Sometimes staying positive can feel like a full-time job, but there are some simple practices you can incorporate into your daily routine to help you stay on the sunny side of the street.

Here are my top 5 tips for maintaining a positive mindset:


Nothing can get you in a high-vibe state as fast as music can. Create a HIGH VIBE PLAYLIST of all your favourite sing out loud and dance around the kitchen tracks.

Play it every morning as you are getting ready for the day and let those high vibes seep into your soul.


An attitude of gratitude goes a looooong way to maintaining a positive mindset, so choose to focus on the good.

If it’s a sunny morning – do a little happy dance.

Even when there are challenges, you can choose to see the good:

Stuck indoors with more time on your hands than usual: choose to use this time to take up that hobby you’ve always dreamed of having time for.


Your energy definitely flows where your focus goes – so rather than think about the worst, think about the best.

What’s the best outcome? What incredible opportunities could arise? What does the situation empower you to do that you couldn’t do before.

Flipping the script is a powerful way of focussing on the silver lining.


Right here, in this moment, you have always been here.

Think about that for a few minutes.

The time that’s gone has gone – there’s nothing that can be gained or changed by dwelling on it.

The future will unfold.

All you truly have is the moment you are in, right now, each and every moment.

Live in the moment. Let go of the past. Create, innovate, communicate and do whatever you can today to bring joy, peace, calm, love, security.


Surround yourself with positive people – friends, colleagues, mentors.

Spend as much time as you can with people who lift you up and bring great energy, that way you’ll have great energy both for yourself and for others.

If you are with people who have negative energy, keep your boundaries firmly in place and remember – you control your own energy and nothing they say or do can affect you unless you let it.

I hope these little tips are things that you can incorporate into your daily routine to help you maintain a positive mindset.

Keep the positivity flowing by sharing your own Positive Mindset tips in the comments!


Sally Oddy has a business and marketing career spanning over 18 years and brings huge passion, creativity and courage to everything she does.A business owner since 2012, Sally has transitioned from her Outsourced Head of Marketing consulting business to the online world as a leading Business, Marketing & Mindset Coach.Having put in the time, tried and tested many tools, techniques and frameworks, Sally is now offering other Consultants, Coaches and Creatives the opportunity to bypass the years of hustle and learn how to quickly grow a liberating and lucrative online business with The Leading Online Expert Method.This intensive, 90 day one-to-one coaching experience will see you go from exhausted invisible online hustle to confident and focussed leading online expert. Apply for The Leading Online Expert Method today!

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