the affiliate programme will result in the affiliate’s immediate removal from the programme, with no further commission paid.