I always wanted To Be More Oprah


It's lovely to meet you!

Hi, I’m Sally. In 2012 I left the corporate world to start-up my own Marketing Consultancy. It was an exciting time and I was lucky enough to hit the ground running, winning a steady stream of clients and enjoying my new-found freedom!
Fast-forward a few years and while I had some fantastic retained clients and a steady income, I realised I was trading time for money, still doing the rinse-and-repeat marketing work I’d done in the corporate world, and felt chained to my desk delivering projects.
This was not the liberating and lucrative life of a business owner I was hoping for!
I was feeling a deep sense of unrest, and knew I was destined to have a far greater impact in the world.
I felt like I would never going to escape the day-to-day drudgery and even though I was earning really good money, it was no longer enough.
In early 2019, after months of soul searching and research, I took the decision to transition from an Exhausted Consultant into an Online Expert.
I’d use my 18 year marketing career and 8 years’ experience as a consultant to become a Business and Marketing Coach.
I’d also embarked on many many months of deep inner and mindset work, and combined with the Psychology I studied at uni and a life-time fascination with human behaviour, I quickly incorporated Mindset work into my coaching.
The transition from real-life work-delivery to online-expert coach was a bigger jump than I I could ever have imagined, and I feel sure that without my extensive business and marketing experience I’d be back behind someone else’s desk now, rather than in my lovely home office coaching my incredible clients!
Ironically, the vast majority of my coaching clients are also Exhausted Consultants ready to make the transition to Online Expert...and it’s really made me stop and reflect.
So, I’ve taken the decision to NICHE! Yes...I didn’t think I ever would, but I can’t ignore the call any longer and it’s clear my dream clients are exactly the same as me...just a few years behind and often without the same business, marketing and mindset insights I have.
So here I am, a Business, Marketing and Mindset Coach teaching Exhausted Consultants running static time-for-money businesses how to use their existing skills to transform into an Online Expert with a scalable business.
I’m a Yorkshire Lass who was raised in South Africa. I’m a bundle of positive energy, am hugely driven and ambitious and am in love my business.
I’m also a married cat-mama who drinks way too much tea!

Being loud and enthusiastic got me through school!

I grew-up in South Africa, and loved being a cheerleader – leading my school in war-cries and getting everyone motivated and moving together as one - our school ALWAYS won the cheer trophies!

I’m basically a British born, South African raised, American bred kinda gal!

That role of inspiring and motivating others as a cheerleader came naturally to me, and it’s a spark that has burned brightly my entire life.

As a teenager I’d sit and watch The Oprah Show and think ‘One day I’d love to interview interesting people and share what I learn with the world!’.

Oprah has been a constant mentor in my life, and I’ve finally become a mini-version of my idol by creating the High Vibe Society and mentoring female entrepreneurs!

Fast-forward to when I left the corporate world and set up my marketing consultancy.

Anything is possible! I know because… I’ve built four successful businesses

during the worst four years of my life.

since 2014 I've

  • Supported hundreds of clients through my marketing consultancy
  • Started an online friendship site for mums that I built to a monthly audience of over 86k
  • Suffered the devastating, life-changing loss of my mother
  • Started a successful YouTube Channel that’s amassed over 1.5 million views to date
  • Struggled with IVF, miscarriage and infertility
  • Created the High Vibe Society
  • Ran headlong into menopause

You could say I’m a chronic high achiever, even with the crappy things

one isn’t enough!

So yes, a lot has gone down over the last few years.
But I’m still standing. Still smiling, and still working hard to make my dreams a reality.

THIS is my motivation.

THIS is why I’m driven to support you, motivate you, bring joy and confidence into your journey.

It’s the Oprah Cheerleader High Achiever in me!

Working with female entrepreneurs, putting mindset first,
sharing my business and marketing expertise, is as rewarding as I always knew it would be!

You have everything you need inside you. Sally xx