I always wanted to be Oprah Winfrey

It took starting High Vibe Society To make my dream a reality


Get comfy… it’s Storytime

As a very young Yorkshire lass, moving to South Africa in the early eighties was a blast of bright sunlight and it changed the course of my life forever.

Growing up in 80’s South Africa it was all about America!

We only got American TV shows, ate American sweets, shopped at malls, and our schools were highly geared towards academic and sporting excellence.

The culture was typically American too – super positive, energetic, friendly and welcoming.

At school I was never very academic, and, aside from gymnastics, sports wasn’t really my thing.

One thing I was great at was being loud and enthusiastic – the very thing that infuriated my teachers made me an incredibly awesome cheerleader!


Being loud and enthusiastic got me through school!

I loved being a cheerleader – leading my school in war-cries and getting everyone motivated and moving together as one - our school ALWAYS won the cheer trophies!

So yeah…I’m basically a British born, South African raised, American bred kinda gal!

That role of inspiring and motivating others as a cheerleader came naturally to me, and it’s a spark that has burned brightly my entire life.

As a teenager I’d sit and watch The Oprah Show and think ‘One day I’d love to interview interesting people and share what I learn with the world!’.

Oprah has been a constant mentor in my life, and I’ve finally become a mini-version of my idol by creating the High Vibe Society and mentoring female entrepreneurs!

Fast-forward to when I left the corporate world and set up my marketing consultancy.

Anything is possible! I know because… I’ve built four successful businesses

during the worst four years of my life.

since 2014 I've

  • Supported hundreds of clients through my marketing consultancy
  • Started an online friendship site for mums that I built to a monthly audience of over 86k
  • Suffered the devastating, life-changing loss of my mother
  • Started a successful YouTube Channel that’s amassed over 1.5 million views to date
  • Struggled with IVF, miscarriage and infertility
  • Created the High Vibe Society
  • Ran headlong into menopause

You could say I’m a chronic high achiever, even with the crappy things

one isn’t enough!

So yes, a lot has gone down over the last few years.
But I’m still standing. Still smiling, and still working hard to make my dreams a reality.

THIS is my motivation.

THIS is why I’m driven to support you, motivate you, bring joy and confidence into your journey.

It’s the Oprah Cheerleader High Achiever in me!

Working with female entrepreneurs, putting mindset first,
sharing my business and marketing expertise, is as rewarding as I always knew it would be!

You have everything you need inside you. Sally xx