Abundance is in the eye of the beholder

The term abundance is everywhere – but what does it really mean and how do you know if you have it?

Abundance essentially means having more than you need…so it’s good to think of it as simply a perspective choice – a way of viewing things.

Money is a great way to demonstrate this concept, because it’s the thing loads of people feel a sense of fear / lack / scarcity around.

If you can shift your money perspective into abundance – you have the ability to shift your entire world view into abundance.

How cool is that!?

So here’s the scenario:

Once my bills have been paid I have £157 in the bank. It’s all the money I have in the world and it has to see me through to my next pay cheque.

I have a simple perspective choice to make:

1. Cower in fear that I have so little money / not enough money / can’t afford the nice things I want / don’t earn enough money / can never save money / getting more money is impossible / be terrified of spending money but somehow emptying my bank account in no time!

2. Feel thankful that I have more than enough money to pay all my bills and still have loads left over!

You see – a simple perspective choice can completely shift you out of scarcity and into blissful abundance.

Once you shift into an abundant state of mind, you start seeing the abundance in your life literally everywhere you turn:

  • The amount of bubbles in my bath
  • The number of towels in the linen closet
  • The number of rooms in my house
  • The tins of food in my cupboard
  • The number of books on my shelf
  • The love I hold in my heart

I am surrounded by blissful abundance and am truly truly grateful

It’s also all around you in business – again, it’s simply a matter of perspective choice:

1. I only won 2 clients this month – I should have won 6, I’m a failure, no-one wants to work with me, everyone else wins 6, I’m not good enough, this will never work.


2. Wow – 2 people chose to work with me this month! My business is growing and I can really focus on delivery. It feels great to get paid for my gifts! Everything is going in the right direction and I’m learning all the time!

There you have it: Abundance is in the eye of the beholder.

Has that shifted your perspective? Let me know in the comments.


Sally Oddy

Sally Oddy has a business and marketing career spanning over 20 years and brings huge passion, creativity and courage to everything she does.

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