When I moved into the online coaching space after having my Marketing Consultancy business for over 8 years, I wasn’t prepared for how different, distracting and overwhelming the online business world would be.

I made LOADS of mistakes early on that cost me time, money and authority.


Having been a traditional real-world marketer for over 20 years, when I thrust myself into the online coaching space I was immediately bombarded with a very clear message:


Everywhere I looked, online business coaches said selling would seriously limit your ability to grow your business.

Instead of selling, the message was to GIVE GIVE GIVE:

Give so much incredible how-to value that your audience will be blown away by your knowledge and expertise and be lining up around the block to work with you.

This was a powerfully compelling message, because I love helping people and direct selling to my new audience didn’t feel like the right way to go.

I also felt really exposed for the first time in my career – I was stepping up as a coach in a whole new online world and using my own name – there was nowhere to hide.

So I went ALL IN on the Give Value tactic.

I pumped out huge volumes of content GIVING AWAY all of the knowledge, strategies and tactics I’d dedicated 20 years of my life to gain.

I also went into Learning Mode – and everything I learned I immediately GAVE.

I didn’t stop for a minute to focus on my own strategy, methodology, client niche, or even my offers.

I’d fallen into an extremely costly trap, and started to feel more like my own full-time social media manager than the business owner I’d been before.

Worse than this, I was unknowingly feeding a monster.

A BIG HAIRY FEAR was growing bigger and stronger inside me – it had big black eyes and was wrapping it’s long spiky legs around me tighter and tighter:

THOUGHT: If I try to sell now – what if no-one wants to buy from me, what if everyone leaves, what if they think I’m a money-grabbing b*tch just out for my own gain.

FEAR: What if I get rejected. What if I fail.

I ignored that nagging sensation, and kept right on GIVING.

My community grew and everyone LOVED the content I was providing.

That glowing acceptance felt great – it felt like success – and I was 100% certain this was the right track.

But I was wrong.

What I’d achieved was a community of freebie seekers who loved lapping up my FREE CONTENT, but were only getting a teeny tiny percentage of what I really had to offer.

I was harming my community – not helping them!


They were getting just enough to take a little tiny step forward and probably believed that if they kept using my free stuff, they’d eventually get where they wanted to be.

I was actually HARMING my new community with all this HOW-TO content – I was holding them hostage to the long-road, when what I was actually offering was a much easier, shorter road.

It also meant that when I did make offers – no-one wanted to buy it.


I’d made a huge rookie mistake that my years of marketing and business experience should really have prevented. But it didn’t.

That’s how powerfully destructive this online business world can be.

It can throw anyone off track, even a marketer with 20 years experience!

I finally figured out that I’d missed a vital part of the GIVE GIVE GIVE message, and it was driving my business into the ground…

GIVE the What, Why, Where and When – not the HOW.

So simple … how did I miss it?

Instead of giving away all your high-value how-to content and nurturing a freebie-seeking community who only ever take mini-steps, share this:


Share what your community need to get them to the next level; what it means; what it looks like; what it feels like; what the results are; what life without your solution looks like… share the WHAT.


Help them visualise why it’s so important; why it matters; why it will make their situation better… paint the WHY picture.


Generously give details of when and where they can make all this happen with calls to action and making very clear offers to work with you.

Give a little bit of HOW, because that’s a powerful demonstration of expertise, but reserve the real meaty how-to stuff for paying clients.


You are delivering real value to your community in a way that actually helps them get the real support they need to achieve their goal and build your business.

You realise that Selling is actually Serving your community on a deeper level and IS something you can do each and every day without feeling spammy or grabby!

This simple switch changed everything for me, my business and my community.

It meant I was empowering my community to step forward to take the easier, faster road towards their dreams and goals.

It meant I was able to actually work with people to help them build great businesses AND I could pass on this and other powerful lessons I’d learned the hard way myself.

Does this GIVE GIVE GIVE mistake resonate with you?

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